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Amazingly Beautiful Fountains around the globe

Travel Destination - Shelia - September 10, 2016



Investigate this rundown and find some stunning delights for yourself. Here are ten amazingly lovely wellsprings around the globe:

The Pineapple Fountain in Charleston, South Carolina, United States

Greater isn’t generally better with regards to wellsprings. Now and again the littler ones can really be more complicated. That is the situation with this curious wellspring situated at Waterfront Park in Charleston. Water goes through levels in a development that takes after a pineapple, which happens to be the image of accommodation.

The Swarovski Fountain in Innsbruck, Austria

Swarovski is a name that is synonymous with gems. The Swarovski organization has a historical center in Innsbruck that puts the gleaming stones in plain view for anyone passing by to view. With all the fabulousness inside, they couldn’t give the outside a chance to be upstaged. The front of the building is a face wellspring that is secured in grass and greenery. Water streams from the larger than average mouth as the precious stone eyes seem to look on guests underneath.


The Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City Mall in Singapore

No rundown of wellsprings would be finished without the Fountain of Wealthin Singapore. The Guinness Book of World Records archives this as the biggest wellspring on the planet. Individuals can gather coins from the edge of the wellspring for good fortunes and watch emotional laser appears.

The Fountain of Nations at Epcot in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, United States

If you don’t have the time or money to travel extensively, head to Epcot at the Walt Disney World Resort. The World Showcase portion of the park will let you feel like you’re hopping from country to country. The Fountain of Nations brings all those countries together. With the astounding streams, Disney music and bright lights, this water performance will please everyone in the family.

Regardless of what mainland you visit, there dependably is by all accounts a beautiful wellspring adjacent. Make certain to put these amazingly delightful wellsprings on your container rundown and begin confirming them at the earliest opportunity. All things considered, you’re not drinking from the Fountain of Youth. Pack up and begin today!


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8 of the World’s Most Disappointing Tourist Attractions

Travel Destination, Travel Stories - Shelia - July 24, 2016

Not everywhere the guidebook suggests to go is a winner. Here are eight of the most disappointing tourist attractions out there.

1.Four Corners Monument – USA


Borders are effectively just made-up lines someone drew on a map once upon a time, so a monument recognising the point where four states of the US (Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado) meet, really isn’t that enthralling.

It becomes all the more underwhelming when you actually get a glimpse of the spot. Quite frankly, there’s nothing there. One stone slab in the ground marks the point, with a carpark and a toilet the only other constructs visible. Thrilling.

2.Carnival – RioCarnival_in_Rio_de_Janeiro

The bright lights and buzzing atmosphere might seem like endless fun at first, but after four days of the same few songs blasting out across the city you feel more akin to a psyche ward patient than a party goer.

There’s only so much partying most people can do, so unless you have a bizarre limitless store of energy – and don’t mind repetitive and ungodly loud samba music – you might want to give this a miss.

3.Mona Lisa – Paris

The Mona Lisa itself is as well-crafted as you’ve heard, but the real issue here is trying to get a glimpse of it among the thralls of tourists inside the Louvre.

If you don’t mind spending quite literally hours to get a 10-20 second shot of the world’s most famous painting, then you’ll be fine. However, if you’re like most people and don’t want sweaty people rubbing up against you, then it might be worth avoiding.

4.Prague – the Czech Republicprague-162550_960_720

Prague is slowly becoming something of a Mecca for hipsters, with any creative person who considers themselves an artist or a writer flocking to the Czech capital over the past few years.

That means the city has become woefully overcrowded, with the pretty, but not breath-taking or particularly unique, architecture of the area unable to justify such a cram.

5.The Leaning Tower of Pisa – Italy

“Hey, look; I’m pretending to hold up this massive tower by brute strength alone! Get a photo!” It was all fun and games at first, but now we’re bordering on unbearable levels of cringe.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a perfectly nice building that happens to rest slightly askew, because the foundations were placed in soft ground. That’s about it. The insane numbers of tourists that crowd the place on a daily basis do not justify the hype.

6.Stonehenge – UK

It’s a similar story for Stonehenge. While these Neolithic rocks are interesting from a wider perspective (how did they get there? Why did people carve them? etc.), the actual site isn’t all that fascinating.

With restrictions placed on approaching the rocks themselves, you’re literally just walking in a circle roughly 100 metres away from them at all times. Why not just hop down the local park and climb on some equally interesting (albeit newer) stones?

7.The Red Light District – Amsterdam

I’m not really sure why some people feel this should be a popular tourist destination in the first place, yet, bizarrely, they do.

Perhaps unsurprisingly this haven of debauchery possesses no end of smut, with drunken stag parties, the stench of urine and unsavoury sights through bedroom windows (you know what I’m talking about) the norm. Fun, fun, fun.

8.London Eye – UKLondon-Eye-2009

In principle the London Eye is a great concept. A bird’s eye view of one of the grandest cities in the world is certainly not something to criticise.

However, the problem lies in the fact that the process takes quite a long time and doesn’t offer you that much of a different view from the midpoint through to the end. That and the fact it is for all intents and purposes just a giant Ferris wheel.

Those are eight of the most overrated destinations in the world. Have you been to any?

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Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Atlantic Ocean

Travel Destination - Shelia - July 22, 2016


Regardless of whether you pick an Atlantic enterprise, a Pacific heaven, or anyplace past or in the middle of, there is no deficiency of spots on the planet in which to have stunning scuba jumping encounters, paying little mind to whether you are a beginner or starting scuba jumper, or a specialist in the field.

This examining of scuba jumping excursion destinations is proposed to give tenderfoot or starting scuba jumpers with a simple presentation for the sorts of scuba plunging encounters that are accessible around the world.

Once a scuba jumper has finished the required preparing and guideline, the submerged domain offers a huge number of conceivable outcomes for revelation, investigation, training, and enterprise. The accompanying cases speak to only a couple of those potential outcomes.


Mexico is often listed as a premier scuba destination for several reasons. First, the Yucatan peninsula is home to not one, but two, scuba diving wonders: the Great Maya Barrier Reef, and some of the world’s most famous Cenotes, “sink holes.”

The Great Maya Barrier Reef extends along the coastline of the eastern side of the Yucatan landmass down through Belize to Honduras. Going more than two hundred miles in length (320 km), it is the second biggest boundary reef on the planet.

The Cenotes, “sink holes,” that can likewise be found along the coast line of the Yucatan promontory are probably the most one of a kind and unmistakable on the planet. They offer scuba jumpers, both recreational and specialized, the chance to investigate fish and vegetation that can’t be seen anyplace else.


Bonaire often ranks as one of the most enjoyable scuba diving vacation destinations because of the island’s continued commitment to marine life preservation and conservation. The island, which is located off the coast of Venezuela and to the east of the island of Curacao, is home to beautiful underwater landscapes and crystal clear waters. In addition, Bonaire has several professional diving operators that work to aid in all types of scuba diving experiences. The island’s marine life treasures can be explored at the Bonaire Marine Park.



The Bahamas are a group of seven hundred islands located to the north of Cuba and just off the coast of Florida. Scuba diving in the Bahamas occurs year round, making these islands one of the most popular scuba diving vacation destinations. In Grand Bahama, for example, you can dive with dolphins, explore Shark Junction (not recommended for everyone) and Devil’s Backbone.

A standout amongst the most well known scuba destinations in Grand Bahama is Theo’s Wreck, which was intentionally sunk by UNEXSO in 1982. UNEXSO likewise sunk the Sea Star in 2002 and La Rose in 2006.


Remember that sea tempest season is June-November. Scuba jumpers ought to know that these tropical climate frameworks can create poor scuba diving conditions.

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Beach Accessories That Will Make You Look Sexy

Travel Destination - Shelia - July 12, 2016


Do you know what beach embellishments can make you look snazzy, rich and hot? Regardless of whether you’re setting off to the beach with your family and companions or simply getting a charge out of mixed drinks at a poolside party, look at a couple beach adornments that will make you look sexy.

Sun hat

If you plan to hit the beach, remember to bring your sun cap! Sun caps are made of cotton, jute, straw or cloth and they are must-have style things. Shield yourself from the unforgiving sun’s beams and step up your style remainder with your pleasant sun cap. In the event that you need to be more daring with beach style, pick a sun cap with a flower pin.

Head band or scarf

Is it accurate to say that you want to surf on the beach? At that point you should wear a head scarf or band to ensure your hair and stay in vogue in the meantime. I ordinarily tie a head scarf with bunch at back of my head. You can likewise put on some versatile head band that will make you look truly provocative.


Sunglasses are one of the crucial style adornments that you should have! Whether you choose to wear Sunglasses to shield your eyes from wind and sun or to utilize them to look polished, Sunglasses are unavoidable. It’s vital to pick casings and lenses that suit your facial structure.



Printed and plain sarongs can be worn in various courses over the middle, disgraceful or wrapped like dress. Sarong is exceptionally valuable beach extra that you can conceal your swimsuit with, while you’re visiting at a beachside bistro or walking around the shore. Sarong can make even the least difficult swimsuit look truly in stylish.

Stone or coral jewellery

Jewellery that goes best with bathing suit is made out of corals or stone. Such sort of thick gems arrives in an incredible assortment of hues that you can pick as per what you are going to wear to the beach on a specific day. Besides, stone studded gems will make you look jazzy and provocative!

Beach bag

A splendid beach sack or originator tote is an incredible beach adornment that can be utilized to dump those little things you can’t go to the beach without: a jug of water, a sun piece, an additional pair of garments and numerous other fundamental things.

Flip flops

Flip flops are accessible in various splendid hues and prints and they are an unquestionable requirement have embellishment for each lady. Flip lemon are advantageous, as well as include a touch of summery gentility and hotness to your look. Besides, you can without much of a stretch shake off the sand!

Beach basket

Is it accurate to say that you are going to have a beach excursion with your family or companions? At that point you should purchase a beach wicker container. You can stack up everything from sustenances to drinks in an adorable little beach wicker container. A beach wicker bin is valuable in conveying things, as well as resembles an extraordinary supplement for photographs of your day at the beach.


What other beach extras can make a lady look attractive? Share your considerations, please!



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5 Great Tips On How To Take The Best Travel Photos

Travel Destination - Shelia - July 6, 2016

Each destination you travel to has its own ambience, character and look. If you want the photographs of your travels to be long lasting and look good, it’s important that your photos not only say as much as possible about the literal look of the place you have visited, but also capture all the aforementioned qualities. In this article, we tell you the best tips of travel photography.

Get Closer

Robert Capa famously said that if your photos are not good enough, you are probably not close enough. The literal meaning of this famous quote is that the closer you are to your subject, the more interest and detail you will capture.

To do this, there are a couple of things you can do. The first one is to use telephoto feature which most cameras have to zoom on your subject. This is an effective technique of photography which has led to countless compelling images.

Another way is to simply move closer to the subject. While not anybody can do this comfortably, the person seeing the image will appreciate it.

Research, research, research

A good photographer spends a lot of time to do research. This way, you will be able to know what is out there. You will know what the place is really about as well as know more about the subjects you will be covering. Read travel books and brochures. Visit libraries, the web and bookstores. You can also talk to close friends who have visited the place to find out more about it. If you are travelling to a foreign country, you can visit the country’s embassy to pick up important travel information.


Be aware of local customs in any country you visit, it will help to keep your trip safe and productive – Jennifer from

It is very important to understand the traditions and customs of a place before you go there. This will help you to carry yourself in a manner that is not offensive or rude once you reach your destination.

Capturing Cities and Towns

Each city or town has its own unique look and feel. This could be a distinctive skyline, setting or architecture. It also could be a particular type of dress, food or a famous local site. You will always find that at least one thing is unique about a place.

When capturing a city or a town, there are basic things that you need to do:

• Capture a city’s essence, which includes a shot that shows the skyline, setting or any other view that gives feeling for the whole.
• Capture landmarks of which the town is most famous for.


Have a good idea of what sort of travel shots you want to capture, before you leave – Sam from The Canvas Factory.

Be sensitive and authentic

One of the easiest ways to make compelling photographs of people is to be authentic. There is no trick in capturing candid photos of people. It is a skill any photographer can learn, and it requires respect for your subject an also building a good relationship with them. Successful images of people rarely happen from a long distance. Put the telephone lens away and be part of the moment.

It’s very important to talk to the subjects. Whether it’s just a greeting, a node of explaining what you are doing, it’s very important to establish a rapport with the individuals you are photographing.

Be mindful of the time of day.

To take stunning and compelling travel photos, there is no time as sunset or sunrise. Sunrise can provide great travel images, especially because most people are still asleep at the dawn.


Traveling is fun if you can capture the essence of the place and the moment. But taking great travel photos is no mean task. By adhering to the above tips, you will no doubt be able to capture great travel photos.

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