Electric Cruiser Bike Reviews 2023 -Mokwheel Mesa Lite ST

Travel Tips - Shelia - January 3, 2024

Urban commutes don’t have to be hectic; you can commute in style while saving both time and money. Mokwheel has developed innovative e-bikes over the years that satisfy consumers’ changing demands.

The Mokwheel Mesa Lite ST is one of their latest additions that gives every urban commuter a reason to rethink their transportation choice. It’s an e-bike that costs half of other commuter e-bikes while providing a decent riding experience.

In our reviews on electric cruiser bikes, we will be uncovering Mokwheel’s Mesa Lite ST today, and highlighting its specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s go! Continue Reading

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Disneyland Getaway

Travel Destination - Shelia - December 15, 2023

A trip to Disneyland is free of long and stressful lines. Planning and traveling at off-peak times when crowds are lower is essential. Another way to minimize crowds is to stay at a Disney resort. It provides perks such as Early Entry to the parks, dining reservations, character wake-up calls, and more. Continue Reading

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The Smoker’s Guide to Road Trips

Travel Tips - Shelia - November 15, 2023

Road trips aren’t an uncommon travel method, but they’ve continued to gain more popularity among travelers seeking a convenient, budget-friendly, and immersive getaway. These statistics from TransUnion notes that 43% of households were planning to take a road trip for their late spring and summer vacations in 2023. Road trips are a fun way to see various sights, stop by multiple locations, and enjoy the company of your travel companions. However, if you’re a smoker, there are extra considerations you’ll have to make to ensure your and your family or friends’ comfort during the drive. Here are a few road trip tips for smokers: Continue Reading

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Under the Colorado Sky: RV Camping in Colorado Springs like Never Before

Travel Tips - Shelia - September 1, 2023

RV Camping in Colorado

Welcome to the outdoorsy utopia of Colorado Springs, an unspoiled haven where natural splendor meets the riders of the road – the RV campers. Nestled at the eastern foot of the Rockies, Colorado Springs calls you to explore her yawning valleys, towering peaks, and wild, beautiful heart from the comfort of your home-on-wheels. Continue Reading

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Discover the Top 5 Beach Clubs in Capri

Relaxing Resorts, Travel Tips - Shelia - August 29, 2023

Beach Clubs in Capri

Ah, Capri! A radiant gem nestled in Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea, her beauty is the stuff of legend, her charm woven from the loom of bygone eras, and her allure a siren call to all who yearn for an invigorating dash of adventure. Encrusted in nature’s green, with tawny cliffs that plunge dramatically into the sapphire sea below, Capri’s scenes are a sumptuous feast for the senses.

But the island’s verdant beauty is not its only charm. Sharp sea air, cascading light, electrifying visuals, and the harmonious dance of flora and fauna all sing in chorus to strum the chords of the wild adventurer’s heart. There’s more to Capri, though, than meets the eye. Ignore, if you can, the shimmering ocean vistas. Leave exploring the towering cliffs, which hide secrets within their rocky grasp, for another day. For now, let’s journey deeper. See her through the sun-dappled lens of daytime leisure. Yes, adventurer, we’re guiding you off the beaten path and into the embrace of Capri’s treasured beach clubs.

Capri beckons not only the intrepid explorer but also the sun-seeker, the weary traveler, the merry leisure-seeker, and those who find delight in life’s simple, yet profound, pleasures. And what could be more pleasurable than lounging in the gentle Mediterranean sun, a cocktail in hand and a turquoise sea vista for company? Allow me to introduce you to the dazzling world of Capri’s finest beach clubs, your soon-to-be favorite havens draped in the chic glamour of the Italian Riviera.

As your loyal guide, I’ll usher you through the elegantly carved gates of marvels like La Fontelina and Da Luigi ai Faraglioni. Let me unravel the magic of these treasured locales, the sunlit courtyards, the secretive niches, and the sublime beauty etched within each beach club’s soul. Our exploration extends to clubs teeming with flavor and local charm, like Faro Di Punta Carena, and bustling spaces steeped in Roman history, like Bagni di Tiberio. Then we can delight in the crystalline waters and exceptional service of Le Ondine Beach Club.

Each beach club we visit promises unique narratives, whispered secrets in the sea breeze, and myriad experiences that will add luster to your memories of Capri. These sundrenched locales, charming and vivacious, echo with the laughter of fellow adventurers, writes history with every sunset, and await your unique imprint on their golden shores.

So lace up those sandals, adventurer, ready your sun hat, and prepare to embark on a Capri journey unlike any other. Your sun-kissed paradise awaits. Let’s explore together, shall we? Continue Reading

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