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Incredible Terrace Fields

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - March 10, 2016

In order to make the most effective of poor soil, conservation, and mountainous terrain, terraced farming was introduced by numerous cultures round the world. Extremely labor intensive to create, terracing allowed the land to support civilization’s enlarged would like for crops, livestock and poultry. Erosion was avoided, rain and runoff water was preserved, and otherwise unused hillside became arable due to terraced agriculture. Not solely do these terraced fields give essential goods for the local individuals but they additionally feature a number of the foremost spectacular landscapes in the world.

Sa Pa Terraces

Sa Pa may be a city in northwest Vietnam shortly from the Chinese border. The rice terrace fields, among the foremost common tourer attractions in Vietnam, are often found in the Muong Hoa valley between Sa Pa city and also the Fansipan Mountain, on a background of thick bamboo woodlands. Local mountain individuals, the Hmong, Giay, Dao, Tay, and Giay, grow rice and corn on these paddy terraces, together with vegetables. Because of the climate, only 1 rice crop a year are often created, leading to plentiful malnutrition.

Incredible Terrace Fields

Inca Pisac

The still intact terrace fields of Pisac, made by the Incas, are still getting used these days. These mountainous terraces incorporate sixteen completely different cultivation sections. Pisac, a word of Quechua origins,suggests that “partridge”. Inca tradition settled building cities within the shape of birds and animals, and as such, Pisac is partridge shaped. The Pisac terraces enclosed a military bastion, spiritual temples, and individual dwellings, and overlook the Sacred Valley, between the Salkantay Mountains. These terraces even boated 2 suspension bridges, the bases of which might still be seen.

Douro Valley

The home of por t wine, the Douro Valley is found in northern Portugal, some distance from town of Porto. The hills of the valley are coated with terrace fields of vines falling steeply right down to the river banks. The scenery of the valley is spectacular with the colours of the land changing throughout the year as the vines mature In autumn the vines take a reddish and golden color, while in February-March the almond blossom provides an additional white pink tone to the region. As well as port wine, regular red and white wines are also produced in the valley.

Bali Rice Terraces

The archetypical Bali rice terraces are ubiquitous, and Balinese culture has trusted thi s method of agriculture for pretty much 2000 years. The Balinese stepped rice paddies were carved by hand, with rudimentary tools, and maintained by succeeding generations.


In central island, north of the village of Tegallalang within the Ubud district, lies a series of thriving stepped rice paddies, a favourite with travelers and photographers. Other verdant terraced rice paddies are often found in Sayan, Jatiluwih, Pupuan and Tabanan. In Bali, the terraced rice paddies are worked according to a well organized social order, referred to as a subak. The subak manages the irrigation water sources, on a strict schedule, fairly distributing the water.

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Best Places to Ring in the New Year 2016

Lazy Destinations, Travel Tips - Shelia - December 23, 2015

Check out the Best Places to Ring in the New Year 2016:

Niagara Falls, Canada

It’s hard to explain the emotions and impressions you get once celebrating the year in Niagara Falls. It’s one thing sort of a dream. The Niagara Falls turn with exciting fireworks and fabulous festivities every December 31. Be able to party all night long, drinking the tastiest cocktails and having quite 30,000 individuals around you.Russia

The Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

If you’re planning to make your new year celebration totally different this year, take a visit to the dynamic Germany’s capital. You’ll expertise another level of festivity and pleasure. You’ll have an memorable begin of the year 2016 between Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column. Live concerts, open-air disco, popular DJ’s, various light shows and tasty food can amuse you until morning.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the most effective places to ring in the year. Czechs love setting off fireworks, thus no matter where you’re about to celebrate the New Year in Prague, you’ll expertisethe foremost exciting firework show ever. The New Year’s Eve Gala Ball at the Prague State Opera may be a must-see on December 31. In the dark, a grand ball can begin and can endure until the morning. you’ll be able to additionally watch unimaginable fireworks over the Prague Castle and therefore the Vltava River.

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Kitzbuhel isn’t as well-liked as New York, however it’s something unique to offer too. It’s atiny low medieval city with a history going back to the ninth century. Several celebrities like Kirk Douglas and Coco Chanel and palm tree Chanel appreciated the welcome and splendor of the city. Kitzbühel is right for a romantic New Year’s celebration. Special songs and unbelievable fireworks can make your celebration very wonderful. Skip champagne – warm yourself with hot fine wine. But be careful, don’t drink too much otherwise you can miss all the wonder of the night.Kitzbuhel

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

What does usually come to your mind once you think about Rio de Janeiro? Beaches? Parties? Cocktails? Girls in bikini? The Copacabana Beach has all of them! It’s an area where all of your dreams appear to come back true. Reveillon is that the main attraction that attracts tons of tourists from totally different parts of the globe annually. folks wear white clothes and enjoy the celebration till morning.

In short, it doesn’t matter where you celebrate the New Year. Your mood is additional necessary than location. You should be happy in 2016 so make certain you’re super positive on New Year’s Eve. New Year could be a important day for folks everywhere the globe. They say, the manner you spend your New Year’s Eve is an indication of how you will spend the coming year. Spend it with the people you love and in the place you love. Where do you want to ring in the New Year?

Image by Artur Staszewski,anoldent,Rodrigo_Soldon Under Creative Common License.


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Chile Attractions – Patagonian Country

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - July 28, 2015

This Patagonian country may be a wealthy tapestry of mountain and plain, jungle and ocean. Chile’s uncommon long form has given it a varied climate with one in all the world’s driest desert within thenorth, whereas its southern tip is home to cold-weather creatures like penguins. Chile is one in all the nighest nations, in conjunction with Argentina and New island, to Antarctic continent. The South includes a sturdy history of visiting explorers, as everybody who sailed round the world before the Panama Canal was designed required to pass its tip. The country conjointly includes a well-known wine region that draws several oenophiles every year. Here are the Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Chile:


La Serena

This northern Chilean city is that the second oldest within the nation. It boasts a town filled with beautiful design and a heat golden beach. La Serena includes a name as an intellectual city, and includes a variety of nice sights that match this description, like AN anthropology museuem and astronomical observatory. Out of doors enthusiasts can like to bike through the Elqui Valley, swim, snorkel, dive and/or hike through Isla Damas, and visit the parkland at Fray Jorge.


The capital town is that the political and cultural heart of Chile. From the high mountain views of the Cerro San Cristobal Park to the secluded history of writer Pablo Neruda’s writing retreat, there’s a lot of to ascertain here. Top picks embrace sport Valle Nevado or Portillo, ine tasting at VinaAquitaine, or visits to 1 of many top museums like Museo Chile Delaware Arte Precolumbio or Museo de la Moda. For people who don’t wish to pay all of their time within the town, there are wonderful hiking opportunities just like the steep slopes of Cajon de Maipo.


This stunning beach and casino city offers a vivacious walk and lovely nineteenth century Georgian design just like the Aztoreca Palace. It’s the Monte Carlo of Chile, and has abundant to supply for anyone who loves free-spirited fun. throughout the day, guests here will participate in world-famous aquatics waves, paraglide or sand-board on the golden coast. A stroll down the woodsidewalks of the historic mining city, or the cobbled Baquedano street, provides a glance into an older economic boom time. Finally, the spectacular nightlife offers glitzy gambling,wonderful cooking, and looking within the duty-free district.


Chiloe Island

Chiloe Island is that the largest island of the Chiloe earth within the Los port Region and therefore the second-largest island in South America once Tierra del volcano. Partially as a result of its physical isolation from the remainder of Chile, Chiloe incorporates a terribly special design and native culture. The Spanish who arrived within the sixteenth century, and Jesuit missionaries who followed, made many distinctive wood churches in a shot to bring Christianity to the earth. The result was a commixture of Catholicism and indigenous Chilean beliefs.

Chilean Fjords

The southern coast of Chile presents an oversized variety of fjords and channels that give the sole access to the present a part of Patagonia. Sailing through this region are often an memorable expertise. Most of the journeys begin from Puerto Montt and travel towards Carretera Austral, lake San Rafael and Puerto Natales. The journey takes tourists through days of unsettled fjords, shut encounter with glaciers and views of orange sunsets over the Pacific. To the south, the channels become narrower. on the approach, travelers may spot whales, several birds and ocean lions.

Image by jerry*brownRudy A. Girónlacey underall under CC License.


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Easter Island Attractions

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - July 22, 2015

Located quite 3,500 km (2,000 miles) from central Chile, Easter Island continues to be one amongst the world’s nice mysteries. This untimbered island of many big, deep-eyed statues engraved by its Polynesian visitor is an eerie nevertheless lovely example of human superior skill and action. Besides visiting these statues from a respectful distance to avoid vast fines and hiking the rocky plains, guests here will relish 2 white sand beaches with off-coast diving, An extinct fragment cone, and variety of native-run tours that provide views of things that are distinctive and well worthwhile.


Torres del Paine

The “towers of blue” park constitutes a frozen region on the Southern tip of Chile. The three giant pillars within the park provides it its name, and it’s conjointly home to variety of “horns”, or different mountains, and frozen lakes. Exploration through this park is done via mini van tours, multi-day treks, or sailing boat journeys. There ar many services who also will provide horseback tours to a number of the sites. a lot of of the park is foot-only, and there are variety of wonderful guide firms who will facilitate carry gear and cook meals on 5 to seven day treks.

San Pedro de Atacama

Popular among Chilean tourists and international guests alike, this can be one amongst the foremost visited places in Chile. San Pedro Delaware Atacama could be a city on the sting of 1 of the world’s most exciting landscapes. Austere, endless flood and salt plains enclosed by copper colored mountains are plentiful, and got to be seen to be believed. The nightlife here could be a very little different- the large draw is star tours, because it is one amongst the darkest places within the world, and a chance to examine the night sky undiluted.


This hard-working economic port city on the coast of Central Chile was pet by the author Pablo Neruda for its stunning chaos. It boasts a number of the primary urban innovations in Latin America, just like the initial volunteer department of local government. additionally to its class roots, port includes a name for an underground street front. rather than specific tourist attractions, port is best legendary for its bright coloured homes, a vivacious nightlife and delightful seacoast views.


Chilean Lake District

This long, lush volcanic depression region stretches from Puerto Montt within the South to Temuco within the North. it’s home to dense forests, crystal-clear lakes, and snowcapped volcanoes. Before the introduction of Europeans, the dominion was thickly wooded, and thickly settled by the Mapuche, one among the few South yankee tribes to avoid being enclosed into the Kechua nations. Today, there area unit still some stunning untouched lands, like Los Alerces park, referred to asChile’s waterfall. Mountains here area unit terribly young, solely 2 thousand years recent, thatmakes them higher and a lot of jagged than something in North America, and well definitely worth the trip all by themselves.

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Things to do in Puerto Rico

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - July 15, 2015

Technically a US territory, Puerto Rico is not just a home away from home for US citizens it’s a completely different Caribbean world. Known for a long history, including several historical monuments to visit, Puerto Rico has a unique culture that visitors enjoy exploring. This culture is combined with great views over the Atlantic Ocean and a great beach life that is enjoyed year round. Things to do in Puerto Rico include:

El Morro

501 Norzagaray St | San Juan

El Morro is a massive naval fortress that juts out of San Juan habour. This six story fortress was built in the mid 16th century to deter attacks from the sea. In its history El Morro has withstood several attacks, including during both World Wars, but now has retired from active service as a naval fortification and has become Puerto Rico’s main tourist draw. Not only does El Morro offer great vista views over the Atlantic it also has a network of tunnels, barracks, and even prison cells for visitors to explore. Most part of El Morro are open to the public and exploration of the massive site can be done at visitors leisure. Admission into EL Morro is just $ 5 dollars US.

biobayMosquito Bay

 Visitors to Puerto Rico often recount their experience at Mosquito Bay as one of their favourites. This south Viques Beach might not sound like that much till one takes into account its unique attribute of literally glowing at night. Thanks to the 700,000 bioluminescent dinoflagellates in each gallon of bay water, the water in Mosquito Bay glows in the darkness providing a once in a life time swimming or boating experience. Access to the bay is free so check Mosquito Bay’s official web site to find out the best times to enjoy its illuminating qualities.

Carolina Beach

Rt 187 | Carolina

Carolina Beach is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular public beaches. Though Carolina beach can be crowded visitors still do adore its white sand beaches and warm water. Also, there is always a life guard on duty while the beach is officially open from 8 am until 6 pm ensuring beach safety. Visiting the beach is free, but if you bring a car there will be a $2 dollar parking fee charged.

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