Orlando – On a Shoestring Budget

6 years ago Travel Tips216

So fate has brought you to Orlando, but you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Orlando has long been a place where cruise ships dock and the money that is aboard these cruise ships descends upon the city, but doesn’t just have to be this way. A good time can be had in Orlando on a shoe string budget too if you follow a few of these suggestions.


A lot of visitors to the city like to stay at one of Orlando’s resorts, which are often right next to Disney World and Universal Studios, this is a no, no for budget travelers. Just a few miles away from Orlando’s marquee attractions are much more reasonable priced hotel rooms and even a smattering of hostels. If you come to Orlando out of season too you can also find even better deal on budget and premium accommodations.

orlandoVisiting the Attractions of Orlando

Naturally people who visit Orlando want to enjoy going to Disney World and the other attractions near it too. Shopping online for various special savings for park entrance is always a good idea. When you have paid for your tickets to enter Disney World you must do your best to maximize the time you have there. A few suggestions how to do this include showing up really early and visiting the most popular attractions then before huge line ups development. When the major crowds are there that is the time to enjoy the less popular rides. Bring your own picnic lunch with you as eating in Disney World is basically a rip off and will spend your days meal money in one meal.

Places to Eat

The main concern of the budget traveler in Orlando is to visit the major theme parks that drew them to Orlando without breaking the bank on the over priced foods there. Now we aren’t saying that a person should starve themselves as not all these costs can be avoided, but some planning ahead trying to eat meals before entering or even bringing a lunch can really help offset trip costs. A travel tip is to eat a large breakfast then just try to snack – maybe even with your own snacks – inside the parks.

More Tips to Save

A few more tips on how to enjoy Orlando includes considering buying an Orlando GO card, for allotments of one to seven days, that provides free and reduced price and often free admission into Orlando’s different attractions. Though Orlando is best navigated by a rental car it also an option as well to get a bus pass and get around that way to save on money. Under no circumstance cheap out on sunscreen as the intense Florida sunshine can and will burn you bad and ruin a trip. It costs a little to get there, but be sure to visit things in and around the Orlando area like Cape Canaveral’s Kennedy Space Centre and the nearby Dali Museum in St Petersburg Florida.