Cusco Sights

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For lovers of things ancient a trip to Cusco in Peru is definitely a must. Cusco acts as a fantastic jumping off point to explore the famous Inca ruins of Manchu Picchu which has quickly become one of the world’s most revered cultural sites. Not only a way station for Manchu Picchu Cuzco also has several wonderful sites and attractions to visit. Perhaps the single greatest tourist commodity that Cusco enjoys is the Peruvian people themselves who are selfless, kind and always provide fantastic hospitality to guests of their city. More things to do in Cuzco include.
Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun)
Pampa del Castillo at Plazoleta Santo Domingo
The Incas were one of the world’s largest and most well organized empires previous to the arrival of the Spanish upon their lands. No where is this better represented by Qoricancha (Temple of the Sun). An iconic monument for the Incan empire Qoricancha was decorated by more than 700 gold plated walls that allowed sun to reflect off the  temple’s many alters and statues. A massive complex, more than 4,000 priests and their attendants lived at the same time within the comfortable confines of this temple. Not surprisingly the Spanish looted all of the golden plates from the walls, but in modern times still  Qoricancha exists as an example of the intriguing Incan architecture and masonry work. The design techniques of this church became used in several of the Spaniards monuments and churches creating some of the first Andean and Spanish architecture. Qoricancha can be visited from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm daily at a cost of around $3.75 US Dollars.

142 Portal Espinar | Cusco, Peru
Amongst the wonderful buildings of the Plaza de Armas the Cathedral stands out as both one of its tallest and finest architectural displays. Originally constructed in 1550 the Barque design is still an awe inspiring sight. The interior is equally impressive having opulent ceilings, ornate oil paintings and alters made from gold and silver. Filled with wonderful works of art one of the most famous is a painting that depicts the earthquake that shook Cusco back in 1650. Connected to this tale, and also on display in the Cathedral, is Senor de los Temblores which is the crucifix that is said to have stopped the earthquake from destroying the whole city. Other works of art in the Cathedral exemplify both the Andean and Catholic cultural heritages of this region. The Cathedral is open from 10 am to 6 pm with admission costing around $3.75 US.