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Hunting Preparation Tips

Travel Tips - Shelia - June 29, 2021

If you are a hunter, you know that a successful hunt requires more than just going out during the season and finding your prey. It requires careful preparation and planning, some of which occurs well before the season begins. No matter what type of animal you hunt, you need to be well prepared. These are a few tips to help you get ready for hunting season.

Purchase Your License

Your first step should be researching your state’s regulations. You need to understand these regulations before you apply for and purchase your license. Your state’s regulations change may change every season, from dates to limits on the number of animals you can take. To get the most out of your hunt, review these changes and purchase the number of licenses you need or are allowed. Make your purchase well before the season starts, especially if you seek an out-of-state license. You want your license in hand, not in the mail, the day the season starts.

Gather Your Hunting Gear

Prepare for comfort and survival during your hunting trip. For example, research the clothing needs for your area, such as “hunting clothes Canada,” so you stay comfortable. Pack extra clothing, especially socks, in case you get wet. Include proper boots; you may even include waders if you plan to cross any creeks. Make sure to include your bright orange and reflective gear so other hunters can see you easily.

Check, repair, clean and sight-in your weapons. Include at least one very sharp knife. Purchase extra ammunition if you will use a gun and additional bowstrings and arrows for bow hunting.

In your survival kit, add a lighter, flashlight, GPS, extra batteries and a first aid kit. You may also include a headlamp and hunting blind. Consider purchasing a solar charger so you can keep your cell phone and other small electronics charged. You should also pack easy-to-carry food, such as freeze-dried meals. Don’t forget water or a straw or bottle that treats and filters water.

Scout Your Hunting Land

If you plan to hunt on private land, contact the landowner and gain permission. Whether you plan to hunt on public or private land, you should scout the land. Research the land online by looking for topographical maps and aerial photos.

Then, in the summer, spend time getting to know the topography and any dangers. Also, look for areas where the animals will bed down, such as areas where their food is plentiful. Look for deer trails. You may also add trail cameras at various locations so you can watch how the wildlife use the land. Identify the locations you want to set up your blind on a map.

If you plan to hunt, consider purchasing quality gear and prepare in advance for hunting season.

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4 Travel Tips for Introverts

Travel Tips - Shelia - May 18, 2021

Traveling as a person who doesn’t interact with other people very often can be stressful. On the one hand, you want to be left alone and enjoy your time away from home and work, but on the other, you know that other people are as much of the experience as everything else is.

So what’s an adventurous introvert to do?

Here are the top tips to help you make the most of your solo trip!

Travel With Someone You Trust

You wouldn’t look at real estate for sale in Whistler without someone you trust, would you? If not, why not invite someone who understands you to travel with you? They don’t have to be your best friend, especially since most introverts end up befriending someone who’s their social opposites, and this can cause head butting during travel. Instead, look for someone you know who doesn’t drain you a lot to hang out with and ask if they’d like to go with you. Make your intentions clear from the get-go so nobody misunderstands them. Traveling with someone you don’t know so well but who gets your socialization levels is better than traveling with a good friend who will leave you drained for the whole trip.

Join Groups For Solo Travelers

There are several dozen travel groups that focus solely on going traveling alone together. Be careful not to sign up for a singles trip accidentally, but outside of that, it’s fun to pick out solo travelers’ trips! You could pick a vacation based on that one niche interest of yours you don’t tell many people about, and by the end of the holiday, you’ve learned the entire history and future of that hobby!

Attempt Countries Where It’s Okay to Go Solo

There are some countries where it’s almost encouraged that you travel alone to get to know it. New Zealand, Span, and Italy are the top-ranked countries for solo travelers because of the country’s friendly locals and small footprint. In these nations, it’s okay to go alone, and you won’t have to feel like people are bugging you about why you traveled alone.

If you’re unsure whether your dream trip is a good fit for this, dig around on forums like Reddit, or check YouTube for vlogs for solo travelers like you. Doing some research can help make up your mind.

Push Your Comfort Zones Occasionally

Although being an introvert can be a large part of your personality, it’s okay to push your comfort zones a little. You don’t have to go sing karaoke or attempt to befriend everyone on your plane, but you should work on making remote connections with people. Introverts are a global thing! Some countries have restaurants that are for ‘dining alone together where you can enjoy a quiet meal with a stranger, or you may have to turn to a hostel when sleeping to save money. Think about what suits you best, and then try something new.

If it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! You can always move on and still enjoy your trip in comfortable silence by yourself.

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Luggage Review: Antler Juno Cabin Suitcase

Travel Tips - Shelia - December 3, 2020

I have many different cabin luggage, backpacks, and suitcases in many different sizes- some with wheels, a few without- since different types of excursions need various types of luggage.

Antler are among my favorite luggage manufacturers, and over the years I have obtained all kinds of luggage out of them because their headquarters and mill shop chance to be found in my home town of Bury. If they asked me to review their Antler Juno bag, I was pleased to check it out since I understand their suitcases are always of top quality.

The Juno bag is instead a hot bit of bag, and I was fairly impressed. Have a look at this poor boy.

Offered in various distinct colors, the Juno Moderate bag definitely gets the X factor when it comes to appearances. I love the white color, and it’ll surely stick out at baggage reclaim. You do not see many white instances on the conveyor belt! It’s easy to spot, and you do not need to worry so much about somebody else walking away with your luggage.

It is a tough shell case and to be very honest I’ve been against these sorts of suitcases due to the weight problem, but you will be please to understand this one feels fine and light, weighing 3.3 kg or 7.3 pounds. The polypropylene casing is tough and durable also, ensuring that the bag is super powerful.

The Antler Juno includes four hardy 360-degree rotating wheels to offer you total maneuverability. Only a note: using such suitcases, you’re intended to push them together vertically, rather than dragging them.

But let us get down to the essential details, will we- like the number of gowns and pairs of sneakers can it hold?! I’d say it is ideal for shorter one-week excursions, but you are going away for more, or you don’t travel light, you may want to buy the big edition.

I really like this bag because it divides into 2 halves, meaning it’s easy to get in your stuff. It’s possible for you to zip a number of your possessions on the other side of the net cap and fasten the remainder of your material on the opposite side together with all the clip fastener. There is also a modest long side-pocket for additional bits and bobs.

Being an Antler solution, it is well-made, and they indeed focus on detail. The situation comes with an inbuilt TSA combination lock, so it is a breeze if you are traveling in the united states, and also you do not need to obtain another padlock for your own bag. The zippers are also quite hardy, and the manage slides in and out quite quickly. The accent is on ‘Great British Style’- there is even a tag saying – and I must agree it is very nicely designed. In case, however, it includes a 10-year guarantee, so I do not need to fret about it packaging me up!

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Living in Bali: Pros and Cons

Lazy Destinations, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 29, 2020

I am in England at present, taking regular trips to Europe to spice up things a little and quite enjoying it, though I will be off and off shortly to explore all the world. For many men and women who email me personally, their fantasy life is a island lifestyle living for a beach bum in a sexy, tropical nation.

I believe deep down I was always aware that I had to proceed; there was much more I wished to attain career-wise I did not have the power to get completed in Bali, and there are such a lot more states and places I wish to explore. It is possible to have too much of a fantastic item; occasionally, paradise islands are amazing, but it does not necessarily mean it is the ideal place to have a balanced way of life. I had a scooter injury, which meant I had been really ill, thin, and somewhat fed up.


Hot, sunny weather and tropical shores:

Unless you are one of these pale men and women who despise sunlight and get a rash if they are subjected to the warmth, then you likely enjoy a great sandy beach with a couple of palm trees. Obviously these sunny beaches using a white sand bring a lot of people to take great pictures. Greatest cameras for traveling are lightweight, compact, and supply picture quality greater than a smartphone. It is really hot, humid and tacky in winter, but there is also rather a great deal of rain.

It is an excellent spot to browse If you like to browse, then Bali is a fantasy come true. With a few of the best waves on the planet, the principal issue for a surfer daily would be, which split shall I browse? For a newcomer, it is an excellent place to begin without needing a wetsuit.

The folks are amiable and helpful:

The Balinese men and women are a few of the friendliest and most generous people I’ve ever met. I covered in my site before why Indonesia is indeed efficient and the simple fact that if there is anything you need – if it is leasing a flat, or obtaining your bike repaired – somebody will be there to do it for you.

It is an inexpensive place to live:

Rent to get a fantastic villa- $500 USD a month. If you are traveling and seeking to make your money stretch farther, then Bali is undoubtedly a place you are able to do this. Whilst it is not quite as economical as Thailand and other Asian states, Bali remains cheap as chips.

However, if you become ill or noodles and rice, there is great fish in Jimbaran, and each sort of global food in Seminyak. About Jalan Oberoi, you can eat Moroccan, Japanese, Greek, Italian, and Mexican food all in 1 night.

You are exposed to new cultures and landscapes:

Here is the principal thing you certainly can not get in your home. I do not look outside on ride areas in England or wake up to geckos and cockerels’ noise. I can not stop by a fighter temple or even a Balinese drug guy. I don’t see Canang Sari flower baskets covering the roads or offering a massage, transportation, or DVD while eating my breakfast. I don’t see people carrying a family of four to a motorbike whilst attempting to negotiate the chaotic jumble of traffic to the streets. I can not move candy, or browsing, bask in the sunlight or increase a volcano within England.

There are chances and a positive mindset:

once I was seeking work in Bali, I discovered that the folks living there, if expats or Indonesians, were very friendly, helpful and had a very favorable mindset. People do not focus on the negative in Bali, everybody smiles and attempts to make conversation together and attempts to aid you. Perhaps it’s all that vitamin D in sunlight, but I do not get a hello out of anybody when I walk through a road in London. If you would like to start a company in bali, there is lots of chance to be imaginative.


Bali’s food at the grocery store isn’t inexpensive because the majority of the material is imported. Yep, in the event that you would like to purchase a year’s worth of rice in a purse it is ridiculously inexpensive, but if you would like to buy something as straightforward as a tin of baked beans, you are looking at double what you’d pay in the united kingdom. If you would like to cook in your home, there are no ovens, only portable gas stoves.

There is no public transportation in Bali:

I take it for granted here, my car is presently sat on the driveway as it costs around #1,200 to cover it, and I can not justify the cost right now, particularly when I will be traveling come Easter. However, if my lovely friends and family do not provide me a ride someplace, I’ve got many choices. I have the team here at Manchester, the bus, and the Megabus, the train’s federal state. It took me 2 hours to reach London. In Bali, nevertheless, there’s no public transportation, which means you are stuck with all the scooters (which, following my injury, I will never be riding ), or taxis, or even leasing a vehicle.

Living by the shore is a diversion:

yep, all of us adore being a beach bum. Who would not want to sit down on a beautiful tropical beach? However, while you’ve got work to do and you need to finance your living, there is 1 problem. Do I reside in a air-conditioned area daily functioning, where I could be everywhere? As soon as I returned to England following a stint in Portugal, I could not help but feel a little bit of relief not having to pick between the shore and working in my notebook.

Some matters are more hard:

It is obvious to mention, and I understand most folks travel around the planet since they do not wish to maintain a state where everything is made simple for them. But, when I lived in Bali I needed to consider my visa renewal each month or two, when I wanted something particularly like computer gear, a publication, or a specific food I needed to earn a significant expedition to Denpasar or Carrefour to go and buy it done. The traffic was stressful and busy, and at times sitting in the warmth in a heap of visitors on the road back from the shore somehow left the memories of my relaxing beachfront session fade off. I could not simply drink the tap water without believing. My ex-boyfriend was driven mad from the mosquitoes, causing a nightly ritual massacre of mozzies (a mosquito had bitten me; however, he got bitten continuously ). There was not always warm water in my home so that I would frequently must have a lightning quick shower, and finding a home with net was the toughest job of all. I lost power, net, or both and needed to make trips to Seminyak to locate someone having wireless.

I overlooked the cosmopolitan town vibe:

I am not attempting to say there are not heaps of stuff to do in Bali, since there are, especially outdoor pursuits like trekking, surfing, and angling. However, I guess I have a bit bored of the island lifestyle. I overlooked the bright lights of a large town getting dressed and going to the theatre or quitting by a busy pub filled with town employees.

The health care is not so good:

Yes, that the medications are economical in Bali, and that I was grateful for that antibiotics were easily accessible and price pennies. But when I returned to the UK after my motorcycle crash, I had been told when I’d only had my wounds washed and scrubbed properly under anesthetic, and I would not have the scars I’ve now and all of the hospital appointments that include this. Initially, I went into the hospital, in which they dabbed my wounds and put additives on. I then got frustrated that they were not healing correctly, so I compensated for the personal BIMC hospital, which essentially did the same thing but put a cost on it.

Every day, somebody is attempting to sell you something- Individuals in Bali do not hassle very much compared to some of the different states I have been around. But when you live someplace, and each day of the year you’re asked if you’d like to obtain a DVD or a sarong, it may find a little overbearing.

You will find tourists, but not a massive number of young expats- I realized once I had been living and working in Bali, I overlooked young men and women. There are tons of Aussie tourists and individuals there for a couple of weeks, but seeking to meet the age group folks was not that simple. I did have any buddies, but I missed talking to those who have known me for over 5 minutes.

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How to Backpack Cuba on Budget

Travel Tips - Shelia - July 26, 2020

how to backpack Cuba on budget

Everyone loves to go on a vacation with family and friends. Well, Cuba is famous for the white sand Caribbean beaches, which makes it more beautiful. Moreover, Cuba can give a fascinating and educational experience, but it is not a cheap destination for foreigners. All credits go to the Cuban government because they gain revenue from tourism. As, the crimes are rare, and tourists are safe in Cuba, it has become one of the popular tourist destinations. Besides, foreigners are officially very well looked after.

However, if you are looking for how to backpack Cuba on budget, then you are in the right place. Here we are about to share a few tips for backpackers to enjoy Cuba trip on a budget.

How to Backpack Cuba on Budget

Look for cheap Accommodation

If you are traveling to Cuba, then the best way to stay there is to find cheap accommodation. Well, if you reduce accommodations costs, then your entire trip can come under your budget. Also, you can find your friends who are willing to travel with you to Cuba. This way, you can save money for the trip by sharing the cost.

Moreover, anyone backpacking Cuba solo can make friends and save a great deal of cash. This will give you many benefits, such as getting a partner for yourself and a buddy who can spend time with you on a trip.

Casa particulars

If you are wondering how to backpack Cuba on budget, then ‘casa particulars’ or homestays can save you a lot of money. If you want to enjoy your trip on a budget without spending too much on a trip, you can go for it. It is simply staying with the locals who rent out their additional rooms. Besides, you can get to stay with the Cuban family in their homes.

This can enhance your experiences, and you can get to know about Cuba in a detailed way. Besides, you can also gain much knowledge about Cuban history and culture from them. The room rent is $15 to 30$ or $50 for an expensive and luxurious room.

Moreover, if you want to save on the rent, you can go for sharing. There are big bedrooms with a huge bed where three people can sleep in a single bed. Thus, check with the Casa that how many people can stay in a room before you book.

Bargaining and haggling

Many a time, when we travel, we tend to see that we are overcharged. It is common in a tourist place, as people tend to understand that all the tourists are rich and can afford any amount of money. However, for tourists like backpackers or someone looking for a budget-friendly trip, this can be a bit problematic.

Hence, if you are wondering how to backpack Cuba on budget, you can start bargaining with the taxi drivers, tour guides, and salespeople. Try to come to a win-win situation for both of you. If you visit Cuba, make sure from the beginning of the trip that you don’t show that you are rich; instead, you confirm you are a student or a backpacker. It will help you to save money.

Besides, if you can make some friends on your Cuba trip, then you can go for sharing the money and save money in turn.

Foods in Cuba

Most of the restaurants in Cuba aim tourists and travelers because they can charge the price in CUC. If you go to restaurants, then they will charge you 5-10 CUC that is huge. Besides, for a backpacker looking for cheap foods, the only options are pizza, spaghetti, and bread with cheese. In such a situation, it is advised to go to local restaurants or places that serve home-cooked food. Also, backpackers can try food from local streets.

Besides, if you see the street foods or the local food shop, you will get an amazing flavor of the food and little pocket pinch. You will get the taste of pure, authentic food, which will help you save lots of money. Thus, if you doubt how to backpack Cuba on a budget, this is one of the best things to do in Cuba.

Budget transport

Who doesn’t want to travel in a lavish car or roam around in a 1950s car? If you are looking for how to backpack Cuba on a budget, then hiring a 1950s convertible can be challenging. Thus, backpackers can use bus or public transport services. You can book buses in advance. Also, it covers most of the places and destinations and very comfortable.

Moreover, you can also go to carpool services. They can also collect from Casa and drop you wherever you want to. The price is very similar to the bus. If you are a backpacker, this can be a plus for you to travel the country with some of the people around in the carpool. It will be on budget, and you will get to meet with new travelers and enjoy the trip thoroughly with them.


Couchsurfing in Cuba is open for travelers and is the best way to meet locals and also other travelers. Also, if you are a solo traveler you can get the opportunity to make new friends or partners. However, it is not widely popular due to the limitation of legality and the internet.

Moreover, if the internet is easily accessible for all, then Couchsurfing will become more popular.


Well, Cubans love music, and you can get to see a lot of musicians play on the street. Live music or sudden salsa dance on the streets are some of the things that can be seen very often in Cuba. These things will not cost you a penny and definitely will entertain you.

However, Cuba is not a cheap place to travel. Thus, a proper plan, careful negotiations, and using the above tips can help you save a lot of money.

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