Top 5 Bucket List Travel Experiences in Asia

1 year ago Travel Destination61

Asia and particularly the Southeast regions are marked with so much diversity and exotic opulence. This has made the region be considered as one of the most revered places to visit. Whether you are a globetrotter, solo traveler or a backpacker, there is so much you’ll find interesting in the area. This is a fantastic mishmash that is likely to send you into euphoria with the many cosmopolitan cities and small ethnic villages on the other side. The region is also full of UNESCO World Heritage sites plus rice paddies.

If you are looking for natural wonders, the Southeast region of Asia is blessed with a wealth of them. These include rivers, lagoons that are ideal for taking pictures, thundering waterfalls, mountains as well as pristine beaches. However, here are some specific travel activities you can undertake while there.

Hiking in Sapa

This area is famous for having rugged scenery that is just marvelous. For that reason, Sapa is considered one of the most photogenic towns in Vietnam. Surprised that this place is in Vietnam? Well, besides the wars that were there in the early 80s and 90s, the place has some of the best scenery you can find anywhere.

You may have wanted to explore cambodia so much, but you don’t want to miss out on the plunging valleys in Sapa, Vietnam. There are numerous alluring rice terraces that are highlighted by thick mist rolling over its peaks. The town has a rich history you will enjoy learning about. It was established in 1922 by the French. You will not run short of a wide selection of delicious local treats as well as the charming colonial villas built by the French.

Coron Island Lakes In The Philippines

The Philippines is well known for catastrophic disasters that keep hitting the country. However, there’s so much to visit while there. The Coron’s natural gems are unlike any other lakes in the entire Asian region. You can experience the hypnotizing Lake Barracuda and Kayangan without breaking your budget.

Bali, Indonesia

The Southeast part of Asia is billed as one of the most ideal destinations when traveling alone. Bali is going to sweep you off your feet if you are a solo traveler with the sandy beaches, healthy rice terraces plus a wide variety of landscapes that include hills and mountains. This is a globally celebrated tourist destination is also full of archeological and historical attractions.

Hoi An, Vietnam

This charming Vietnamese town is known for its splendid ambiance. The narrow and winding lanes of traditional wooden houses are just spectacular and will charm any solo traveler. There is so much beautiful architecture of the olden days plus a host of tailor shops. The shops are known to sell everything and are perfect for getting souvenirs for those you left back home. The town has some of the most affordable hotels to offer you a memorable stay.

Penang, Malaysia

For those who want to go out on an eating spree, Penang is another great attraction in Asia. It is lauded for a savory blend of Indian, Malay and Chinese influences. It is for this reason that Penang is popularly known as the foodie’s nirvana. It is seething with mouthwatering dishes meant to appease any globetrotter’s cravings. Before you explore cambodia, you may want to try out the five destinations first.