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Best Things to do in Brussels

Travel Destination - Shelia - March 25, 2020

Are you planning a trip to Brussels and wondering what things to do in Brussels are? Then don’t worry, you’ll discover the best things to do in Brussels in this post.

Brussels is one of the picture square cities with splendid places waiting for you to explore. It’s the capital of Belgium, and this place is packed with history in every street and alleyway.

This unique place has a lot to offer for tourists, especially if you’re a fan of beer! Then you’ll love this place. Apart from that, there are lots of places to explore in Brussels, which I’ll cover below.

It’s a great stop between Amsterdam and Paris. So, you can plan a visit to those locations as well. Now, let’s check out the best things to do in Brussels.

Best things to do in Brussels:

If you’re striving to enjoy your trip to Brussels? Follow the below things to do and see in Brussels to make your trip memorable. The multi-layered atmosphere of Brussels makes it a great city to visit for travelers.

Pay a visit to Grand Place:

The Grand Place is one of the Brussels popular scenic attractions that is in the centre of the city. As a traveller, when you have a glance at the Grand Place, you’ll be amazed. It’s a gorgeous 15th-century city hall with six guild halls around it.

This place is worth visiting several times at different times to capture fabulous pics to break your Instagram. You’ll find a flower market at that place on certain days, which you shouldn’t miss out in Brussels. Watching the Grand Place is definitely one of the best things to do in Brussels.

Never Miss out Exploring – The Royal Palace:

The Royal Palace of Brussels was originally constructed in the 18th century, and it’s where King and Queen host receptions, organized parties, handle state affairs, but they don’t live there full time.

Although they won’t live in that royal palace, its size is enormous. The astonishing thing is the facade is 50% longer than Buckingham Palace. So, you can imagine how big the royal palace is, never miss out to explore the royal palace of brussels.

Explore Brussel’s Notre Dame Du Sablon:

Notre Dame Du Sablon is a gothic catholic church that began life in the 14th century, but it was later extended in the 15th century due to the popularity. This church is officially titled as “The Church of Our Blessed Lady of the Sablon”. It’s also the home of Baroque chapels that were added in the 17th century. If you’re a history lover, then you should explore this ancient church.

Le Botanique (Botanical Gardens):

Le Botanique is one of the historical places in Brussels. It is a botanical garden of the city that attracts lots of tourists regularly.

The greenhouse which was constructed in the 19th century, now regularly plays a range of performance arts and acts as a cultural center as well.

If you’re a true lover of greenery, then you’ll never miss exploring these beautiful gardens. This is one of the best things to do in Brussels as well.

Laugh at Manneken Pis and Jeanneke Pis:

Manneken pis and Jeanneke Pis are the two odd statues that have grown into the popular tourist attractions in the city. Although a few categories of people do not like it, others enjoy it.

The statue is nothing but children peeing. These two statues meant to reflect the Belgian sense of humour, so these are attractive. Getting to these statues requires a little bit of skill as it’s not there on many tours.

Visit Petit Sablon:

The Petit Sablon is a park that has a collection of 48 statues; each represents the history professions which were common in that city. All pillars and statues have unique designs and do have an iron fence for protection. This is one of the best things to do in Brussels as well.

Take fresh Air in Parc Du Cinquantenaire:

The Parc Du Cinquantenaire or Jubel Park is the largest park in Brussels. This park has been around since the reign of Leopold II. Whether you are on a picnic or want to explore old architecture, then this is the perfect place for your trip. This park has a vast collection of arti-facts and housed museums as well.

The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries:

The Royal Saint-Hubert Galleries are glazed shopping arcades in the heart of Brussels. This is having the oldest shopping arcade in the entire Europe and is home to cafe’s, chocolate shops, restaurants and more.

It was specially designed in a way to create a shopping area. So, you have to explore this place to check out how the oldest shopping mall used to be.

Tour to Cantillion Brewery:

Cantillion brewery is the oldest brewery which was founded in 1900, and now it is offering tours to the public. So, on your trip to Brussels, you can watch the beer-making process in live-action. You can even learn about old brewing methods and equipment as well. If you’re a beer lover, then you can have some samples as well.

Go on a Belgian beer Tasting tour (Don’t forget to Visit Delirium):

Belgians are always proud of their beer, and of course, it has played a vital role throughout the history of the city. So, you can take a beer tour and have a blast at the city breweries. Also, never miss visiting Delirium. Delirium has the longest beer menu in the world, and it has even won Guinness record for it as well.

You can find over 60 countries beer in this special crowded tourist place. It’s the best place to try local beers. So, don’t miss this to keep it on the list of best things to do in Brussels.


These are the best things to do in Brussels, so don’t miss out on these. If you are striving to explore more places in Brussels then you can try out experiencing nightlife, broodhuis, and more.

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6 Best Things to do in ISRAEL for best Vacation

Travel Destination - Shelia - March 19, 2020

ISRAEL is famous for its historical and religious sites. It’s the birthplace of the world’s two major religions, Christianity and Judaism. Along with these, there are lots of tourist attractions in the city.

So, it’s definitely the best spot to explore in your Vacation if you are enthusiastic about history. If you’re striving to have a look at the best things to do in ISRAEL then dont worry, in this post we’ll cover them.

This special place is a mineral-rich place with lovely nightlife and world-class food scene. If you are a foodie then obviously, you’ll love the food items over here. Although ISRAEL is a small country, it does have a lot to offer for its visitors.

Now, as you’re striving to check out the best things to do in ISRAEL, let’s look at the six best things to do in ISRAEL for your unforgettable Vacation.

The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is one of the famous places to see in Israel. People love to float on the dead sea to chill out. If you are checking for the best things to do in Israel, then you shouldn’t miss this out. The Dead Sea is over 600 square kilometres, and it is shared between Israel and Jordan.

The Dead seashores are the lowest point on the earth, and its water is eight times saltier than normal oceans. Hence, no sea life can survive in this water, so it is called the Dead Sea. The Special Part of this sea is it makes you float because of its saltiness. So, you can enjoy your day floating and snapping pictures all around the dead sea.

Unfortunately, if you have any cuts on your body means, you really can’t enjoy floating as it will show you hell. Apart from that, this dead sea has some sinkholes that are caused by industrial exploitation. So, be aware of them and pay attention to your footsteps while hovering around the Dead Sea.

Visit Jerusalem:

Jerusalem is one of the famous places in ISREAL, mainly due to its history footprints. This is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history of about 5,000 years. Jerusalem is referred to as the holy city as it holds the world’s major religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

This unique city is the perfect destination for pilgrims and tourists who are looking for historical traces of their religion. Visit Mount Zion, the city of David to check out original sites of Jerusalem.

If you want to check out Jews community, then head over to western wall, the holiest place for Jews to pray. You can find tunnels over there as it’s separated for men’s and women’s go and offer prayers to find out religious practices.

Apart from these, you can check out Via Dolorosa – the holy church of sepulchre (the place where Jesus final walk of execution took place). Along with these, you can find out Yad Vashem, the emotional site where six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Along with these unique holy places, you can find amazing hotels and old city markets to explore. As you are striving to check out the best things to do in Israel? Then do check out this place.

Tel Aviv:

Curious to have fun in Israel? Then explore Tel Aviv and other beaches in Israel to enjoy sunbathing, surfing and more. Tel Aviv is the best city in the Mediterranean, with almost four million people living in the beach city. It’s Israel’s most modern city with lots of international flights. This is simply the main point of your arrival.

Tel Aviv has lots of special spots including its 13 splendid beaches, apart from that the primary attraction to this place is its food. You can taste a wide range of food items in this special place.

If you are thinking about the best things to do in Israel, then check out this special place. Apart from that, you can enjoy the colourful nightlife in Tel Aviv. It has rooftop bars, wine bars, and breweries and more all over the town. You can even explore the Museum of Arts, Yitzhak Rabin centre and Ancient port of Jaffa.

The Negev Desert:

The Negev Desert is one of the tourist attractions in Israel as it covers the southern half of Israel and spans over 13,000 square km. This desert covers 55% of the entire country. Watching this desert from Florence and George can give you great views. This is one of the best things to do in Israel, so don’t miss out.

Visit Timna Park, which is in the far south as it has incredible rock formation. Along with that, you can check out colossal sandstone pillars and lots of colours as well. The best part of this place is every year a hot air balloon festival will be held in autumn, so try not to miss this best one.

In this desert, you can explore all kinds of adventure activities such as sandboarding in dunes, rappelling off cliffs, and so on.

Snorkel experience in the Red Sea:

Eilat is one of the best places to visit in Israel. If you are a fan of fantastic coral reef and snorkelling? Then it would help if you didn’t miss out Eilat. It’s a place with incredible coral reef, crystal clear water and beautiful fish all around. This place has great weather all yearlong, and it’s having a short coastline on the Red Sea. So, you can go for activities like snorkelling or scuba diving in this place.

This is one of the best things you have to do in Israel and should be in your checklist. Along with these activities you can also hop over the fantastic petra and wadi rum, these are stunning dives of mount Sinai.

Explore Masada National Park and Fortress:

The Masada fort and national park in Israel is one of the most visited places in Israel. It is located just 100km south to Jerusalem, and it is on the edge of the dead sea. This place is a symbol of Israeli determination, and it stands as the country’s most popular attraction.

You can hike up to the Snake Path; it’s a 60-90 minutes hiking spot which gives great views. Although it’s excellent to view the locations, but it’s too hot in summer, so you have to be careful.


Whether you want to explore religious history or curious about archaeology? Then you have to spend some quality time in Israel as it’s a great place for fun activities and more. These are the best things to do in Israel. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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5 Must-See Attractions in NOLA

Travel Destination - Shelia - March 18, 2020

New Orleans, Louisiana, or “NOLA” to the locals, is exactly as magical a place as you’ve heard. Literally, in fact, if you know anything about its history as a voodoo hotspot. Like voodoo, NOLA is the result of a unique mixture of French, Creole, and West African heritages. A vacation there promises a nonstop overload of colorful art, architecture, cuisine, culture, and history.

Honestly, if you want to see every awesome thing the area has to offer, you might as well start scoping out New Orleans houses for sale. Otherwise, make the most of your trip with this list of five of the most must-see attractions in NOLA.

The French Quarter

Let’s get the big one out of the way first. If you only have time enough to do one thing on this list, make it a priority to visit the French Quarter.

If you can, see it in all its debauched glory in the manic midst of Mardi Gras. Even if you can’t (or won’t) brave NOLA during the height of pandemonium, though, the French Quarter will still make a big impression. Built on the banks of the Mississippi River and including the famed Bourbon Street among its features, this is the very heart and soul of NOLA: row after row of decadent restaurants, dazzling art galleries, and roaring nightclubs.

Abita Mystery House

We go from NOLA’s most famous attraction to one of its best hidden gems. You’re not likely to find Abita Mystery House on many other must-see lists, but what is good putting together such a list if you can’t include some off-the-beaten-path oddities.

Abita Mystery House knows a thing or two about oddities. This confounding roadside museum is an eclectic tribute to all things strange and unusual. From folk art and taxidermy exhibits to the remains of a trailer that was supposedly struck by a UFO, it will definitely make for some memorable snapshots. Just don’t forget to say hi to Darrel the Dogigator (half-dog, half-gator) and Edmond the Allisapien (half-gator, half-man) before you leave.

New Orleans Jazz Museum

Arguably, nothing defines the city of New Orleans better than jazz music. The streets are dotted with countless venues where greats of the past and present alike have played. It’s difficult to nail down any one must-visit site for the music-loving tourist.

If you want to get as complete an overview of Louisiana’s jazz history as possible, though, then the best recommendation might just be the New Orleans Jazz Museum, whose priceless relics include the first jazz record ever pressed and instruments once owned and played by such legends as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Sidney Bechet, and more.

Café Du Monde

No trip to New Orleans would be complete without gorging on foods that would drive a cardiologist to tears. Crawdads. Gumbo. Po-boys. Tastiest of all, though, might just be the beignets at Café Du Monde.

A NOLA landmark since 1862, this open-air, up-all-night coffee shop has long been fattening stomachs with its trademark combination of café au lait and fluffy, hot, fried doughnuts blanketed beneath a mountain of powdered sugar. One taste and you’ll agree, they’re worth every extra mile you’ll have to jog.

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1

If Abita Mystery House wasn’t too macabre for you, St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 ought to be right up your alley. It’s the oldest and most storied graveyard in NOLA, but don’t expect to find the restless dead buried here.

See, with New Orleans so prone to flooding, local cemeteries opt not to inter the dearly departed in the earth, but rather entomb them in morbidly beautiful above-ground mausoleums. Walking through this necropolis is like wandering through a miniature city full of unusually silent citizens. St. Louis Cemetery’s most famous resident? The voodoo queen herself, Marie Laveau.

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Top 5 Bucket List Travel Experiences in Asia

Travel Destination - Shelia - February 12, 2019

Asia and particularly the Southeast regions are marked with so much diversity and exotic opulence. This has made the region be considered as one of the most revered places to visit. Whether you are a globetrotter, solo traveler or a backpacker, there is so much you’ll find interesting in the area. This is a fantastic mishmash that is likely to send you into euphoria with the many cosmopolitan cities and small ethnic villages on the other side. The region is also full of UNESCO World Heritage sites plus rice paddies.

If you are looking for natural wonders, the Southeast region of Asia is blessed with a wealth of them. These include rivers, lagoons that are ideal for taking pictures, thundering waterfalls, mountains as well as pristine beaches. However, here are some specific travel activities you can undertake while there.

Hiking in Sapa

This area is famous for having rugged scenery that is just marvelous. For that reason, Sapa is considered one of the most photogenic towns in Vietnam. Surprised that this place is in Vietnam? Well, besides the wars that were there in the early 80s and 90s, the place has some of the best scenery you can find anywhere.

You may have wanted to explore cambodia so much, but you don’t want to miss out on the plunging valleys in Sapa, Vietnam. There are numerous alluring rice terraces that are highlighted by thick mist rolling over its peaks. The town has a rich history you will enjoy learning about. It was established in 1922 by the French. You will not run short of a wide selection of delicious local treats as well as the charming colonial villas built by the French.

Coron Island Lakes In The Philippines

The Philippines is well known for catastrophic disasters that keep hitting the country. However, there’s so much to visit while there. The Coron’s natural gems are unlike any other lakes in the entire Asian region. You can experience the hypnotizing Lake Barracuda and Kayangan without breaking your budget.

Bali, Indonesia

The Southeast part of Asia is billed as one of the most ideal destinations when traveling alone. Bali is going to sweep you off your feet if you are a solo traveler with the sandy beaches, healthy rice terraces plus a wide variety of landscapes that include hills and mountains. This is a globally celebrated tourist destination is also full of archeological and historical attractions.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This charming Vietnamese town is known for its splendid ambiance. The narrow and winding lanes of traditional wooden houses are just spectacular and will charm any solo traveler. There is so much beautiful architecture of the olden days plus a host of tailor shops. The shops are known to sell everything and are perfect for getting souvenirs for those you left back home. The town has some of the most affordable hotels to offer you a memorable stay.

Penang, Malaysia

For those who want to go out on an eating spree, Penang is another great attraction in Asia. It is lauded for a savory blend of Indian, Malay and Chinese influences. It is for this reason that Penang is popularly known as the foodie’s nirvana. It is seething with mouthwatering dishes meant to appease any globetrotter’s cravings. Before you explore cambodia, you may want to try out the five destinations first.

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Planning a Group West Coast Road Trip

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 12, 2018

If you’re in the US, the west coast holds a slew of wonders. It boasts not only the city of angels, but, various forests, and world-class attractions that you can visit most times of the year. Whether you’re planning for family fun or a long weekend trip with friends in tow, the West Coast has something to offer to everyone.

Of course, when planning a group tour, transportation is one of the biggest challenges. But there are also a bunch of different Los Angeles charter bus rental options to suit different budgets. That way, you and your entourage can depart from the City of Angels, and let a professional driver deal with the traffic and directions as you move your way north, up the coast, enjoying the scenery, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re still mulling over whether you want to go for it or not, here are some attractions you’ll see on your way.

1. Yosemite National Park

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, this national park is one of those places you must visit in America. One of the national treasures, you can treat yourselves to the views of large trees and cliffs all around.

It also has the highest waterfall in all of North America at Yosemite falls. Whether you’re looking for sightseeing or a safari tour, it’s advisable to look into the national park’s own website before starting out your tour.

2. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has had more stories around it than any other natural wonder in America and why won’t it be? Not only is the great rock formation an artist’s dream come true, but it also offers one of the most challenging hikes you’ll ever face.

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, you might even rent out a helicopter and enjoy the scale of the canyon all through the place.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t only the desert country you go for bachelor parties. While it’s one of the best party towns on the West Coast, it’s also one of the best places to unwind all through the year. You can try out the various restaurants or visit the solo shows of the big pop stars.

Charter a bus to visit around the most happening places in Las Vegas and have the party of your lives. Remember, what happens here doesn’t have to get out.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco has been the heartthrob of counter-culture for years. Holding this title requires more than just perseverance. So, whether you’re roaming around Haight Street or visiting the always vibrant Castro street, you can see your country’s evolution through these streets.

Don’t forget to visit the legendary Golden Gate Bridge while you’re at it. Another attraction that you should definitely visit is the Alcatraz Island that’s just a boat-ride away from the city.

5. Salvation Mountain

One of the places that are missing from a lot of people’s list is the Salvation Mountain. Made entirely of local art pieces, straw, and lead-free paint, this hill is a piece of local art that has attracted many connoisseurs over the years.

There have been many concerns about the future of this enormous artwork. So, if you’re planning a visit, a few years might be all the time that you’ve left.

Planning a trip can be stressful, and the terrain of the U.S West Coast is rugged, to say the least. However, if you get your group together and begin on the journey, you’ll be in no dearth of sights to see and places to explore. A recommendation? Always carry a sizeable portion of water with you since the places can get arid and very dry.

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