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Best Things to do in the Bahamas

Travel Destination - Shelia - July 8, 2020

Striving to find out the best things to do in Bahamas? Then you have come to the right place. In this post, you’ll find out all the exciting Bahamas Tourist Attraction.

The Bahamas is the common name, whereas the official name is “The Commonwealth of Bahamas.” The Bahamas is a state with a large group of islands.

Moreover, it is an internationally recognized state comprising a series of islands forming an archipelago. The Bahamas is the state with more than 700 islands, out of which 31 are inhabited and about 2000 cays. They spread across the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Bahamian Island is visited by more than a million visitors every year. The capital city of the Bahamas, the Nassau, is the place of attracting a large crowd of visitors.

The Bahamas is the place where you will find the bustling cruise port. You will find a mix of huge resorts, entertainment complexes, restaurants, and shopping complexes. Moreover, the perfect stretch of powdery beaches, seas with bluish shade makes it the best place for your vacation. The Bahamas is at a distance of 80 km from Florida and 290 km away from the buzzing city of Miami.

You can indulge in various activities such as fishing, boating, diving, snorkeling, and sailing. Above all, the Bahamas is a combination of historical, cultural, and natural attractions. You will find pleasant and sunny weather all around the year. There are so many things to do and to see in the Bahamas.


The Bahamas have the most beautiful beaches in the world. When you think about beaches, you think about the sandy shore and the blue sea. However, you will find the rarest pink sand beaches in the Bahamas along with white sand beaches.

One of the most famous pin sand beaches is on Harbor Island. The unique pink color to sands is due to the microorganisms and pieces of coral shells that wash up to the shore. Above all, you can visit these beaches at any time of the day as they are open 24 hours a day. Besides, you can also get something to eat or drink from nearby restaurants while you are relaxing. Exploring beaches is surely the best things to do in Bahamas.

Paradise Island Tour:

Paradise Island, Atlantis houses one of the biggest resorts in the Bahamas. In the Paradise Island resort, you will find all the Luxury that you are looking for.

For instance, you can find yourself playing or gambling your money away in one of their finest casinos. Besides, you will find yourself surrounded by the finest restaurants and a golf course within the resort. Above all, being an Island Resort, the Paradise Resort provides its visitors with 11 swimming pools and an 8 km white sandy shore.

Museum tour:

The Bahamas is a state with a rich cultural and historical heritage. The Bahamas is full of museums showcasing its heritage. Some of the museums include pirates of Nassau Museum, The Bahamas Historical Society museum, Nassau Heritage Museum, National Art Gallery.

If you are a huge fan of pirates and wanted to know more about them. The Pirates of Nassau Museum is the right place to do so. This museum is open to all age group people. You will get entertained and, at the same time, get a little educated regarding the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Besides, you can dive into the history of pirate settlement in the Bahamas way back to 17th. Above all, the main attraction of the museum is the pirate ship call “REVENGE.” Onboard the Revenge, you can see their weapons, their lifestyle, and the information on battles they fought.

The Bahamas Historical Museum is another museum worth visiting. Interestingly you will find this museum to be a nonprofit organization. This aims at conserving the rich heritage of the Bahamian Culture.

Similarly, the Nassau Heritage Museum is located in New Providence. In this museum, you will be able to understand the history of the Island. You will also be able to understand the hoe the city has come forward from its past traits. For instance, slavery and pirates are one of the major aspects of Island history.

Swimming with the Dolphins:

One of the major attractions of the Bahamas is the swimming with the Dolphins. You can swim with the dolphins through the dolphin encounter program offered by the Blue Lagoon Island.

This program offers you a meet and greets with the bottlenose dolphins. Moreover, you can get a hug and kiss from these dolphins who just love to dance in and out of water. The Blue Lagoon Island also offers interactions with the sea lions along with the dolphins. Above all, it is one of the best experiences in the Bahamas.

Scuba diving:

Scuba Diving, yes, you heard it right. Scuba Diving, It is a combination of Scuba diving and snorkeling. The best place for scuba diving is the Andros Great Barrier Reef.

You will find the underwater blue holes, which are the home for some exotic aquatic life. For instance, you will find the most exotic trumpetfish, parrotfish, and scorpionfish.

Aquaventure water park:

Aquaventure water park is one of the main attractions in the Atlantis Bahamas Resort, Paradise Island water park. If you are looking for fun and family time and engaging in activities, then this waterpark is your destination.

You can indulge in a lot of activities like spiraling slides, pools. Moreover, you can enjoy any of the 20 swimming areas, 11 pools, thrilling water slides. Above all, the main attraction is the mile-long river ride with high and rapid waves.

In addition, to the pools and slides, you will also find yourself in a 6 story Mayan temple plunging down into a lagoon that is filled with sharks. Similarly, you can feel at ease by taking a ride in the lazy river or at the Royal baths or zero-entry pools.

These all rides come with easy access to the white sandy beaches of the Atlantis Bahamas Resort, the paradise island. In conclusion, this Aquaventure water park is one of the biggest and adrenaline-filled attractions in the Bahamas.

These are the best things to do in Bahamas for an unforgettable vacation. Enjoy your trip with all these best things to do in the Bahamas.

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Top 5 Best Things to do in the Sunshine Coast

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - April 30, 2020

Discover the top things to do in the Sunshine Coast and enjoy your Queensland Holiday in the sun.

1. Visit the beaches

If you go to the Sunshine Coast, you have to visit the beaches; they’re what the coast is known for! Check out popular beaches like Bulcock beach with its local playgrounds, perfect for families. Or visit Noosa Heads for classic fun in the sun. Surfers will enjoy a trip to Coolum Beach for the opportunity to paddle out and hang ten. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!

2. Climb a mountain

Along with a lot of beaches, the Sunshine Coast has a lot of mountains that you can climb. One of the best things to do in the Sunshine Coast if you like getting active, try one of the local mountain climbs. Mount Coolum National Park features Mount Coolum, a dome-shaped mountain that stands 208m tall and overlooks the Sunshine Coast lowlands. Of course, Mount Coolum isn’t the only mountain with impressive views of the Sunshine Coast. The Glass House Mountains are also full of popular hikes with stunning scenery.

3. Enjoy some ginger

Something you might not expect on your trip to the sunny, seaside Sunshine Coast is ginger, but you’d be surprised how enjoyable a trip to The Ginger Factory can be. The Ginger Factory is more than just a store that sells ginger and ginger-flavoured food (though there is plenty of that). There’s also rides and activities for visitors of all ages. There’s also an attached rainforest for when you want to reconnect with nature. Then you can enjoy a meal at the café, and maybe some handmade ice cream for a final treat.

4. Go to Aussie World

If the fun rides at The Ginger Factory weren’t enough for you, all the excitement of Aussie World might be one of the best things to do in the Sunshine Coast for you. Thrill rides, family rides, sideshows and more can be found at Aussie World. The park is full of brightly coloured attractions that are sure to capture the attention of any young ones with you.

5. Check out the markets

Like a lot of seaside Australia, the Sunshine Coast is home to many markets. The Original Eumundi Markets are some of the most popular markets, full of art, craft, entertainment, and more. But there’s also markets like Nights on Ocean with artisan stalls, live music and performers, and street food—a great way to spend an evening in the Sunshine Coast. You can also check out the Sunshine Coast Collective Markets, the Caloundra Street Fair, and so many more markets and marketplaces. The markets are a great way to get a feel for the culture of a town and find a memento to take home with you.

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Most Beautiful Beaches Worth Visiting

Travel Destination - Shelia - July 1, 2016


The world amazing beaches are here below for you:

Kata Beach, Thailand

A sweeping stretch of pearl white sand backed by avenues of towering lush palms, Kata Beach is located on the southwestern side of the great Thai resort of Phuket. This is one of the best family-friendly areas of Phuket with shops and restaurants and a less vibrant nightlife than some other areas.


Kata is split into 2 focal areas: Kata South, which is home to several good resorts and Kata Centre, which is located at the northern end closer to Karon. If you like surfing, the best time to visit this beach is between May and October. From November to April, Kata Beach is alive with many sun seekers.

 Matira Beach, Tahiti

Tahiti boasts miles and miles of beaches, which are equally gorgeous, but many are privately owned – either by individuals, hotels or resorts. Matira Beach is one of the best public beaches worth visiting. With super soft sands and swaying palm trees, Matira Beach is a small piece of heaven right here on earth.


Matira Beach offers safe swimming and easy snorkeling in sheltered waters, all within a short walking distance of some 4 and 5-star hotels. Matira Beach also offers excellent facilities for kayaking, waterskiing and diving. The nearby roadside amenities include great snack bars, excellent restaurants and wonderful boutique shops.

Trunk Bay, Saint John 

Being named by National Geographic Society as the world’s most excellent shoreline, Trunk Bay is a dazzling shoreline worth going to. Arranged in the Virgin Islands National Park on the island of Saint John, Trunk Bay’s satiny coral sands and clear, warm waters draw in visitors from everywhere throughout the world.

Trunk Bay has the most helpful and current offices and gets numerous guests every year. It’s inconceivably lovely shoreline, with spectacular delicate white sand stretching out into the ocean and perfectly clear turquoise blue water. Besides, the all encompassing perspectives from the shoreline are so picture-great! I will visit this shoreline!

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

Zlatni Rat is a standout amongst the most acclaimed shorelines in Europe and a standout amongst the most famous vacation spots in Croatia. Situated on the southern shoreline of the island of Brac, close to the city of Bol, Zlatni Rat is a slender white rock shoreline. The incredible state of this magnificent shoreline shifts with the adjustments in wind, tide and streams.

Zlatni Rat is circumscribed by a pine tree forest where you will discover a few leftovers of Roman manor rustica. Zlatni Rat shoreline is certainly a standout amongst the most delightful shorelines everybody ought to visit at any rate once!


What do you think of these beautiful beaches? Have you ever visited one of them? Do you know any other awesome beaches worth visiting? Please comment below!


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Wonderful Spring Break Destinations

Travel Destination - Shelia - June 2, 2016

Spring break is verging on here or effectively here for some students, so the time has come to consider a short yet unbelievable journey you can take. Dependent upon where you are going, the expenses may pulverize your adequately poor spending arrangement. Be that as it may, in the event that you have been sparing some money for a considerable length of time and now you need to spend too much on a fabulous spring break trip, here are a couple shocking destinations to consider:

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, CaliforniaPalm trees, white sand beaches, scenic vistas, exquisite culinary art, and celebrity residents build town one among the simplest break destinations. T own is understood for its low costs. If you dont not have money for hotels, you’ll notice reasonable rooms everywhere city, of course, little hunting. Just be careful when choosing a room.

Caribbean Islands

This is a sort of luxury, however a cruise is often price cash. Most are all comprehensive, therefore you merely pay once and revel in unforgettable spring break trip for a couple of days or weeks. The value ranges from $189 to $999. However with little better research, you might find even awesome deals. Caribbean cruise is perfect for those suffering from cold weather and craving summery warmth.Caribbean Islands

San Diego

Treat yourself to a wonderful spring break trip in San Diego. With an excellent variety of building deals and reasonable attraction packages, your spring break are going to be persistent and your pocketbook are going to be happier than ever. Several students visit San Diego to relish spring celebrations and festivals also as endless sandy beaches.


JamaicaOne of the reasons Jamaica is nice for college students because the tickets and accommodations are rather low-cost and therefore the sort of activities is unlimited. Golden beaches, turquoise seas, emerald mountains, cascades, exciting rainforests, lovely coral reefs, brilliant rivers, and marvellous mineral springs create Jamaica one among the simplest destinations within the world.

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9 of the Most Beautiful Natural Landscapes in North America

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 4, 2015

If you’re a nature lover, North America is full of beautiful natural landscapes perfect for touring. From the stone structures in the western United States to the powerful Niagara Falls in Canada, there are natural wonders all across the land. When you’re planning your next vacation, make sure you hit all the natural wonders the Americas have to offer. Whether you’re a photographer or you’re just looking for tourist places to enjoy a summer trip, take a look at nine of the most beautiful landscapes in North America.

Natural Landscapes1. Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada

As one of the northern-most territories of Canada, the island is a perfectly preserved example of the warm wetland forests of millions of years ago. Even though the island has an average temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, palm trees, redwoods, and other warm weather trees have been preserved in the national forest. Not only does it lead way for exploration, but the sight is something to behold. Once reaching the island, there are glaciers, polar bears, and other amazing natural wonders to see.

2. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

As one of the most beautiful coastlines in North America, North Carolina is known for it’s beautiful beaches and white sands. Cape Hatteras is along the northern coast of the state and brags some of the best surfing and most pristine beaches. The beautiful dunes are protected and untouched by commercial development and the wild horses run free along the shoreline. With a variety of small islands off the coast, there’s always something to see when visiting this natural wonder.

3. Niagara Falls, Canada and U.S.

What makes Niagara Falls special is that is spans two countries. Whether you’re travelling on the US side or the Canadian side, there’s always something to see. This beautiful natural wonder is a sight to remember. With observations decks to get up close and personal, you can snap a once in a lifetime picture or enjoy feeling the cool mist if you’re traveling in the summer. Take in the breathtaking views or charter a boat to become part of the Falls.

4. Monument Valley, Utah

Along the Utah border, Monument Valley is one of the most unique natural landscapes in the world. With sandstone buttes towering above the arid desert landscape, these wonders range to up to 1,000 feet tall. As a popular backdrop in movies, you’ll be transported into the old west. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is the perfect start for your next natural landscape road trip.

5. Everglades

Spanning the southern tip of Florida, the Everglades are a popular destination for those looking for adventure. These wetlands are one of the largest subtropical areas in the United States. With a mixture of water canals and forests, the Everglades are perfect for fan boating and exploring. Catch a glimpse of the American crocodile or other wildlife native to the region.

6. Denali, Alaska

Formally Mount McKinley, Denali is the tallest mountain in North America. Named after the native peoples of Alaska, the mountain spans a beautiful natural park open to the public. Make this your first stop on a trip across the state, or hop on a cruise ship for a special excursion. For the truly adventurous, climb to the top for a spectacular view not many get to enjoy.

North America7. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

As the world’s largest cave system, Mammoth Cave is located in central Kentucky. With 400 miles of caves explored, there are a variety of natural formations to see. From natural underground pools to stalactites, there are beautiful wonders deep under the ground. Catch a tour to venture deep within the cave system or go at night for a ghostly tour after dark.

8. The Canadian Rockies, British Columbia

Unlike its United States counterpart, the Canadian Rockies are a special range all on their own. With clear turquoise waters and wilderness that spans for miles, these Rockies are different from anything you’ve seen before. Spend time gazing at the snow-capped mountains or catch the slopes for some skiing. The beauty of the tall peaks is something that cannot be missed.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona

As the most iconic natural landscapes in the world, the Grand Canyon draws millions of visitors every year from all across the world. This deep canyon system was hollowed out by years of water, streams, and rivers. Take in the breathtaking views along the high ridges, or ride down to the bottom of the canyon for an even more unique look. Round out any great American road trip with a stop at this natural wonder.

Image by laszlo-photo Under Creative Common License.


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