A Traveling Football Fan’s Bucket List

5 years ago Relaxing Resorts33

As diehard football fans, we all would love nothing more than traveling around the world, watching every football game possible. A beautiful dream; isn’t it? Imagine for a second if that were to come true, what would you do? Where would you want to go?

By now, you might have already created a list of all the places you’d like to see first. Having done that, and after asking many football loving colleagues, acquaintance, family members, and football fans online, this list has been created as the ultimate bucket list for every football fan.

Explore Local Cuisines

While watching your team play, it is easy to get carried away when the snack vendor stops by. As fulfilling as that might be during the game, afterwards, you must sample the main local cuisines. This will enable you to experience some of the local culture of the country that hosted the match of your team.

The sheer amount of culinary choices you have available in a foreign country will surely make it an adventure for your taste buds.

Attend a match in a Fancy Costume

Going to a stadium is not about supporting your team and cheering with thousands of people. Rather, it’s about supporting your team in your own way. And what better way can there be than digging out an old costume from that box in the closet. Not only will this cost you nothing extra, but will also give you a splendid chance to be yourself completely, with a fancy costume. This is one thing that you absolutely must do at least once in your lifetime.

Take a Tour of Camp Nou

This item on the bucket list is one of the classics to check off. There are not many; correction; there are no grounds on God’s green earth that can match the one at Barcelona, Camp Nou. When filled with at least 100,000 screaming football fans, this place is like none other, in the world.

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Go to the World Cup

Taking part in the one event that billions of people around the world gather together to witness; is one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have in your lifetime. If you don’t want to slump on your couch and watch the game on a flat screen, it is best to book tickets for this main event as soon as possible to get ahead of the curve.

As a diehard football fan, these are the things every individual dreams about. Into this bucket list, add some of your own plans as well; put some premeditation into this and take the measures necessary to makes these experiences a reality for you. The sooner you cross things off your bucket list, the happier you’ll be.