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Enjoy Lovely Travel

Lazy Destinations, Travel Stories - Shelia - May 6, 2015

travellerModern people are curious to explore and travel to various places. Everybody will get a new enthusiastic feeling when they hear the word travelling. Travelling provides more knowledge and experiences to people.

There are many reasons for travelling based upon the people. Some people go for travelling for the sake of pleasure. Some people go for travelling to relax themselves from their work stress. Some people go for travelling to spend time with family. Some people go for travelling to explore many places and things.

Nowadays many people choose travelling especially for weather change. During summer, they are travelling to hill regions. During winter, they are preferring some warm regions. People always feel excited to go for vacation especially kids.

travelling to hill regions

Archeologist people are spending their most of the living span for travelling to collect more knowledge about various things in various places. For them travelling is passion. They love to travel to know more historical values of art.

People travel from country to country to know more deep about the cultural value of that country. They will get more knowledge about the people and country when they interact with them. Such knowledge is a treasure and exists with them forever in their life.

Business people travel to many places to get customers and to improve their brand values in and around various places of the world. They can easily get into interaction with different kind of people and obviously travelling demands perfect communication skills. Travelling increases self-confidence for business people.

Travelling provides us an opportunity to spend time with our dear ones who is staying far away from us during festive seasons. Senior people take divine travelling to many places based on their religion. It makes them satisfied with their life.

Both natural and artificial places attracts people to travel. Many countries spend lots of money to develop natural or artificial tourist spots to attract the tourists. The Government make money from those visiting places. Mountains, beaches, temples, forts, palaces and monuments are some of the natural sightseeing places to travel. Artificial lakes, artificial snow falls, sand creatures, amusement parks, Art gallery, Exhibition are some of the manmade sightseeing places to travel.

Travel makes a place in a part of education also as it provides learning. Many school and college trips are enhanced as a part of education and learning. Advanced transport system makes people travel faster with affordable price. In our routine life, travelling gives a great change to get relieved from our stress .People derive immense gain and pleasure from travelling

Image by Moyan_Brenn Jocey K under cc license


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Ways to Annoy a Torontonian

Travel Stories - Shelia - September 3, 2013

Toronto is a big and bold city and because of that there are plenty of ways to annoy its citizens. Generally a Torontonian just wants to live their life, have their friends, and feel pride in their city… if you step forward to impede these meager wants you will annoy them. Ways to annoy a Torontonians include.


Walking Slowly

There’s a time and a place to take your time on the sidewalk of the city and it isn’t before 9 AM anywhere near the financial district. Generally people in Toronto are bustling along at pace and the sidewalks are packed. A person walking slowly puts the entire fragile social world of the sidewalk in chaos slowing it to a stand still. Next people will start trying to pass the said person and annoying the people walking the other direction. We are not talking about Olympic speed walking here just keep pace to the person in front of you and don’t stop unannounced to look at things in shop windows in the middle of the sidewalk.

Claiming the city when you’re not from Toronto

Well the truth of the matter is that half the people in Toronto are from other places. With that said, when you meet someone in the city you wouldn’t say you’re from Toronto, rather you would say where you are from originally. Downtown Torontoite’s get annoyed when people from the fringes of the GTA (the greater Toronto area) claim they are from Toronto – which generally means living in the downtown core. Why you might ask would this annoy people? People from the suburbs – Brampton, Pickering and Mississauga – are often poorly behaved downtown in the entertainment district and the locals don’t want to be associated with that behavior.

Hating on the City, just cause…

All the Toronto locals have heard the New York comparison and how Toronto really is no NYC. Well duh…, but at the same time it’s kind of sweet it even got into a sentence of comparison with that city. People, especially around Canada, are often trying to knock Toronto down saying it really isn’t that great. Saying this to locals, who overwhelmingly feel positive about the place, will not like it. Sure, there are things that aren’t perfect – public transport could be better, rent is high, and Toronto sports teams are in a seemingly permanent funk – but there is plenty right here too and that is what locals like to hear.

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Moving to Amsterdam with $500 Dollars

Travel Stories - Shelia - August 13, 2013

One of the big experiences of traveling is to pull off a move to a country with next to no money. This is an experience that takes the most intense focus, a few good friends, and basically just a bit of luck. There was a time several years back when I had the experience of moving to Amsterdam – at first for a girl, then later for my self – with just around $500 dollars. I’m going to detail how I did it as a blue print of sorts of how high risk moves like this are done.


I concocted the plan and I stuck to it…

This may sounds sort of obvious, but the reality is that I very much needed to have a goal in my mind cemented that I was going to do this move and there would be no turning back. Even as certain set backs occurred, like it taking much longer in London then I had calculated to get my Dutch work visa, I didn’t give up on my plan. Keeping the goal alive kept my mind sharp for anything that would help me see the goal through. I was optimistic it would work, even when at times it did seem a little dire, and it did.

I tapped my travel contacts in Amsterdam…

Knowing that my money was so low I didn’t mess around before I was set to come to Amsterdam, I got in touch with all the people I knew there first. Rather than sugar coat the situation, I told them just how dire my circumstances were and they all leapt forward to help me. As I would come to find out Dutch people are very caring about one another and this was the first time I saw it. As I stayed with different friends I said to myself that latter on I would definitely re-pay that kindness.

No rest for the wicked, I found any job I could ASAP…

Literally from the day I arrived I didn’t bother learning the pubs and coffee shops instead I had my friend Julia show me the layout of the city and right away I was hitting the pavement looking for work. I sketched a loose outline of the city and wandered around resume in hand. I tried at some bars and a few youth hostels to no avail. The next day though, still focused from my plan, I looked hard again and found what would keep me a float in the city – a posting at a temp agency to for dishwashers. Without ego or pride I walked in there and took the job and my Amsterdam experience began. Later on, I would find much more exiting work, but I was there then and I was staying!

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Peter Jackson’s New Zealand

Travel Stories, Travel Tips - Shelia - July 24, 2013

You’ve seen the blockbuster films, and now you want to see the real Middle Earth! Peter Jackson built a multi-million dollar film franchise from J. R. R. Tolkien’s novels the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit using the spectacular scenery of New Zealand. The natural beauty of New Zealand’s mountains, rivers, meadows and caves has made it a popular place for tourists and Tolkien-enthusiasts alike.


For a first-hand experience of the locations used to re-create Middle Earth, why not try a self-guided car trip? Pick up Ian Brodie’s Lord of the Rings Guidebook for a comprehensive guide to the film and country. Or, just head out to some of the famously beautiful landmarks that were featured in the films. Take a drive around the Northern Islands starting in Waitomo where you can explore the underground caverns then on to Matamata, which served as the location for Hobbiton. See the little hobbit houses peeking out of the hillside and pet the sheep who have now made these props their homes. You won’t want to miss Mount Ngauruhoe in Tongariro National Park. This is the actual Mount Doom seen in the films and, with its vast volcanic landscaped, the park became the perfect spot to build Mordor. Or head to the Remarkables mountain range, which were featured several times in the films, notably as the Misty Mountains. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to Glenorchy where you’ll find the fortress of Isengard.

If you would rather stay in one spot for a little while, perhaps consider some Tolkein-inspired accommodations? Minaret Lodge in Wanaka offers guests the true hobbit experience in their Barlimans – comfortable cottages with round doors and oversized furniture, complete with a custom “hobbit menu.” Or get a room in Wellington, home of Peter Jackson and home base for the production crew for much of the filming. Head to the Weta Cave for Lord of the Rings souvenirs and stop in to see the weavers at Stansborough, who wove all the cloaks for the movies. About an hour out of Wellington you can visit the horses used in the films

For a fully comprehensive experience of New Zealand’s Lord of the Rings locations book a tour with Southern Lakes Sightseeing. They have several prepared itineraries and can visit up to twenty film locations in one day. The tour is complete with over $15,000 in weapons, armor and costumes for guests who wish to recreate scenes and take pictures.

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