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Planning a Group West Coast Road Trip

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 12, 2018

If you’re in the US, the west coast holds a slew of wonders. It boasts not only the city of angels, but, various forests, and world-class attractions that you can visit most times of the year. Whether you’re planning for family fun or a long weekend trip with friends in tow, the West Coast has something to offer to everyone.

Of course, when planning a group tour, transportation is one of the biggest challenges. But there are also a bunch of different Los Angeles charter bus rental options to suit different budgets. That way, you and your entourage can depart from the City of Angels, and let a professional driver deal with the traffic and directions as you move your way north, up the coast, enjoying the scenery, and making memories that will last a lifetime.

If you’re still mulling over whether you want to go for it or not, here are some attractions you’ll see on your way.

1. Yosemite National Park

Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California, this national park is one of those places you must visit in America. One of the national treasures, you can treat yourselves to the views of large trees and cliffs all around.

It also has the highest waterfall in all of North America at Yosemite falls. Whether you’re looking for sightseeing or a safari tour, it’s advisable to look into the national park’s own website before starting out your tour.

2. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon has had more stories around it than any other natural wonder in America and why won’t it be? Not only is the great rock formation an artist’s dream come true, but it also offers one of the most challenging hikes you’ll ever face.

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, you might even rent out a helicopter and enjoy the scale of the canyon all through the place.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas isn’t only the desert country you go for bachelor parties. While it’s one of the best party towns on the West Coast, it’s also one of the best places to unwind all through the year. You can try out the various restaurants or visit the solo shows of the big pop stars.

Charter a bus to visit around the most happening places in Las Vegas and have the party of your lives. Remember, what happens here doesn’t have to get out.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco has been the heartthrob of counter-culture for years. Holding this title requires more than just perseverance. So, whether you’re roaming around Haight Street or visiting the always vibrant Castro street, you can see your country’s evolution through these streets.

Don’t forget to visit the legendary Golden Gate Bridge while you’re at it. Another attraction that you should definitely visit is the Alcatraz Island that’s just a boat-ride away from the city.

5. Salvation Mountain

One of the places that are missing from a lot of people’s list is the Salvation Mountain. Made entirely of local art pieces, straw, and lead-free paint, this hill is a piece of local art that has attracted many connoisseurs over the years.

There have been many concerns about the future of this enormous artwork. So, if you’re planning a visit, a few years might be all the time that you’ve left.

Planning a trip can be stressful, and the terrain of the U.S West Coast is rugged, to say the least. However, if you get your group together and begin on the journey, you’ll be in no dearth of sights to see and places to explore. A recommendation? Always carry a sizeable portion of water with you since the places can get arid and very dry.

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6 Great Destinations to Visit in September

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - September 4, 2018

For many people, September marks the end of the summer and signifies the beginning of autumn. It is high time to take one last trip or two before it begins to get a little too chilly! It is imperative to take advantage of the good weather while you still can. Below are some excellent destinations to visit during the month:

1. Maldives

The Maldives is not ideal to visit during the months of July and August since it is considered the monsoon season. By September, however, the skies begin to clear. There might still be occasional rainfall, though the weather will generally be warm and balmy. This is a great deal when you consider that this is still low-season and the prices are lower than usual! There will also be fewer honeymooners in sight. Win-win!

2. Croatia

Croatia might not enjoy as many visitors as the rest of its Mediterranean neighbors, but it is definitely worthy of attention. It is a great place for anyone looking for some late summer fun in the sun. The Adriatic is a beautiful destination to explore and you will have plenty to do as you take in the spectacular beaches, breathtaking ports, and Venetian buildings. A cruise will be a great way to see what this European nation has to offer.

3. Crete, Greece

The weather in this little Grecian island will be sunny and pleasant, though it is going to be less crowded than in August. This is the perfect time to stay in Crete if you wish to enjoy the balmy weather and the warm waters. The accommodations will also be generally cheaper than the previous months. This month is also when the Festival of St. Stavros happens so be sure to join in on the outdoors folk party! Find out more about Greece in our guide here.

4. China

September is a great time to visit, thanks to the great weather and the overall less competitive prices. The mild temperatures are perfect for exploring the capital, saying hi to the pandas, and strolling along the Great Wall. Those who decide to go on a trek into the countryside will be rewarded by clear skies and beautiful views as well.

5. Zambia

September falls within the region’s dry season and it is a prime time for safaris and wildlife viewing on a holiday in Zambia. Around this time, the animals gather near the watering holes so you will have no trouble spotting these beautiful creatures. With fewer tourists, you will have a great view without fighting for a good spot! Temperatures will be just under 30°C, so this is perfect if you are trying to escape gloomy weather.

6. Iguazu Falls, Brazil

The ninth month of the year is the best time to drop by the Iguazu Falls in Brazil. It is one of the dry seasons and the risk of rain is low. Sure, the Falls would not be at their peak, though they will still be impressive regardless. Compared to the summer months, there will be fewer people there so you can enjoy the stunning view all by yourself!

There are many great deals available for people who are seeking to save money on their trips. Not many people will be out and about in September so make the most out of it! Best of all, you will have more time to explore the tourist spots without having to jostle through a crowd.

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4 Must-Visit Striking Spots in Australia During Winter

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - July 16, 2018

Experience winter season in Australia and have fun! They say that this season is best experienced at the comforts of your home. Apparently, this is not true. It is actually the ideal time to explore more and try out various activities with your family or friends.

Plenty of great destinations can be visited during winter in the Land Down Under. All you have to do is choose wisely where you can make the most of your vacation and have a worthwhile time. So, prepare your travel cameras because here are few amazing spots you can check out during the coldest season in Australia:

Snowy Mountains

Known as the highest Australian mountain range, Snowy Mountains is one of the top destinations to go to when winter comes. It is home to Mount Kosciuszko, the highest mountain in the country, as well as various ski fields and resorts, including Perisher, Thredbo, Charlotte Pass, and Selwyn Snowfields. You can try thrilling snow sports with your loved ones and have the best time of your life. This is surely going to be a fun experience, especially if it is your first time.

Phillip Island

Have you ever dreamt of seeing penguins in real life? This is the perfect moment for it! See the adorable penguins at Phillip Island and you are going to appreciate them so much. In fact, the Penguin Parade is one of the top winter experiences in Australia. Don’t miss out on this and be sure to try it at least once in your life. Additionally, Penguins Plus offers an underground viewing tour to visitors who want to get up close and personal with the penguins. That sounds exciting, right?

Cradle Mountain

Head over Cradle Mountain for the best winter trekking activity! Nestled at Lake St. Clair National Park, this stunning destination should be included in your must-visit winter places in Australia. It offers a magical paradise during this season as it gets snowbound on all sides. You can play in the snow and experience an unforgettable snowshoe trekking with your travel buddies. Definitely, it is going to be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Barossa Valley

Are you in search for another exciting place during the winter in Australia? Here’s where to stay with your family or friends if you are.One of the places to stay is Barossa Valley which offers endless vineyard, great-tasting wine, and local artisan cheese. If you want to feel warmer during this season, then this might be the go-to place for you. There are numerous activities you can do while here, so better opt for something remarkable. You can simply chill out at the wineries and take in the scenic view or ride the Barossa Explorer to see the awe-inspiring spots in the area.

Australia is certainly a top travel destination in the world regardless of the season you are visiting. Simply take into consideration these fun spots on your winter journey here. You are sure to have a memorable time with your loved ones, so seize every moment. There is nothing to worry about, for this country never disappoints anyone. Your winter escapade is going to be one for the books, for sure!

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5 Things to Keep in Mind when Heading for a Beach Vacation

Travel Tips - Shelia - June 30, 2018

Who doesn’t love a beach vacation? A trip to the beach is the best way to unwind and relax after getting tired of our monotonous schedules. Sipping a cocktail under the sun, surfing and having fun in the water is undoubtedly the most exciting and calming thing to do. However, on the contrary, being ill-prepared for your beach trip can be the making of a disaster to come.

If you want to avoid disaster and enjoy to your fullest, keep in mind the following 5 things before heading out to the beach:

1. Pack the right outfits

Make sure you pack your swimsuit, if you are not wearing it underneath your clothes and carry an extra change of clothes as well. This is because the clothes that you go to the beach in will be all wet and sandy on the way back home. Wear comfortable clothes to the beach since you will not want anything to come between you and relaxation. Carry a change of footwear as well since the sand that gets into your toes and feet can cause irritation.

2. Carry a comfortable seating solution with you

While the most common solution for this is an oversized plush beach towel, people are increasingly shifting to other alternatives such as a portable chair or a folding recliner. A decent comfortable seating will give you a starting foundation to ensure that your fun in the sun does not get disturbed. If you are carrying a towel, make sure it is bright and vibrant such that it looks good in the pictures that you will take on the beach. Afterall, you are most likely to share the photos on social media, so why not look your best! If you are considering buying a beach chair, check whether it has a higher seat, a drink holder, etc. as per to your preferences.

3. Protect yourself

The biggest enemies of a beach vacation are sunburns, bites and cuts. Be prepared for these situations beforehand since you know that prevention is always better than cure. Carry a good quality sunscreen which has a minimum SPF of 30 and contains the following ingredients: stabilized avobenzone, ecamsule, oxybenzone, titanium dioxide, and zinc oxide. Rub sunscreen generously and frequently to protect your body from the harmful rays of the sun.

4. Stay away from tan lines

The biggest motivation for many of us to go to the beach is to get a perfect tan. However, one thing that irks us all are tan lines! Finally, there is a solution that lets one get tanned through their swimsuit. Purchase these swimsuits and sports shirts and get a natural suntan right through the fabric. To learn more about TanThrough swimwear, you can visit

5. Carry a first aid kit, Ziploc bag and a beach bag

Pack a few medical essentials including bandaids, antiseptic, gauge, Advil etc. in a first-aid kit. Make sure you also carry a ziploc bag to store your essentials such as mobile phone, car keys etc. when going into the water. Above all, carry a huge beach bag to keep everything including your clothes, footwear, sunscreen, etc.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned points and being well prepared when heading to the beach can make all the difference between having a blast in the sand and sea and being miserable because of things like sunburns, bug bites, bad weather, etc. So go and make the most of your vacation in the sun and sand!

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The Best Gambling Destinations in the World

Travel Tips - Shelia - June 7, 2018

Ask any gambling enthusiast and they will tell you about the sweet rush of winning money over earning it. While we can agree that gambling is not the wisest career option, watching that final jackpot go into its place will bring you that gut-wrenching joy like never before. People are increasingly indulging in an online game of casino on various gaming portals but we believe that playing with dices is best done on a ‘real’ poker table. Get your lady luck, pack your passport and prepare yourself to place some god bets! Our favourite gambling destinations in the world are:

1. Las Vegas:

Amidst the luxurious properties, glamorous nightlife and swanky Michelin star restaurants, there is one thing in Las Vegas that will always stand out and it is the spirit of gambling in the city. You can find high-limit games that are recommended by all at the Venetian and Bellagio. If you are a beginner, you can head to places like the The MGM Grand and Planet Hollywood and catch all the rolling (Dices only) action there!

2. Macau:

China is a country that literally proves the idiom right that ‘forbidden fruits are the sweetest’. Not many know that China makes 5 times the gaming revenue of Vegas. Macau, a tinsy peninsular land off mainland China is the only place here where gambling is permitted by law. The Venetian Macao, is the world’s largest casino and has drawn inspiration from its Italian sibling. With 800 game tables, including unique games such as Baccarat and the indigenous game of China, Sic Bo; this place is heaven for poker lovers!

3. Bahamas:

Sun, sand and slots! Take a flight from Florida and head straight to the Atlantis resort located on Paradise Island. For a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience, plan your visit in January around the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, which is the largest tournament after the World Series of Poker. Extremely fascinating for everyone, rookies and advanced players, there are game tables for everyone. Apart from the main event which is hosted for the big names and the regulars, there are side tables with many games including Caribbean Stud Poker, and other interesting variations.

4. Australia:

There is more to casinos in Australia than the Crown Casino in Melbourne, which is the largest in Australia. The extent of the love for this game in the country can be proven by the Aussie Millions, which is a major event in the International Poker Circuit

5. Paris:

Who knew the city of love had a rocking gambling side to it as well? Let us tell you that the Eiffel Tower And Champs-Elysees have not managed to overshadow the casino establishments that have been set up in the city since the second World War. What makes Paris a favourite is the three-course French meal that is served while one tries their hands at the poker table.

It is time to stop playing on that mobile application for a few days and experience the real gambling world in one of the best destinations in the world for that adrenaline rush!

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