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Vacation Places at Union Square – Fun Things to Do In the City

Travel Destination - Shelia - September 14, 2015

On a visit to the busiest city of the world, you surely wouldn’t want to miss a trip to all the popular attractions that the city has to offer. From one busy neighborhood to the next, you would want to see and do everything, not to miss out on anything which makes New York the Big Apple it is today!

Union Square, ManhattanThe best way to enjoy the attractions in the city is to seek accommodations at a place which is located near to all the main sites you want to visit. Vacation places at Union Square are many, and choosing to stay in them will house you near all the entertainment opportunities available for a fun time in the busy city.

There are many fun things to do in the city around the Union Square area. Some of the most popular attractions include,

Fuerza Bruta

Fuerza BrutaIf you want to enjoy great performance then a visit to the place is a good idea. Many artistes showcase their talents and it is a stage for the performing arts. It is a fun place to be at especially if you are looking for music and enjoyment.

The Union Square Park

Living in the vicinity of the Union Square and not paying a visit to the famous park, is just not a thing to think of! A great place to walk your dog or just enjoy a leisurely stroll with family, friends or alone, the park is a respite from the fast paced life of the city.

Different communities hold events, and festivals are also held at the park. From historic events to the popular Green Market, the Union Park has much to offer.

Food at Blue Water Grill

Want to enjoy a great and yummy meal along with entertainment in the neighborhood, then the Blue Water Grill is a good place. If you want to enjoy seafood and sushi, with Jazz music then this restaurant fits the bill like no other!

Irving Plaza

Irving PlazaWant to enjoy some great musical performances, in the heart of the city, then walk a few blocks to Irving Plaza and have the time of your life with family and friends. Being really close to Union Square you can easily grab an affordable and yummy meal after the performance, as the drinks at the plaza are known to be a bit on the expensive side.

Be ready to stand throughout the performance and be prepared to be one of a large crowd of concert goers, who will all be packed into the place enjoying themselves.

Visit to the Namaste Bookshop

You can also visit the bookshop to stock up on your book inventory. While there, you can also pick and choose body oils, and incense to enjoy a really time back in your rental apartment as you pamper yourself.

Tarot card reading along with psychic evaluations are other attractions of the shop. Visitors can also buy candles, statues and different metaphysical trinkets if they want.

To enjoy all this and more, you need a rented place in the Union Square area. Just be sure you make the right choice!

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