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Top 5 Bucket List Travel Experiences in Asia

Travel Destination - Shelia - February 12, 2019

Asia and particularly the Southeast regions are marked with so much diversity and exotic opulence. This has made the region be considered as one of the most revered places to visit. Whether you are a globetrotter, solo traveler or a backpacker, there is so much you’ll find interesting in the area. This is a fantastic mishmash that is likely to send you into euphoria with the many cosmopolitan cities and small ethnic villages on the other side. The region is also full of UNESCO World Heritage sites plus rice paddies.

If you are looking for natural wonders, the Southeast region of Asia is blessed with a wealth of them. These include rivers, lagoons that are ideal for taking pictures, thundering waterfalls, mountains as well as pristine beaches. However, here are some specific travel activities you can undertake while there.

Hiking in Sapa

This area is famous for having rugged scenery that is just marvelous. For that reason, Sapa is considered one of the most photogenic towns in Vietnam. Surprised that this place is in Vietnam? Well, besides the wars that were there in the early 80s and 90s, the place has some of the best scenery you can find anywhere.

You may have wanted to explore cambodia so much, but you don’t want to miss out on the plunging valleys in Sapa, Vietnam. There are numerous alluring rice terraces that are highlighted by thick mist rolling over its peaks. The town has a rich history you will enjoy learning about. It was established in 1922 by the French. You will not run short of a wide selection of delicious local treats as well as the charming colonial villas built by the French.

Coron Island Lakes In The Philippines

The Philippines is well known for catastrophic disasters that keep hitting the country. However, there’s so much to visit while there. The Coron’s natural gems are unlike any other lakes in the entire Asian region. You can experience the hypnotizing Lake Barracuda and Kayangan without breaking your budget.

Bali, Indonesia

The Southeast part of Asia is billed as one of the most ideal destinations when traveling alone. Bali is going to sweep you off your feet if you are a solo traveler with the sandy beaches, healthy rice terraces plus a wide variety of landscapes that include hills and mountains. This is a globally celebrated tourist destination is also full of archeological and historical attractions.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This charming Vietnamese town is known for its splendid ambiance. The narrow and winding lanes of traditional wooden houses are just spectacular and will charm any solo traveler. There is so much beautiful architecture of the olden days plus a host of tailor shops. The shops are known to sell everything and are perfect for getting souvenirs for those you left back home. The town has some of the most affordable hotels to offer you a memorable stay.

Penang, Malaysia

For those who want to go out on an eating spree, Penang is another great attraction in Asia. It is lauded for a savory blend of Indian, Malay and Chinese influences. It is for this reason that Penang is popularly known as the foodie’s nirvana. It is seething with mouthwatering dishes meant to appease any globetrotter’s cravings. Before you explore cambodia, you may want to try out the five destinations first.

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Planning a Group West Coast Road Trip

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 12, 2018

If you’re in the US, the west coast holds a slew of wonders. It boasts not only the city of angels, but, various forests, and world-class attractions that you can visit most times of the year. Whether you’re planning for family fun or a long weekend trip with friends in tow, the West Coast has something to offer to everyone.

Of course, when planning a group tour, transportation is one of the biggest challenges. But there are also a bunch of different Los Angeles charter bus rental options to suit different budgets. That way, you and your entourage can depart from the City of Angels, and let a professional driver deal with the traffic and directions as you move your way north, up the coast, enjoying the scenery, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re still mulling over whether you want to go for it or not, here are some attractions you’ll see on your way.

1. Yosemite National Park

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, this national park is one of those places you must visit in America. One of the national treasures, you can treat yourselves to the views of large trees and cliffs all around.

It also has the highest waterfall in all of North America at Yosemite falls. Whether you’re looking for sightseeing or a safari tour, it’s advisable to look into the national park’s own website before starting out your tour.

2. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has had more stories around it than any other natural wonder in America and why won’t it be? Not only is the great rock formation an artist’s dream come true, but it also offers one of the most challenging hikes you’ll ever face.

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, you might even rent out a helicopter and enjoy the scale of the canyon all through the place.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t only the desert country you go for bachelor parties. While it’s one of the best party towns on the West Coast, it’s also one of the best places to unwind all through the year. You can try out the various restaurants or visit the solo shows of the big pop stars.

Charter a bus to visit around the most happening places in Las Vegas and have the party of your lives. Remember, what happens here doesn’t have to get out.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco has been the heartthrob of counter-culture for years. Holding this title requires more than just perseverance. So, whether you’re roaming around Haight Street or visiting the always vibrant Castro street, you can see your country’s evolution through these streets.

Don’t forget to visit the legendary Golden Gate Bridge while you’re at it. Another attraction that you should definitely visit is the Alcatraz Island that’s just a boat-ride away from the city.

5. Salvation Mountain

One of the places that are missing from a lot of people’s list is the Salvation Mountain. Made entirely of local art pieces, straw, and lead-free paint, this hill is a piece of local art that has attracted many connoisseurs over the years.

There have been many concerns about the future of this enormous artwork. So, if you’re planning a visit, a few years might be all the time that you’ve left.

Planning a trip can be stressful, and the terrain of the U.S West Coast is rugged, to say the least. However, if you get your group together and begin on the journey, you’ll be in no dearth of sights to see and places to explore. A recommendation? Always carry a sizeable portion of water with you since the places can get arid and very dry.

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6 Great Destinations to Visit in September

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - September 4, 2018

For many people, September marks the end of the summer and signifies the beginning of autumn. It is high time to take one last trip or two before it begins to get a little too chilly! It is imperative to take advantage of the good weather while you still can. Below are some excellent destinations to visit during the month:

1. Maldives

The Maldives is not ideal to visit during the months of July and August since it is considered the monsoon season. By September, however, the skies begin to clear. There might still be occasional rainfall, though the weather will generally be warm and balmy. This is a great deal when you consider that this is still low-season and the prices are lower than usual! There will also be fewer honeymooners in sight. Win-win!

2. Croatia

Croatia might not enjoy as many visitors as the rest of its Mediterranean neighbors, but it is definitely worthy of attention. It is a great place for anyone looking for some late summer fun in the sun. The Adriatic is a beautiful destination to explore and you will have plenty to do as you take in the spectacular beaches, breathtaking ports, and Venetian buildings. A cruise will be a great way to see what this European nation has to offer.

3. Crete, Greece

The weather in this little Grecian island will be sunny and pleasant, though it is going to be less crowded than in August. This is the perfect time to stay in Crete if you wish to enjoy the balmy weather and the warm waters. The accommodations will also be generally cheaper than the previous months. This month is also when the Festival of St. Stavros happens so be sure to join in on the outdoors folk party! Find out more about Greece in our guide here.

4. China

September is a great time to visit, thanks to the great weather and the overall less competitive prices. The mild temperatures are perfect for exploring the capital, saying hi to the pandas, and strolling along the Great Wall. Those who decide to go on a trek into the countryside will be rewarded by clear skies and beautiful views as well.

5. Zambia

September falls within the region’s dry season and it is a prime time for safaris and wildlife viewing on a holiday in Zambia. Around this time, the animals gather near the watering holes so you will have no trouble spotting these beautiful creatures. With fewer tourists, you will have a great view without fighting for a good spot! Temperatures will be just under 30°C, so this is perfect if you are trying to escape gloomy weather.

6. Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The ninth month of the year is the best time to drop by the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. It is one of the dry seasons and the risk of rain is low. Sure, the Falls would not be at their peak, though they will still be impressive regardless. Compared to the summer months, there will be fewer people there so you can enjoy the stunning view all by yourself!

There are many great deals available for people who are seeking to save money on their trips. Not many people will be out and about in September so make the most out of it! Best of all, you will have more time to explore the tourist spots without having to jostle through a crowd.

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4 Must-Visit Striking Spots in Australia During Winter

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - July 16, 2018

Experience winter season in Australia and have fun! They say that this season is best experienced at the comforts of your home. Apparently, this is not true. It is actually the ideal time to explore more and try out various activities with your family or friends.

Plenty of great destinations can be visited during winter in the Land Down Under. All you have to do is choose wisely where you can make the most of your vacation and have a worthwhile time. So, prepare your travel cameras because here are few amazing spots you can check out during the coldest season in Australia:

Snowy Mountains

Known as the highest Australian mountain range, Snowy Mountains is one of the top destinations to go to when winter comes. It is home to Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in the country, as well as various ski fields and resorts, including Perisher, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, and Selwyn Snowfields. You can try thrilling snow sports with your loved ones and have the best time of your life. This is surely going to be a fun experience, especially if it is your first time.

Phillip Island

Have you ever dreamt of seeing penguins in real life? This is the perfect moment for it! See the adorable penguins at Phillip Island and you are going to appreciate them so much. In fact, the Penguin Parade is one of the top winter experiences in Australia. Don’t miss out on this and be sure to try it at least once in your life. Additionally, Penguins Plus offers an underground viewing tour to visitors who want to get up close and personal with the penguins. That sounds exciting, right?

Cradle Mountain

Head over Cradle Mountain for the best winter trekking activity! Nestled at Lake St. Clair National Park, this stunning destination should be included in your must-visit winter places in Australia. It offers a magical paradise during this season as it gets snowbound on all sides. You can play in the snow and experience an unforgettable snowshoe trekking with your travel buddies. Definitely, it is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Barossa Valley

Are you in search for another exciting place during the winter in Australia? Here’s where to stay with your family or friends if you are.One of the places to stay is Barossa Valley which offers endless vineyard, great-tasting wine, and local artisan cheese. If you want to feel warmer during this season, then this might be the go-to place for you. There are numerous activities you can do while here, so better opt for something remarkable. You can simply chill out at the wineries and take in the scenic view or ride the Barossa Explorer to see the awe-inspiring spots in the area.

Australia is certainly a top travel destination in the world regardless of the season you are visiting. Simply take into consideration these fun spots on your winter journey here. You are sure to have a memorable time with your loved ones, so seize every moment. There is nothing to worry about, for this country never disappoints anyone. Your winter escapade is going to be one for the books, for sure!

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Get Some Fresh Air- How to Enjoy an Activity Getaway On the Alps

Travel Destination - Shelia - May 16, 2018

Despite the fact UK is an activities galore, specifically when it comes to outdoor activities, traveling to the Alps is still an experience you should not miss out on. Being amidst gorgeous snow-covered scenery and escaping the hustle and bustle of daily life sounds like the ultimate dream. The sun beaming down on the crisp white snow, and the hundreds of miles of beautiful valleys and lakes are the perfect opportunity to indulge in all types of outdoor activities.

Visiting the Alps from the UK – whether in winter or in summer opens up hundreds of opportunities. It’s not all about skiing and snowboarding, but the Alps are an incredibly diverse people where you’ll find yourself met with hundreds of types of activities to give you that much needed adrenaline buzz.

Whether it be the stunning scenery, the beautiful villages, the gastronomical experience or the quality time you can spend with people you’re traveling with – there is always something to do there. In this article I will talk about outdoor activity holidays on the Alps and how to get there from the U.K.


Go ice-climbing!

Imagine dozens of waterfalls that have frozen overtime just begging to be explored and climbed…The majesty of the waterfalls as they soar high up into the sky and form icy formations makes it hard not to want and try ice-climbing. All you need is an ice axe, a lot of courage, crampons and of course – some much-needed climbing skills and you’re set. If you’ve ever been climbing before too, this is the perfect way to actually challenge yourself

Build an igloo.

For most of us, the first thing we learned about ice and snow was what an igloo was. There is no doubt that partaking in some igloo-building will awaken the inner child inside of you and bring back nostalgic memories. Surprisingly, it’s also the ultimate overnight adventure! With your strap-on snowshoes, you’ll spend the night looking for that perfect spot to build your igloo and then you’ll be taking a quick DIY lesson on how to build your own igloo. Then you begin building the igloo and camp there. Yes. Inside of your very own hand-made igloo!


If you still want a little more adrenaline, then you can always try zip-lining. The best thing is that when it comes to zip-lining, you can’t go wrong with the amount of adrenaline you’ll be getting. The one at the Alps is also not only the longest in Europe but also the fastest in all of Europe.

If you want to be flying at speeds of over 80mph, then definitely head to the southern French Alps.

Go skiing!

It goes without saying that the best thing you can do at the Alps is definitely to go skiing. You can book your skiing trips through websites like and choose your resort based on exactly what type of skiing holiday you want to have!


You’ve probably heard of snowshoeing before, as it’s quite popular among ski resorts and it gives you a chance to truly explore the beauty of the scenery around you through walking. On foot, everything is just more personal and intimate and you get to have a more up-close experience with the scenery in front of you. Think sunshine beaming through snow, clear snow surrounding you everywhere and beautiful frozen lakes. Add to that the beautiful seclusion from the resorts and you’ve got a great daytime activity.

Husky dog sledding.

Thoughts of winter usually muster up images of polar bears and huskies, and while polar bears are not as easy to find – huskies are! Luckily, if you go to the French Alps you’ll be able to not only meet huskies but also race through the wilderness by driving the sled.

Cross country skiing.

To explore the magnificent beauty of the alps in winter, you can also try skating your way through them. Skiing is by far the most popular activity in the Alps, and the best thing about cross country skiing is that the level of how challenging it is can completely depend on you!


If you’re going to be visiting in the Alps, don’t fret! There will be more than plenty of activities to do there. Here are some of the things you can do to enjoy the activities galore that is the Alps in the summer.


The best time to hike through the Alps is definitely through the summer. This way you can ignore the heavy ski materials, the poles and the chilly crisp free (and of course, the mild avalanche warnings.) You’ll be able to get a lot of sight-seeing done and satisfy that adrenaline-seeking voice inside of you by hiking through the Alps.

Get cultured.

At the Alps?! Yes! You can easily visit at least a dozen museums that showcase the Alpine culture in ways you’ve never seen before. Here are some museums you can visit:

• Swiss Alpine Museum

• Musee Alpin

• Wintersport-museum.

• Ski Museum.

• Alpines Skisportsmuseum.

Enjoy the normal daily life of the Alps.

Immersing yourself in Alpine culture is best done in summer, when the sun is out and the cold is less strict. Your activities won’t be restricted to just snow-related ones, but you can easily just sit back and relax and enjoy the daily life in the Alps. Whether you want to be drinking, gambling, unwinding at a spa, or simply going grocery shopping – you can simply live your normal daily life in the Alps with a twist.

Another way to unwind…the spas!

Being surrounded by the chilly crisp beauty of the Alps and then indulging in some incredible thermal baths or spas is one way unbeatable way to spend your day. In fact, back when skiing was not as popular, the Alps were marketed as more of wellness centers instead of skiing resorts. You can go there to enjoy the plethora of wellness centers, the massages, saunas, and much more.


In France specifically, there are a lot of bike trails that you can explore. There are actually over 23 trails and if you’re more interested in downhill runs, you’ll be able to easily spend a day or two biking through this car-free area.

How to get to the Alps

By Plane

There is no doubt that getting to the Alps by plane is the easiest and fastest way, but may also be the most expensive depending on the season and the day you’re going. The flights are also very short – a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes from the UK.

There are quite a few direct flights from the UK but it all depends on where you’re going to see the Alps. In all cases, there are direct flights to Geneva, Austria and Zurich for example, making the whole ordeal very simple. You can fly from multiple airports around the UK including:

– London Heathrow

– London City

– London Gatwick

– Birmingham

– Manchester.

It’s also a great idea to choose an all-inclusive deal instead of booking just the plane ticket as this way you’ll have your flights and resorts all in the same package and you don’t have to worry about booking twice. This is great for groups specifically.

By Train

The trains are actually quite comfortable and the journey is actually considered leisurely. There are trains departing from London St. pancreas everyday and you can choose from:

– Standard trains: comfortable chairs, great scenery.

– Standard Plus: A premium train with your carriages and meals.

One advantage of going by train is that you don’t have to worry about the transfers from the airport to the resort, for example. It basically drops you right at the foot of the Alps.

By road.

If you’re feeling adventurous and you’re up for it, you can rent a car and travel by road. You will be dropping yourself off right at your resort, and it’s definitely the most scenic of all options! Plus, of course, you travel by your own pace completely.

Whether you’re into skiing or just relaxing amidst gorgeous scenery, the Alps is a great travel destination if you live in the UK. The plethora of activities offered and the gorgeous scenery make it a trip that’ll be hard for you to get bored in!

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