Moving to Amsterdam with $500 Dollars

6 years ago Travel Stories128

One of the big experiences of traveling is to pull off a move to a country with next to no money. This is an experience that takes the most intense focus, a few good friends, and basically just a bit of luck. There was a time several years back when I had the experience of moving to Amsterdam – at first for a girl, then later for my self – with just around $500 dollars. I’m going to detail how I did it as a blue print of sorts of how high risk moves like this are done.


I concocted the plan and I stuck to it…

This may sounds sort of obvious, but the reality is that I very much needed to have a goal in my mind cemented that I was going to do this move and there would be no turning back. Even as certain set backs occurred, like it taking much longer in London then I had calculated to get my Dutch work visa, I didn’t give up on my plan. Keeping the goal alive kept my mind sharp for anything that would help me see the goal through. I was optimistic it would work, even when at times it did seem a little dire, and it did.

I tapped my travel contacts in Amsterdam…

Knowing that my money was so low I didn’t mess around before I was set to come to Amsterdam, I got in touch with all the people I knew there first. Rather than sugar coat the situation, I told them just how dire my circumstances were and they all leapt forward to help me. As I would come to find out Dutch people are very caring about one another and this was the first time I saw it. As I stayed with different friends I said to myself that latter on I would definitely re-pay that kindness.

No rest for the wicked, I found any job I could ASAP…

Literally from the day I arrived I didn’t bother learning the pubs and coffee shops instead I had my friend Julia show me the layout of the city and right away I was hitting the pavement looking for work. I sketched a loose outline of the city and wandered around resume in hand. I tried at some bars and a few youth hostels to no avail. The next day though, still focused from my plan, I looked hard again and found what would keep me a float in the city – a posting at a temp agency to for dishwashers. Without ego or pride I walked in there and took the job and my Amsterdam experience began. Later on, I would find much more exiting work, but I was there then and I was staying!