Ten Unique Things to Do In Cairns, Australia

2 years ago Travel Destination242

With its stunning beaches, great scenery to bask in, happening nightlife, and milder winters, Cairns, Australia is a well-known haven for visitors both local and abroad. Want a few tips of exactly what you can check out when you’re there? Opt for a Cairns car rental to make this memory worth cherishing by taking a road trip. Here’s a look at what more you can enjoy while traversing through Cairns.

1. Fishing. In Cairns, you can take pleasure in the company of professionals who take fishing very seriously. There are plenty of guides and tours who can tell you all about the environment in these parts and the best places to place your rod. You can try catching a barramundi while here!

2. The Great Barrier Reef. This is the world’s largest coral reef comprising of 3,000 individual reefs and covering an area of 344,400 square kilometers. This is truly an experience of a lifetime that can’t be missed. You can cruise along the waters, snorkel, scuba dive, or simply lounge on the nearby beach.

3. Palm Cove. This is a seaside village that offers tons of aquatic activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and kayaking. You can also spend some quality time in the 9-hole golf course, which is just a kilometer away from the beach.

4. Botanical Gardens. There is something special about the climate of Australia, and this botanical garden ensures that you get a view of the country’s most unique and exotic tropical plants. You can walk through the tracks and explore how native species of animals and birds make Australia a land of fantasy.

5. Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park. Experience Australia’s rich cultural heritage that dates back 40,000 years. You can listen to stories, music, and witness beautiful tribal dances, all while roaming around this cultural center.

6. Kuranda Scenic Railway. With its 120 years old railway service, Cairns plays an important role in the modern history of Australia. You can complete a journey on this rail within two hours.

7. Daintree Rainforest. If you’re a nature lover, then you will find trekking up this rainforest irresistible! You’ll not only find abundance of flora and fauna in this region, but also a picturesque view of this country from above.

8. Dolphins and whales. Do you find intelligent, aquatic mammals particularly fascinating and majestic? Then Cairns is the place to be! The Great Barrier Reef happens to be a great escape for these cetaceans as they migrate to Australia from Antarctica and make a splendid sight for tourists and residents alike.

9. Cairns Night Markets. If you’re interested to take a souvenir, then you must pay a visit to these markets with your car rental Cairns service. They are open all throughout the year between 5 and 11pm and offer tons of food options, handmade souvenirs, and family activities.

10. Undara Volcanic National Park. You’ll be surprised to know that only 23 countries have lava tubes – Australia is one of them. This is a perfectly safe trip and you can even spend a night in a tent at this park to add a little extra adventure.