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4 Budget-Friendly and Kid-Friendly Beach Ideas

Travel Stories - Shelia - January 26, 2021


If you have already planned a beach vacation but are struggling to think up relatively inexpensive activities your family would love, trying something new may help add a bit of excitement to your normal trip. With a bit of ingenuity, you can include everyone in these fun games.

Make Up a Sport

Many younger children may want to participate in beach volleyball or other sports but are not quite big enough to do so. In lieu of those activities, you can try making up ones of your own.

Using an inflated ball and a beach towel, you could try setting up a two-person competition to see who can keep the bouncing ball on the towel the longest. You can also adjust the rules as you go along based on what each child enjoys most, which also helps prevent any fights or meltdowns for younger players.

Collect Souvenirs

With seashells, sea glass and other items scattered all around you near the waves, it is easier than ever to encourage your kids to interact with nature on your North Carolina family vacation. Rearranging anything you find into a picture in the sand near your beach chair can also help encourage creativity in yAour kids while you relax. Afterward, you can even pack up what your kids find in a plastic bag in case you want to scrapbook or save them for future memories.

Use Sand to Your Advantage

While it may be irritating to some, sand can be a great basis for drawing up common sidewalk games while you are far away from home. Hopscotch and tic tac toe are more fun for any kid when they are standing in soft sand with waves nearby.

It also is infinitely easier to draw and redraw potential boundaries or outlines, as well as add in extra twists to make the games more interesting for slightly older children who want to play along.

Go Sightseeing on Your Own Terms

Walking along the coast allows you to point out new sights to younger kids. Make laminated flashcards of words ahead of time and bind them up in a ring for easy carrying, and you can help expand your children’s vocabulary even while on vacation.

You can even add an extra challenge by making it a game to point out what is on the pictures, such as a dune, riptide or kite. This idea allows you to make lasting memories you all can talk about for years to come as well as get some exercise in.

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9 of the Most Beautiful Natural Landscapes in North America

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 4, 2015

If you’re a nature lover, North America is full of beautiful natural landscapes perfect for touring. From the stone structures in the western United States to the powerful Niagara Falls in Canada, there are natural wonders all across the land. When you’re planning your next vacation, make sure you hit all the natural wonders the Americas have to offer. Whether you’re a photographer or you’re just looking for tourist places to enjoy a summer trip, take a look at nine of the most beautiful landscapes in North America.

Natural Landscapes1. Ellesmere Island in Nunavut, Canada

As one of the northern-most territories of Canada, the island is a perfectly preserved example of the warm wetland forests of millions of years ago. Even though the island has an average temperature of -20 degrees Celsius, palm trees, redwoods, and other warm weather trees have been preserved in the national forest. Not only does it lead way for exploration, but the sight is something to behold. Once reaching the island, there are glaciers, polar bears, and other amazing natural wonders to see.

2. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

As one of the most beautiful coastlines in North America, North Carolina is known for it’s beautiful beaches and white sands. Cape Hatteras is along the northern coast of the state and brags some of the best surfing and most pristine beaches. The beautiful dunes are protected and untouched by commercial development and the wild horses run free along the shoreline. With a variety of small islands off the coast, there’s always something to see when visiting this natural wonder.

3. Niagara Falls, Canada and U.S.

What makes Niagara Falls special is that is spans two countries. Whether you’re travelling on the US side or the Canadian side, there’s always something to see. This beautiful natural wonder is a sight to remember. With observations decks to get up close and personal, you can snap a once in a lifetime picture or enjoy feeling the cool mist if you’re traveling in the summer. Take in the breathtaking views or charter a boat to become part of the Falls.

4. Monument Valley, Utah

Along the Utah border, Monument Valley is one of the most unique natural landscapes in the world. With sandstone buttes towering above the arid desert landscape, these wonders range to up to 1,000 feet tall. As a popular backdrop in movies, you’ll be transported into the old west. The Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is the perfect start for your next natural landscape road trip.

5. Everglades

Spanning the southern tip of Florida, the Everglades are a popular destination for those looking for adventure. These wetlands are one of the largest subtropical areas in the United States. With a mixture of water canals and forests, the Everglades are perfect for fan boating and exploring. Catch a glimpse of the American crocodile or other wildlife native to the region.

6. Denali, Alaska

Formally Mount McKinley, Denali is the tallest mountain in North America. Named after the native peoples of Alaska, the mountain spans a beautiful natural park open to the public. Make this your first stop on a trip across the state, or hop on a cruise ship for a special excursion. For the truly adventurous, climb to the top for a spectacular view not many get to enjoy.

North America7. Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

As the world’s largest cave system, Mammoth Cave is located in central Kentucky. With 400 miles of caves explored, there are a variety of natural formations to see. From natural underground pools to stalactites, there are beautiful wonders deep under the ground. Catch a tour to venture deep within the cave system or go at night for a ghostly tour after dark.

8. The Canadian Rockies, British Columbia

Unlike its United States counterpart, the Canadian Rockies are a special range all on their own. With clear turquoise waters and wilderness that spans for miles, these Rockies are different from anything you’ve seen before. Spend time gazing at the snow-capped mountains or catch the slopes for some skiing. The beauty of the tall peaks is something that cannot be missed.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona

As the most iconic natural landscapes in the world, the Grand Canyon draws millions of visitors every year from all across the world. This deep canyon system was hollowed out by years of water, streams, and rivers. Take in the breathtaking views along the high ridges, or ride down to the bottom of the canyon for an even more unique look. Round out any great American road trip with a stop at this natural wonder.

Image by laszlo-photo Under Creative Common License.


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Drop by River View Apartments at Munich

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - October 24, 2015

River View Apartments in Munich are an ideal place for small families. They provide visitors with all the modern amenities, supplies, extra services, and most importantly, the river view which enhances the beauty of the room and gives a new refreshing approach to the visitors in the morning. Almost all the river view apartments at Munich have the following factors:

Room Suite

A family of two to four members does not need a huge space to stay in, therefore, a single bedroom is ideal for two people but four people can easily manage a one bedroom unit with a sofa bed in the living room as well. The rooms are spacious and equipped with a comfortable armchair, a dining table, and a set of dining chairs.

Living Area

Munich apartmentsThe living room is the area which brings in everyone together; therefore, it is usually designed in a way to welcome and invite everyone

Most are decorated with a dining table, chairs, and an arm chair or sofa for relaxing.

In addition to this, there is usually TV and an internet connection to stay connected with the world and .

Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen are important and heavily used rooms in the home. Therefore, most vacation rentals have modern and fully equipped bathrooms with ample amount of clean towels and bed linen.

Few people love to cook while on vacation, but a kitchen is a necessity and in most rentals it contains appliances like dishwasher, crockery, cutlery, refrigerator, coffee machine, toaster, kettle, etc. In order to provide visitors with the best of services, Apartments at Munich offers it all.

Additional Services

Elevators and wheelchair access are available throughout the building. Moreover, paid parking is also available for the travelers and transport facility is also provided to them. Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and suites; however, a separate area is provided to smokers.

Local Attractions

MunichThe apartments are located in the heart of the city; therefore, shopping and clubbing is easier for the visitors. Various shopping malls are located nearby. Visitors who do not have any transport can easily use public transport or hire a cab from near the apartments.
To get a beautiful view from your room and to enjoy the most of your trip, booking this lovely River View Apartment at Munich is a must.

Image by groenbaek,La Citta Vita,Polybert49 Under Creative Common License.


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