Learn About Endangered Species

Travel Tips - Shelia - October 20, 2021

Most people don’t think about plants and wildlife often, if at all, but they are vital to a balanced natural world. Unfortunately, many species of plants and wildlife are threatened or in danger of becoming extinct. Many factors have contributed to the demise of animals, including loss of habitat and hunting to produce commercial goods. However, more efforts are being made to protect these species. These are a few of the incredible animals being threatened today.


The endangered Red List of Threatened Species, which was published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, includes the tiger. In Asia, their habitat has shrunk to approximately four percent of its original size. Russian tigers are also threatened by poaching and logging.

Today, tiger hunting is illegal, and the species has started a slow recovery. You can learn more about tigers and their conservation efforts by visiting a reserve and learning about tiger conservation Smith County.


On the island of Madagascar, you can find a somewhat creepy little primate called the aye-aye. These nocturnal four-pound animals have big eyes and a long middle finger and live in the canopy, but their appearance at dusk in cemeteries, where they find the grubs they eat, has made them an omen of bad luck for the native people.

In 1933, it was thought that the aye-aye was extinct, but nine of these elusive animals were found in 1957. Due to deforestation and hunting, these animals are at risk of extinction. Today, aye-ayes are protected by law, and 50 have been relocated to zoos and breeding programs around the world.

Darwin’s Fox

Darwin’s fox is only found on the island of Chiloe and in the Nahuelbuta National Park in Chile. This carnivore has dark firm and legs and is most active during twilight and at dawn. Habitat loss, hunting and the introduction of nonnative domestic dogs has severely reduced its population.

Unfortunately, despite conservation efforts, the Darwin’s fox population continued to decline, placing it on the critically endangered list until 2016. Although it has been moved to the endangered list, less than 1,000 foxes are thought to live in the area.

If you want to learn more about endangered species, consider visiting a reserve or contacting a conservation nonprofit organization.

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Top 3 Places to see in the Biblical Holy Land for Elderly Person

Travel Destination - Shelia - September 21, 2021

Tourists from all over the world love to come to Israel or the Holy Land mentioned in the Bible. Whether you are a young man/woman or a senior citizen, this country won’t disappoint you. Now, we all know that young people mostly don’t have to suffer the dilemma of finding their ideal place. But, for the senior citizens out there, it is a bit harder. They aren’t able to locate places that will provide them with fun, thrill, or increase the country’s culture and history. That’s why we are giving you this list of the three best Israel tours for seniors. Here is that list: Continue Reading

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Hunting Preparation Tips

Travel Tips - Shelia - June 29, 2021

If you are a hunter, you know that a successful hunt requires more than just going out during the season and finding your prey. It requires careful preparation and planning, some of which occurs well before the season begins. No matter what type of animal you hunt, you need to be well prepared. These are a few tips to help you get ready for hunting season.

Purchase Your License

Your first step should be researching your state’s regulations. You need to understand these regulations before you apply for and purchase your license. Your state’s regulations change may change every season, from dates to limits on the number of animals you can take. To get the most out of your hunt, review these changes and purchase the number of licenses you need or are allowed. Make your purchase well before the season starts, especially if you seek an out-of-state license. You want your license in hand, not in the mail, the day the season starts.

Gather Your Hunting Gear

Prepare for comfort and survival during your hunting trip. For example, research the clothing needs for your area, such as “hunting clothes Canada,” so you stay comfortable. Pack extra clothing, especially socks, in case you get wet. Include proper boots; you may even include waders if you plan to cross any creeks. Make sure to include your bright orange and reflective gear so other hunters can see you easily.

Check, repair, clean and sight-in your weapons. Include at least one very sharp knife. Purchase extra ammunition if you will use a gun and additional bowstrings and arrows for bow hunting.

In your survival kit, add a lighter, flashlight, GPS, extra batteries and a first aid kit. You may also include a headlamp and hunting blind. Consider purchasing a solar charger so you can keep your cell phone and other small electronics charged. You should also pack easy-to-carry food, such as freeze-dried meals. Don’t forget water or a straw or bottle that treats and filters water.

Scout Your Hunting Land

If you plan to hunt on private land, contact the landowner and gain permission. Whether you plan to hunt on public or private land, you should scout the land. Research the land online by looking for topographical maps and aerial photos.

Then, in the summer, spend time getting to know the topography and any dangers. Also, look for areas where the animals will bed down, such as areas where their food is plentiful. Look for deer trails. You may also add trail cameras at various locations so you can watch how the wildlife use the land. Identify the locations you want to set up your blind on a map.

If you plan to hunt, consider purchasing quality gear and prepare in advance for hunting season.

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4 Travel Tips for Introverts

Travel Tips - Shelia - May 18, 2021

Traveling as a person who doesn’t interact with other people very often can be stressful. On the one hand, you want to be left alone and enjoy your time away from home and work, but on the other, you know that other people are as much of the experience as everything else is.

So what’s an adventurous introvert to do?

Here are the top tips to help you make the most of your solo trip!

Travel With Someone You Trust

You wouldn’t look at real estate for sale in Whistler without someone you trust, would you? If not, why not invite someone who understands you to travel with you? They don’t have to be your best friend, especially since most introverts end up befriending someone who’s their social opposites, and this can cause head butting during travel. Instead, look for someone you know who doesn’t drain you a lot to hang out with and ask if they’d like to go with you. Make your intentions clear from the get-go so nobody misunderstands them. Traveling with someone you don’t know so well but who gets your socialization levels is better than traveling with a good friend who will leave you drained for the whole trip.

Join Groups For Solo Travelers

There are several dozen travel groups that focus solely on going traveling alone together. Be careful not to sign up for a singles trip accidentally, but outside of that, it’s fun to pick out solo travelers’ trips! You could pick a vacation based on that one niche interest of yours you don’t tell many people about, and by the end of the holiday, you’ve learned the entire history and future of that hobby!

Attempt Countries Where It’s Okay to Go Solo

There are some countries where it’s almost encouraged that you travel alone to get to know it. New Zealand, Span, and Italy are the top-ranked countries for solo travelers because of the country’s friendly locals and small footprint. In these nations, it’s okay to go alone, and you won’t have to feel like people are bugging you about why you traveled alone.

If you’re unsure whether your dream trip is a good fit for this, dig around on forums like Reddit, or check YouTube for vlogs for solo travelers like you. Doing some research can help make up your mind.

Push Your Comfort Zones Occasionally

Although being an introvert can be a large part of your personality, it’s okay to push your comfort zones a little. You don’t have to go sing karaoke or attempt to befriend everyone on your plane, but you should work on making remote connections with people. Introverts are a global thing! Some countries have restaurants that are for ‘dining alone together where you can enjoy a quiet meal with a stranger, or you may have to turn to a hostel when sleeping to save money. Think about what suits you best, and then try something new.

If it doesn’t work for you, that’s okay! You can always move on and still enjoy your trip in comfortable silence by yourself.

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Guide To The Best Places To Visit In Europe

Travel Destination - Shelia - April 12, 2021

Best Places To Visit In Europe

One of the first destinations that come to our mind is Switzerland. Count it amongst one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Moreover, Switzerland has everything that you want to explore. There are chocolates, cable cars, and mountains.

Other places worth mention are Denmark, Scotland, London, Austria, and Poland.

You must be lucky to cover all of these in one go. It takes a lifetime to cover all of them.

The Best Places To Visit In Europe

Today, we will tell you about the hidden gems in Europe.

1.  Switzerland

  • Switzerland is a place that finds mention everywhere. If you want to witness the most photographed mountain in the world, Switzerland, it is for you. Matterhorn should be on your bucket list.
  • If you believe in multi-cultural co-habitation, Switzerland has over one hundred and ninety nationalities living together. Switzerland has many micro-climates.
  • No two cities have the same climatic conditions at the same time. Enjoy changing weather conditions within the same boundary. If you love skiing, then head to Switzerland.
  • You will get some of the best slopes in Switzerland. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.
  • So, you get to engage in water activities, like diving and rowing.

2. Denmark

  • Denmark is another country worth mentioning. Moreover, it is a Nordic country. It is one of the most picturesque locations in the whole world. There are vineyards, waterfalls, and castles.
  • Denmark has them all. Uncover the Viking History from storybooks, and let your dreams turn into reality.
  • You can enjoy numerous activities like building blocks in Legoland. You could also board a roller coaster at Tivoli Gardens.
  • It is one of the hidden gems in Europe. If you are interested in wildlife, visit Copenhagen Zoo.
  • Head to Carlsberg Brewery. The most beautiful holiday awaits you.

3. Scotland

  • Head to Scotland if you want to enjoy a plethora of activities. There are castles, glens, and lochs.
  • The Europe hidden gems are just around every corner of the continent.
  • Explore the enigmatic Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and Holyrood Palace.
  • The cities like Glasgow, Inverness, and Dundee have many attractions for the hungry soul in you. Feel mesmerized.
  • You can also get atop a red double-decker and head for a city tour. And, do not miss Loch Ness. You might get a chance to meet Nessie there.

4. London

  • Count London, amongst the hidden gems in Europe. It is the capital of England and the UK. Apart from attractions like The British Museum, Big Ben clock towers, and the London Eye, there are more.
  • If you are a night owl, you should not miss out on the nightlife in London. London is very famous for its nightlife. You will not get bored for a minute, especially in London.
  • Nights in London are always bustling with activity. You can take time to tick things off your list in London.
  • London has everything, from quirky bars, nightclubs, escape rooms, cabaret to karaoke and theatres. You could go for a night tour of the city, eat at the street side eateries, go for a theatre show, or better still shopping.

5. Austria

  • Austria is famous for its castles, museums, and architectural grandeur. Do visit Salzburg. It is the same place where the movie ‘Sound of Music’ was shot.
  • Vienna is a city that you must not miss. Moreover, it has the oldest zoo in the world. Visit the zoo with your kids today.


How many countries are there in Europe?

There are 50 countries in Europe. Each one is unique in character. However, if you go by political definition, there are 44.

Which ones are the best mountains in Europe?

The best mountains for climbing are the Alps, Mount Elbrus, Mont Blanc, Dolomites, and Ben Nevis. If you are a climber, do try these at least once.

What is the best way to travel in Europe?

You may take a tour of Europe in a bus. It is the cheapest way to travel and enjoy the ethereal beauty. Next comes the trains. It is convenient as well.

Which is the best river cruise company?

Crystal River Cruises is making headlines today. The company has the best accommodation on board.


If you are in Europe, travel to five or six countries at least. It will set you back by 11-12 days. Take time out today for your European Sojourn.
The best way to make it is by bus for inter-country travel. Avail yourself of a train for inter-city travel.

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