5 Things to Keep in Mind when Heading for a Beach Vacation

2 years ago Travel Tips153

Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? A trip to the beach is the best way to unwind and relax after getting tired of our monotonous schedules. Sipping a cocktail under the sun, surfing and having fun in the water is undoubtedly the most exciting and calming thing to do. However, on the contrary, being ill-prepared for your beach trip can be the making of a disaster to come.

If you want to avoid disaster and enjoy to your fullest, keep in mind the following 5 things before heading out to the beach:

1. Pack the right outfits

Make sure you pack your swimsuit, if you are not wearing it underneath your clothes and carry an extra change of clothes as well. This is because the clothes that you go to the beach in will be all wet and sandy on the way back home. Wear comfortable clothes to the beach since you will not want anything to come between you and relaxation. Carry a change of footwear as well since the sand that gets into your toes and feet can cause irritation.

2. Carry a comfortable seating solution with you

While the most common solution for this is an oversized plush beach towel, people are increasingly shifting to other alternatives such as a portable chair or a folding recliner. A decent comfortable seating will give you a starting foundation to ensure that your fun in the sun does not get disturbed. If you are carrying a towel, make sure it is bright and vibrant such that it looks good in the pictures that you will take on the beach. Afterall, you are most likely to share the photos on social media, so why not look your best! If you are considering buying a beach chair, check whether it has a higher seat, a drink holder, etc. as per to your preferences.

3. Protect yourself

The biggest enemies of a beach vacation are sunburns, bites and cuts. Be prepared for these situations beforehand since you know that prevention is always better than cure. Carry a good quality sunscreen which has a minimum SPF of 30 and contains the following ingredients: stabilized avobenzone, ecamsule, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Rub sunscreen generously and frequently to protect your body from the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Stay away from tan lines

The biggest motivation for many of us to go to the beach is to get a perfect tan. However, one thing that irks us all are tan lines! Finally, there is a solution that lets one get tanned through their swimsuit. Purchase these swimsuits and sports shirts and get a natural suntan right through the fabric. To learn more about TanThrough swimwear, you can visit www.tanthrough.com.

5. Carry a first aid kit, Ziploc bag and a beach bag

Pack a few medical essentials including bandaids, antiseptic, gauge, Advil etc. in a first-aid kit. Make sure you also carry a ziploc bag to store your essentials such as mobile phone, car keys etc. when going into the water. Above all, carry a huge beach bag to keep everything including your clothes, footwear, sunscreen, etc.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned points and being well prepared when heading to the beach can make all the difference between having a blast in the sand and sea and being miserable because of things like sunburns, bug bites, bad weather, etc. So go and make the most of your vacation in the sun and sand!