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Top 5 Activities to do in San Diego

Travel Destination - Shelia - August 19, 2020

Things to do in San Diego

San Diego, CA is a water enthusiast’s dream. With so much to do and see, you can line up activities for every day of your vacation there.

Top 5 Activities to do in San Diego


When you take a San Diego whale watching cruise, you expect to see whales. If you check the calendar of when whales are most likely to be swimming nearby and book accordingly, you probably will. But wait! That’s not all! You could also see dolphin pods. Dolphins and whales frequently utilize the same area of the sea for eating and playing. Cruise captains also share a plethora of information about marine mammals while on these excursions. Be sure to take sunscreen, a hat and a sweatshirt with you as you will be on the water for several hours in the sun and wind. Most cruises have refreshments on board for purchase.


Different options for pleasure boating in San Diego are available for your enjoyment. If you’ve never piloted a speed boat, now’s your chance. An instructor will teach you how to do that and then lead you on a tour around the harbor as you follow him or her. If you’d rather relax, book a harbor cruise for an hour or two. Narrated by a knowledgeable guide, your tour of the harbor will spotlight the Naval base at Coronado and the famous harbor sea lions.

Still want to go fast but have someone else drive? You can book a jet boat ride for that one. You’re going to get wet as your captain spins you around in 360-degree circles and performs power slides. Among all the thrills, you’ll get to see all the sights around the harbor. If you’re looking for more romance, there’s an intimate sunset sailboat cruise you can book that will allow you to soak in the harbor highlights at a slower pace.


Match up boats, people and food and what do you get? You get several options for dining and drinking on various San Diego Harbor cruises. Big cruise ships, sailboats, smaller cruise ships, catamarans and electric boats all play host to you as you drink and dine on your way around the harbor. Don’t think it’s just dinner, either. You can choose wine tasting, dinner, dinner at sunset, lunch or a champagne brunch for your cruising pleasure.


What would water recreation be without fishing? Book a fishing excursion and you could end up bringing home more than one night’s dinner from the San Diego Bay. You could encounter Rockfish, Bass, Yellowtail, Halibut and other types of fish. You can also experience the kelp forest, learn about the area from your captain and possibly see other wildlife which may include whales, dolphins, sea birds, sea lions or seals. Some tours provide instruction and fishing equipment. Be sure to check when you book to see what you’ll need to bring.


You can take a guided tour of San Diego Harbor on land riding a scooter. The fun part? The GPS-guided scooter is also your tour guide! If going solo is more your thing, you can rent a 2-person mini-car to cruise around on land while you take in the sights.

This list is just the tip of the iceberg as to what water fun you can have in San Diego. You can also find jet ski rentals, snorkeling, flyboarding lessons, parasailing, paddle boarding and more once you get started looking for activities. There’s definitely plenty of fun to be had when you visit San Diego.

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Discovering San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter

Travel Destination - Shelia - January 17, 2018

San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter

If you’re a night owl on your way to choose from RV rentals San Diego, you will want to check out the Gaslamp Quarter. It’s a fabulous place to let your hair down and enjoy something new. There are many reasons why San Diego visitors make it a point to check out this neighborhood.

If it’s your first time in San Diego and more specifically in the Gaslamp Quarter, we have compiled just a few of the must-do experiences while in town. Whether you’re here for a day or a week, these places and things to do will surely be good use of your time. While many will say that the Gaslamp Quarter is only for the party goers, there is something for everyone in one of San Diego’s favorite spots.

The Best of the Gaslamp Quarter

To help you start planning the perfect trip to San Diego, check out the following ideas for a rewarding Gaslamp Quarter experience:

  • Walk down the street and explore the glorious architecture. If you’re a big fan of architecture and more specifically of older buildings, then don’t hesitate to visit this area of San Diego. The Old City Hall is a favorite, as is the Baroque Revival Louis Bank of Commerce. Although really, anywhere you go in the Gaslamp Quarter will bring you back in time. If you’re not into the night scene, this is still a very valid reason to check out the Gaslamp Quarter.
  • Visit during one of the many iconic events that take place here. From the Mardi Gras Parade to Comic-Con, there are several events that happen in this area of San Diego, on a yearly basis. If you’re a fan of participating in fun festivities such as the above events, make sure to research dates beforehand. The good news is that not one month goes by without there being some type of fun event happening in the Gaslamp Quarter. Whether work brings you to these parts or you have San Diego on your road trip itinerary, make sure to enjoy some off time at one of the many events.
  • Go bar hopping during a night out. This is where the Gaslamp Quarter really shines. The night scene is unlike anywhere else and it is definitely a place for the night owls who love a good party. A good place to get your started is The Shout! House. It’s a place with a fun, lively atmosphere with musicians so talented that they get you enjoying the ambiance and music. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy good drinks and food. Other places that bring in clubgoers in the Gaslamp Quarter are The Tipsy Crow, Whiskey Girl, and Gaslamp Tavern.
  • Catch a play at one of the theatres. The Horton Grand Theatre and ArtsTix are two places to get you started. From musicals to heart-grabbing stories, the theatres in the Gaslamp Quarter are excellent places to enjoy time spent stepping out of your reality. If you’re traveling around in RV rentals San Diego, go ahead and park somewhere and enjoy the rest of your day on foot. You can easily get to the theatres in the Gaslamp Quarter on foot.

  • Browse the art galleries and museums in the Gaslamp Quarter. Contrary to common opinion, the Gaslamp Quarter isn’t only for the partiers. It’s a perfect spot for the culture buffs who want to enjoy some time browsing the exhibitions and fascinating exhibits to be found at the art galleries and museums in the area. From Sparks Gallery and The Art of Tim Cantor to Michael J. Wolf Fine Arts and The New Children’s Museum, and more, there is plenty to see and experience for the art fanatic visiting San Diego.

As you can see, for those who like to keep busy, there is plenty to see and do in the Gaslamp Quarter. It’s the perfect place for enjoying new experiences, getting to know San Diego’s nightlife vibe, and seeing some of the oldest buildings in town.

It’s a place that you can enjoy on your own or a great spot for celebrating with friends. A sole traveler will have plenty to keep them entertained yet a group of pals will enjoy the sites together.

It’s also the perfect place for planning that perfect date night. From good food to fun bars, art galleries, and theatre, what else do you need to have a good time? Whether you want to treat yourself or someone else to a memorable day, the Gaslamp Quarter is a must-visit neighborhood in San Diego.

If you’re planning on checking out the RV rentals San Diego, make sure to start off your road trip in one of the best locations in the country. The Gaslamp Quarter is worth your time. Entertainment, culture, arts, and fabulous drinks; it’s the perfect place to start off an unforgettable road trip.

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Wonderful Spring Break Destinations

Travel Destination - Shelia - June 2, 2016

Spring break is verging on here or effectively here for some students, so the time has come to consider a short yet unbelievable journey you can take. Dependent upon where you are going, the expenses may pulverize your adequately poor spending arrangement. Be that as it may, in the event that you have been sparing some money for a considerable length of time and now you need to spend too much on a fabulous spring break trip, here are a couple shocking destinations to consider:

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara, CaliforniaPalm trees, white sand beaches, scenic vistas, exquisite culinary art, and celebrity residents build town one among the simplest break destinations. T own is understood for its low costs. If you dont not have money for hotels, you’ll notice reasonable rooms everywhere city, of course, little hunting. Just be careful when choosing a room.

Caribbean Islands

This is a sort of luxury, however a cruise is often price cash. Most are all comprehensive, therefore you merely pay once and revel in unforgettable spring break trip for a couple of days or weeks. The value ranges from $189 to $999. However with little better research, you might find even awesome deals. Caribbean cruise is perfect for those suffering from cold weather and craving summery warmth.Caribbean Islands

San Diego

Treat yourself to a wonderful spring break trip in San Diego. With an excellent variety of building deals and reasonable attraction packages, your spring break are going to be persistent and your pocketbook are going to be happier than ever. Several students visit San Diego to relish spring celebrations and festivals also as endless sandy beaches.


JamaicaOne of the reasons Jamaica is nice for college students because the tickets and accommodations are rather low-cost and therefore the sort of activities is unlimited. Golden beaches, turquoise seas, emerald mountains, cascades, exciting rainforests, lovely coral reefs, brilliant rivers, and marvellous mineral springs create Jamaica one among the simplest destinations within the world.

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