Uncover the Many Attractions of Southern Italy Tours

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The heel of the famous boot-shaped nation, Southern Italy languidly surpasses according to its own leisurely rhythm. There’s an old-world appeal to this region, one that treasures a slower pace of life. Visit the homeland of the modern pizzas as well as the Margherita pizzas in Naples, the latter a favourite of King Margherita of Savoy as it brings up the green, white and red of the Italian flag. Your best of Southern Italy Tours are designed to show you the elegance of the beach, landscapes, and wonderful places set across the ancient landscapes. You can still see the zenith of Mount Vesuvius lingering in the distance from the Pompeii quite roads. The Blue Grotto in Capri glows with a unique light glowing within the water. The standard glories of Rome project from the Colosseum and the cottages beautify the landscapes that once belonged to celebrated emperors. A remodelled restaurant conceals in a traditional cavern, where residents have lived for years and years.

Explore the fabled background social secrets of the Vatican, as well as Rome’s Imperial and Renaissance treasures – such as spectacular St. Peter’s and Tauck’s unique after-hours advised trip to the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel! Balance structural attractions with the organic appeal of the Region of Capri’s strong shoreline, and the beach towns and coves found along the Amalfi Shore. Findings consist of a trip to the traditional site of Herculaneum – maintained under volcanic ash for nearly 2,000 decades – and touring via sports convertible car on Capri. Enjoy a unique session on modern Italian community with high-speed boat and train, and catch the views from glorious private villas on Tauck’s south part of Italy Tours to the Amalfi Shore, Capri & Rome.

Gripping History

At the crossroads of civilisations for thousands of years, southern Italy is scattered with the detritus of different and gilded ages, from Greek and Roman to Saracen, Grettle and Language. From fiery Carthaginian invasions and power-hungry kings to the humble hopes of Roman slaves and gladiators, every frescoed structure and every designed rock informs a tale,. Here, traditional Ancient temples are older than Rome, Byzantine mosaics attest to cosmopolitan encounters and elegant castles outsize Versailles. In Southern Italy there is no less than 13 Unesco World Heritage cultural sites and each place is glorified with stories of success, failing and amazing humankind.

Places of Interest

You may book your southern Italy holiday land-only or take advantage of our all-inclusive southern Italy tour packages with air travel included. All consist of South Italy’s first-class resorts, guided around southern Italy’s travelling features, transport between locations, delicious meals, and much more. And the best part is these southern Italy trips offers are great values. For the wide-ranging escorted tour, Southern Italy is the perfect location because it is filled with traditional and cultural sites that are difficult to see individually. The areas of Calabria, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata are off-the-beaten-path Italy tour destinations. If you think Rome is full of action wait until you travel south of Rome. With Rome’s enjoyment Naples and Bari are the region’s two biggest places on par. Meanwhile, drowsy laid-back places like Lecce, Otranto, Capri, Ravello, Positano, Alberobello attract all visitors. With expert tour guides you around southern Italy’s brilliant and sometimes disorderly areas you won’t skip any touring features. Expert southern Italy guides will educate you on the various societies that populated these areas over the hundreds of years.

Take off on an exciting journey down Italy’s hardly ever visited heel, getting to know another side of this enchanting nation. Think about the attractiveness of Amalfi, enjoy however you like among the sophisticates of Trani and trip the Roman ruins, baroque churches and whitewashed alleyways of Lecce. Walk among the peculiarly formed houses of Alberobello, wander the hillside dwellings of Matera and discover the old town’s life around Bari’s Basilica di San Nicola.

Natural Highs

Rugged hills, fantastic volcanoes and electric-blue grottoes – southern Italy seems like one massive experience play area waiting to be handled. Turn up the heart rate rafting down Calabria’s river Lao, climbing Europe’s most active volcanic, Stromboli, or snorkelling into ancient sea caverns on Puglia’s Promontorio del Gargano. You can do slow pedalling across Puglia’s gentle countryside, immersing in Vulcano’s healing geothermal mud or simply boating along the Amalfi Shore. The options may be many, but there is one constant: a landscape that is gorgeous, different and just a little heavenly.

This Italy tour is sure to please with amazing landscapes. You’ll visit Sorrento and Capri—both offering spectacular views of the crystal-clear, blue sea. Spend some time staring at the enchanting water, shop at the stores, and have dinner at the fantastic restaurants visited by celebrities.

In Italy’s north, there may have the dollars, but the south has the spirit. This is Southern Italy at its most well-known, complicated and contrary.