5 Offbeat Destinations In Europe To Add To Your Travel Wishlist For 2022

Travel Destination - Shelia - August 31, 2022

Since time immemorial, travelers have been in pursuit of new and uncharted locations to explore and experience magical nature at its best. Europe has always been a hot favorite for tourists and rightly so. What can be more beautiful than the mystical Swiss Alps, Norway’s spectacular Northern lights, Italy’s spellbinding coastlines, France’s incredible countryside, and so much more? Continue Reading

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How Much Does a Woman’s Electric Bike Cost?

Travel Tips - Shelia - July 21, 2022

Woman's Electric Bike

Depending on the features you want, the price of a woman’s electric bike can be as low as $350 or as high as $7,000. Shimano, Canyon, and Embolden offer excellent electric bikes, but how much does it cost? The first thing to consider, especially in women’s electric bicycle, is customer service and construction quality. Then decide which type of bike best fits your needs and budget. Continue Reading

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4 Must-Sees In Las Vegas

Travel Destination - Shelia - July 18, 2022

Whether it’s March to May or September to November, Las Vegas remains a top travel destination. Even the winter months see the major resort city welcoming an influx of visitors who wish to spend New Year’s Eve, the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day in the City of Lights, and the sweltering summers are no different.

It’s tough to pinpoint a perfect time to visit Las Vegas, but there certainly are some destinations that you can’t miss during your stay. Whether you only have two days or one night to enjoy Sin City, keep these destinations on the top of your list to make your short visit worth it! Continue Reading

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Travelling With Long COVID: What You Need to Know

Travel Tips - Shelia - April 26, 2022

Talk to most people who have tested positive for COVID-19 over the past couple of years and their experience of it seems to fall into one of two distinct camps.

There are those who became acutely ill with the disease. As we know all too well, significant numbers from this group ended up in hospital, mainly suffering from severe respiratory problems. Tragically, more than 170,000 people in the UK have lost their lives to the disease to date.

And then there are those who experienced much milder symptoms, if any at all. Especially among younger age groups, COVID’s effects have often been no more serious than a heavy cold or, at worst, flu. As more and more people have been vaccinated, the numbers experiencing these milder symptoms has grown.

But then there’s another, third group. One which has struggled to have its voice heard throughout the pandemic. These are people who have continued to experience symptoms long after experts tell us the initial infection runs its course. These are the people who are afflicted by what’s come to be known as Long COVID. Continue Reading

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Understanding Yachts

Travel Tips - Shelia - November 25, 2021

A yacht can be used for many summer activities. Whether a person is cruising with his or her family, fishing or involved in a racing competition, a good yacht can enhance the maritime experience. There is no standard way to define a yacht, but it can be distinguished from a boat if it has certain aesthetic features and is at least 33 feet long. Continue Reading

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