Enjoying the Fun of a Relaxing Ski Vacation

6 years ago Travel Tips141


Anyone with a passion for skiing can spend some time on the slopes by arranging a vacation to a winter resort. While adventure fans may want to seek out some big thrills, others will be more interested in simply relaxing, enjoying the surroundings, and having some fun. Those that place themselves in the latter category can find some great places.

Places to Visit

There are many ski resorts that cater to visitors looking to just have a relaxing time. Some of those to consider include Alpe-dhuez in France, Livigno in Italy, and Tremblant in Canada. However, many others exist to choose from so that any skier should be able to find the perfect spot for your winter vacation.

Getting started

The best way to get started with skiing is to take some lessons and most resorts have instructors offering classes. These will generally teach the basics such as the correct stance to maintain balance, the best way to get up after a fall, and how to change direction, slow down, and stop. Learning can be challenging to begin with although lessons and some patience will pave the way to improvement.

Different slopes for different folks

Most resorts will have a variety of slopes and in most cases these will be color coded according to their difficulty. Generally, this is green for beginner slopes, through to black for advanced/expert slopes. It is worth checking the color code system for the resort you plan to visit, so you can stick to slopes that are suitable for your level of skill and experience.

Après ski

If your intention is to relax and have fun on a skiing vacation, then you will definitely want to find a destination that is big on après ski. This is the name given to the social side of skiing and involves the drinking, dining, and dancing to be enjoyed after a day on the slopes. It’s a great way to relax, meet up with friends, and just enjoy the beautiful views.

Skiing does not need to be all about the thrills and there are plenty of resorts offering the chance to just relax and have some fun. Finding one should not present too many problems and once the tickets are booked, it is a case of packing your skis, making the trip and enjoying all that a relaxing ski holiday offers.