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History Behind Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - June 30, 2015

Bhaktapur Durbar Square presents a combination of pagoda and shikhara style of temples. The place is an architect’s delight as it is a fine specimen of sculptures and woodcarvings. The temples are located around the fifty-five window palace made of brick and wood. Bhaktapur Durbar Museum represents the traditional art of Nepal. The ancient city engages you with a fine display of magnificent local products, pottery, and various other artworks apart from the beautiful temples. Some of the most important places in Bhaktapur Durbar Square are:

55 Window Palace: Dating back to 15th century AD, 55 Window Palace is a marvelous construction that displays architectural splendor in a very fine form. It was built by King Yakshay Malla and later was renovated by King Bhupatindra Malla during 17th century. The palace derives its name from the unique construction of 55 windows in a balcony, which is a fine example of woodcarving.

The Golden Gate: The main entrance to the courtyard of ancient palace of 55 Windows, Golden Gate, is an awe-inspiring specimen of architectural excellence. King Ranjit Malla erected the Golden Gate, which is embellished with mythical creatures.

The Lion Gate: The Lion Gate was erected in 1696 AD. It has two big-sized lion statues on either side. The statues of Lord Shiva and Ugrachandi are compelling attractions of the gate. It is believed that Bhadgaon King cut off artisans’ hands after they completed the artwork to ensure that such work is not repeated elsewhere.

The Art Gallery: The Art Gallery houses ancient paintings representing the faiths of Hinduism and Buddhism. The gallery is frequented by researchers of these faiths to obtain an insight into the traditions that prevailed in the past.

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Best Cyclades Islands Around the World

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - June 18, 2015


Located between Naxos and Amorgos, Koufonisia is a small group of two islets: Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi. The two islands are separated by a narrow 200 meter (650 feet) wide strait. Pano Koufonissi is the only one that is inhabited and has all the tourist facilities. Kato Koufonisia has some beautiful beaches and a lovely church. Koufonisia is a great place to go walking and cycling or to enjoy one of its many fantastic beaches.



Folegandros is a small island on the southern edge of the Cyclades with the Sea of Crete to its south. The landscape on the island is varied, and includes tall cliffs and a large cave. The capital of the island, Chora, is built on the edge of a 200 meter (650 feet) high cliff. Boats dock at the little harbour of Karavostasis, on the east coast. There are several good beaches, but many of them can only be reached on foot.


The easternmost island of the Cyclades group, Amorgos is just 30 km (19 miles) in length but reaches over 800 meters (2600 feet) at its highest point. It is one of the most impressive islands in the archipelago, boasting good beaches, beautiful caves, ideal spots for diving, scenic bays and ancient footpaths leading through its steep rocky terrain. Its beauty inspired the filmmaker Luc Besson to shoot scenes of the 1988 movie “The Big Blue” in the beach of Agia Anna. Amorgos has two ports, Aegiali and Katapola while the enchanting town of Hora lies amid a rocky landscape high above Katapola.


One of the smallest islands of the Cyclades and relatively rural outside of the capital Ermoupolis, Syros is a beautiful island off the normal tourist track. Despite its size it has the highest population in the Cyclades since Ermoupolis is the legal and administrative center of the archipelago. It’s a great place to experience authentic Greek island culture.


Andros is the second largest and most northern of the islands in the Cyclades archipelago. The capital, Hora, is a photographer’s dream, with Aegean waters splashing on to the colorful houses that line the shore. The city is a base for famous Greek ship owners and captains. Outside the city, travelers will find sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, hiking trails up the mountains and a Frankish castle left over from the 13th century. Several island towns date back to prehistoric times, with ruins still visible. Olive oil lovers might want to take in the Olive Museum at Ano Pitrofos.

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Enjoy Lovely Travel

Lazy Destinations, Travel Stories - Shelia - May 6, 2015

travellerModern people are curious to explore and travel to various places. Everybody will get a new enthusiastic feeling when they hear the word travelling. Travelling provides more knowledge and experiences to people.

There are many reasons for travelling based upon the people. Some people go for travelling for the sake of pleasure. Some people go for travelling to relax themselves from their work stress. Some people go for travelling to spend time with family. Some people go for travelling to explore many places and things.

Nowadays many people choose travelling especially for weather change. During summer, they are travelling to hill regions. During winter, they are preferring some warm regions. People always feel excited to go for vacation especially kids.

travelling to hill regions

Archeologist people are spending their most of the living span for travelling to collect more knowledge about various things in various places. For them travelling is passion. They love to travel to know more historical values of art.

People travel from country to country to know more deep about the cultural value of that country. They will get more knowledge about the people and country when they interact with them. Such knowledge is a treasure and exists with them forever in their life.

Business people travel to many places to get customers and to improve their brand values in and around various places of the world. They can easily get into interaction with different kind of people and obviously travelling demands perfect communication skills. Travelling increases self-confidence for business people.

Travelling provides us an opportunity to spend time with our dear ones who is staying far away from us during festive seasons. Senior people take divine travelling to many places based on their religion. It makes them satisfied with their life.

Both natural and artificial places attracts people to travel. Many countries spend lots of money to develop natural or artificial tourist spots to attract the tourists. The Government make money from those visiting places. Mountains, beaches, temples, forts, palaces and monuments are some of the natural sightseeing places to travel. Artificial lakes, artificial snow falls, sand creatures, amusement parks, Art gallery, Exhibition are some of the manmade sightseeing places to travel.

Travel makes a place in a part of education also as it provides learning. Many school and college trips are enhanced as a part of education and learning. Advanced transport system makes people travel faster with affordable price. In our routine life, travelling gives a great change to get relieved from our stress .People derive immense gain and pleasure from travelling

Image by Moyan_Brenn Jocey K under cc license


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Do you dare travel the “Extraterrestrial Highway”?

Lazy Destinations - Shelia - April 10, 2015

An All-American road trip is a vacation experience that everyone should enjoy at some point during their lifetime. Next is deciding what road trip you might enjoy the most. Taking vacation on bike is a very unique experience. It have unusual pleasure and add some bonuses to your travel experience. Your bike must be well suited for bike touring. Buying a bike insurance is must to protect yourself and your bike from the adverse effect of unforeseen incidents. You can use The Bike Insurer to compare bike insurance quotes online to get the best one that suits you.

The “Extraterrestrial Highway”

The “Extraterrestrial Highway” is a 92-mile section of Nevada Route 375 that runs near the infamous Area 41. This has long been a must-see destination for all alien enthusiasts, as well as those that just want to get out and see the beauty of the Nevada desert. Nearby Las Vegas is also visited by many road trippers. This part of Nevada has very few hotels, and many people choose to stay at a Las Vegas location such as Club 36. This exclusive resort has spacious one and two bedroom suites with all the amenities to make sure your visit is as comfortable as possible. Suites feature full kitchens, DVD players, and even a washer and dryer. A bonus is that it is located only a few blocks from the famous Vegas Strip. This means there are attractions for everyone in the family within a short distance. From Club 36 you can easily get to live entertainment such as Cirque Du Soleil and any number of hot music acts.

Route 66

With so many songs and romantic tales, who wouldn’t want to take a road trip on the infamous Route 66? With more than 2,400 miles of road, this historic route is full of Americana and good times. This route can be enjoyed in short sections, or for the true road warrior it can be a 2,400 mile adventure filled with good times, great people, and memories to last a lifetime! Many hotels along the route have maintained a vintage charm that is hard to match anywhere else. For the ultimate road trip why not take Route 66 and then head towards Vegas and the Extraterrestrial Highway? Along the way be sure to stop at the car museums that dot the road for a taste of Route 66 from a bygone era.

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Outdoor-Traveler tweets are a great way to get the latest in hot travel tips for the most exciting vacation destinations. From there you can not only explore and book an exciting vacation at one of many award winning resorts, but also keep up to date with the latest Extraterrestrial highway news.

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5 Top Cruise Lines in the World

Lazy Destinations, Relaxing Resorts - Shelia - September 28, 2014

In this article, I am going to look at 5 of the top cruise lines in the world. Some of them are pretty swanky, while others appeal to the modest traveller – all of them are fantastic!

They have been ranked according to a range of criteria. Also because they look really cool. Let’s have a look at them.

Disney Cruises

Disney Cruiser - New york

Yes, you read that correctly – a Disney themed cruise ship. This breaks the preconception that cruises are ‘just for old people.’ It actually attracts a lot of families with small children and why wouldn’t it?

The ship is chock-a-block full of your most loved Disney characters walking around deck, screening of Disney’s best films and live action plays.  It sounds like a lot of fun – I am sure the kids will enjoy it too. This is perfect for parents who want their kids to shut up for 5 minutes.

Where does it go? Alaska, Caribbean and Western Europe

Cost: $US150 or less per day.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line - Greece

If the colourful design on the front of the ship doesn’t already give it away, this cruise is a little bit different than most. It is known as ‘The Freestyle Cruise,’ because it focuses on giving patrons the opportunity to do as they please in a very chilled out atmosphere.

The Norwegian Cruise Line has a very relaxed dress code – travellers dress casually and are free to move about the ship to enjoy any of the onboard activities, which include musicals, comedy shows and food events. It’s not hard to see why this is popular among travelling families

Where does it go? The U.S West Coast, the Caribbean and Mexico.

Cost: $US150 or less per day

Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Cruiser - Montenegro

In an article about cruises, we had to include one that is marketed to old farts and Azamara Club Cruises is that.

What distinguishes this cruise from others is that it has extended port stops, allowing the mainly elderly guests more time to wander about the city. They probably need that time too, because it takes them longer to get to places.

Costs: $US450-$700 per day

Where does it go? The Black Sea, British Isles and Panama Canal.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas - Lithuania

This cruise is a luxury line that provides impeccable service and a first class experience. You would certain hope so for the amount you’re paying! But don’t worry, because shore excursions and drinks are included in the board price.

Travel with other rich 50+ people, who will probably be drunk most of the time because of the free drinks on offer.

Where does it go? South America, Europe and India

Cost: $US701 or more per day

Seabourn Cruise Line

Seabourn Cruiser - Bordeaux

Seabourn is a luxury cruise line that is best described as fancy smancy, because it offers onboard activities like wine tastings and lectures.

This cruise line appeals to couples. Couples that like being all cultured, or at least pretend to for the benefit of their partners.

Where does it go to? The Mediterranean, Caribbean and Asia.

Cost: $US301-450 per day

Author Bio

Post kindly written by Bradley Rowe, Perth local and lifelong traveller. He swears by these lads for any boat cruises on the west coast of Australia, less extravagant but just as fun.

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