Cheapest Airline Tickets – How to Find Best Travel Deals

With the access to the online booking sites and ease of booking tickets, travelling to another place is not as difficult as it used to be. Yet, most of us end up spending more on travelling expenses than what we should spend. All thanks to the airline companies, as there is no upper limit to what they would charge for tickets. However, if you plan your travels and boom tickets smartly, you can save huge money that you would have spent otherwise on the airfares.

Here are some of the best money-saving tricks that you can leverage to find the best travel deals and book the cheapest flights.

Use the 24 Hour Rule

When you have booked your ticket, check whether the price of the airfare fell or not the next morning or within the 24 hours. Most of the times it happens and if it has happened, you can give a call to the airline office to cancel your already booked ticket and often you get the opportunity to rebook the ticket without requiring to pay any penalty.

Avoid Travelling on the Weekends

Most of the airlines experience optimum occupancy on the weekends and weekdays are often not highly loaded. So, if saving money on air tickets is your agenda, try booking a flight in the weekdays instead of busy weekends.

Travel In the Least Busy Hours

Often, early mornings and late night flights are the ones which get the least number of passengers while the ones during the peak hours of the day are mostly fully occupied. Owing to the higher demand for the peak hour’s tickets and very lesser demand for tickets in the early or late hours, the airlines charge low airfares to attract passengers for these flights. So, it is a great opportunity to save money on air tickets.

Choose BYO Food on Airline

These days most of the airlines offer passengers the option to buy their own food while on the flight and opt out of mandatory meal expenses. As a result, the tickets without the meal inclusions are much cheaper than the ones that include the meals. Thus, it is another great way to save money on air fares.

Try Booking Tickets for Wednesday

As per, Wednesdays are the cheapest days of the weeks in terms of air ticket prices. So, whenever possible, plan your travel in such a way that you travel on this day of the week.

Book Tickets on Tuesday, 3 PM EST

While many would not believe, but, it has been observed by a plethora of airline ticket booking websites worldwide and even has been verified by a study carried out by that the ticket prices at this time are the lowest in the entire week, especially for domestic travel.