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Guide To The Best Places To Visit In Europe

Travel Destination - Shelia - April 12, 2021

Best Places To Visit In Europe

One of the first destinations that come to our mind is Switzerland. Count it amongst one of the best places to visit in Europe.

Moreover, Switzerland has everything that you want to explore. There are chocolates, cable cars, and mountains.

Other places worth mention are Denmark, Scotland, London, Austria, and Poland.

You must be lucky to cover all of these in one go. It takes a lifetime to cover all of them.

The Best Places To Visit In Europe

Today, we will tell you about the hidden gems in Europe.

1.  Switzerland

  • Switzerland is a place that finds mention everywhere. If you want to witness the most photographed mountain in the world, Switzerland, it is for you. Matterhorn should be on your bucket list.
  • If you believe in multi-cultural co-habitation, Switzerland has over one hundred and ninety nationalities living together. Switzerland has many micro-climates.
  • No two cities have the same climatic conditions at the same time. Enjoy changing weather conditions within the same boundary. If you love skiing, then head to Switzerland.
  • You will get some of the best slopes in Switzerland. Switzerland has some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe.
  • So, you get to engage in water activities, like diving and rowing.

2. Denmark

  • Denmark is another country worth mentioning. Moreover, it is a Nordic country. It is one of the most picturesque locations in the whole world. There are vineyards, waterfalls, and castles.
  • Denmark has them all. Uncover the Viking History from storybooks, and let your dreams turn into reality.
  • You can enjoy numerous activities like building blocks in Legoland. You could also board a roller coaster at Tivoli Gardens.
  • It is one of the hidden gems in Europe. If you are interested in wildlife, visit Copenhagen Zoo.
  • Head to Carlsberg Brewery. The most beautiful holiday awaits you.

3. Scotland

  • Head to Scotland if you want to enjoy a plethora of activities. There are castles, glens, and lochs.
  • The Europe hidden gems are just around every corner of the continent.
  • Explore the enigmatic Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile, and Holyrood Palace.
  • The cities like Glasgow, Inverness, and Dundee have many attractions for the hungry soul in you. Feel mesmerized.
  • You can also get atop a red double-decker and head for a city tour. And, do not miss Loch Ness. You might get a chance to meet Nessie there.

4. London

  • Count London, amongst the hidden gems in Europe. It is the capital of England and the UK. Apart from attractions like The British Museum, Big Ben clock towers, and the London Eye, there are more.
  • If you are a night owl, you should not miss out on the nightlife in London. London is very famous for its nightlife. You will not get bored for a minute, especially in London.
  • Nights in London are always bustling with activity. You can take time to tick things off your list in London.
  • London has everything, from quirky bars, nightclubs, escape rooms, cabaret to karaoke and theatres. You could go for a night tour of the city, eat at the street side eateries, go for a theatre show, or better still shopping.

5. Austria

  • Austria is famous for its castles, museums, and architectural grandeur. Do visit Salzburg. It is the same place where the movie ‘Sound of Music’ was shot.
  • Vienna is a city that you must not miss. Moreover, it has the oldest zoo in the world. Visit the zoo with your kids today.


How many countries are there in Europe?

There are 50 countries in Europe. Each one is unique in character. However, if you go by political definition, there are 44.

Which ones are the best mountains in Europe?

The best mountains for climbing are the Alps, Mount Elbrus, Mont Blanc, Dolomites, and Ben Nevis. If you are a climber, do try these at least once.

What is the best way to travel in Europe?

You may take a tour of Europe in a bus. It is the cheapest way to travel and enjoy the ethereal beauty. Next comes the trains. It is convenient as well.

Which is the best river cruise company?

Crystal River Cruises is making headlines today. The company has the best accommodation on board.


If you are in Europe, travel to five or six countries at least. It will set you back by 11-12 days. Take time out today for your European Sojourn.
The best way to make it is by bus for inter-country travel. Avail yourself of a train for inter-city travel.

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Most Beautiful Views In France

Travel Destination - Shelia - October 14, 2016


Getting up high here is simple, as a housetop is frequently only a short however soak climb away, just like the precipices that are coaxing to be crossed. Set yourself up for probably the most lovely views from these seven different places around France.

Le Mont Saint-Michel

It is one of France’s most conspicuous historic points, an island cooperative in Normandy that held key strongholds since old times, and has been the seat of the religious community since the eighth century AD. The nunnery and religious community sit on top in a gravity-challenging move while the considerable lobbies, stores and lodging all fall underneath it. Going to here shouldn’t be missed for a few reasons. One is the view from the top out into the inlet; on a sunny day guests can see for miles and miles. Make a point to look down at the encompassing town while you are up there. The second view however is really from a far distance, in the same way as other notorious structures this Norman convent is maybe significantly more delightful from a separation. At the turn of the twentieth century a French government official even went for far as to call the ocean side course by Champeaux, amongst Avraches and Granville, the “most lovely kilometer in France”. Go to this vantage point on the northeastern shore of the Mont Saint-Michel Bay for a view that makes this resemble a mansion hapless in the ocean.


Basilique de la Madeleine

For visitors hoping to consolidate an unbelievable view with a consecrated ordeal, try to head the Basilique Ste-Madeleine in Vezelay, one of the biggest Romanesque houses of worship in France. Pioneers have been climbing the slope to the Abbey of la Madeleine for a considerable length of time for the religious angle as well as we envision for the mind blowing sees that anticipate guests at the top. Beneath extending are the green, blue and dim slopes of Burgundy, flooding with vineyards, streams and backwoods that sprawl out similarly as the eye can see. If you happen to visit during summer or winter solstice, a special view awaits you as the church was designed so that on midday on each solstice, nine pools of sunlight fall upon the exact center of the nave, forming a path of light leading to the altar.

The Eiffel Tower

Nothing screams France more than the Eiffel Tower, and it essentially wouldn’t be a rundown of wonderful perspectives without including this lofty looking building. It is apparently impeccable from each edge and we propose seeing it at both day and night. At night there is no better perspective of it from a vessel on the Seine, when the tower shines both above Paris and in its appearance in the waterway, helped by the shimmering lights that it procrastinates on for five minutes consistently. The view from the Eiffel Tower additionally merits extraordinary acknowledgment. The third stage has one of the best perspectives over Paris, extending around 70km on a sunny morning, the distance to the edges of the capital. On the off chance that you need better detail of the city itself, make a beeline for the second stage where you will see the majority of the city’s most popular landmarks.


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Best Winter Attractions in Chicago

Travel Stories - Shelia - October 4, 2016


Chicago may not be the primary winter make a trip goal that rings a bell for most sightseers, however there are a considerable measure of astounding things to see and do in the city on the off chance that you will overcome the icy. Here is a look at some of the best winter attractions in Chicago.

Ice Skating at Millennium Park

Millennium Park is one of Chicago’s most well known traveler goals year-round. In the winter it is home to an open air ice-skating arena that gloats a perspective of the city’s celebrated Michigan Avenue. Skating season starts in November, without a moment to spare for the occasions. On the off chance that you are searching for a fabulous perspective, go skating after sundown. The lights of downtown make an amazing background for skaters around.

The CTA Holiday Train

In the event that you plan to go to Chicago amongst Thanksgiving and Christmas, a ride on the CTA Holiday Train is an absolute necessity. The uniquely brightened train advances through the well known Chicago ” Loop ” at pre- scheduled times all through the season. Santa Clause Claus rides the train to the joy of both youngsters and grown-ups on the train. Make certain to check the Chicago Transit Authority site for dates and times for the train, or you can have your lodging’s attendant give all of you all of the details.

My hat is off to the outstanding crew of the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) and their Holiday Express train. It brought so many smiles to all the kids.


Set in noteworthy Daley Plaza, Christkindlmart is an outside business sector open from the end of November through Christmas Eve consistently. It is a German American festival for the Christmas season. Guests can discover handmade endowments including candles, adornments, and gloves, or they can test some tasty nourishments from the business sector’s various sellers. Schnitzels, Stollen, marzipan confections, and lager are for deal at Christkindlmart. The business sector gets swarmed at lunchtime with nearby office specialists searching for a decent feast, so arrange your visit between 1:00 p.m. what’s more, 4:00 p.m. on the off chance that you are hoping to stay away from group.


The Magnificent Mile

Nothing says winter in Chicago like shopping along the city’s well known Magnificent Mile. The shops along Michigan Avenue incorporate a portion of the greatest names in retail, including Macy’s, Tiffany’s, Coach, and Chanel. A stop at the Water Tower Place, a skyscraper shopping center, can give a break from strolling in the harsh elements starting with one store then onto the next. You can likewise snatch a hot dinner at Gino’s East Pizza, which serves some of Chicago’s finest profound dish pizza.

Chicago may not be a tropical goal for your winter ventures, however a trek there amid the occasions will make recollections that you and your family will treasure for a lifetime.


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Extraordinary Reasons to Go Traveling Now

Travel Tips - Shelia - September 25, 2016

On the off chance that you are not persuaded you have an inspiration for go, here are a few motivations to go voyaging now.

Expand your social circle

W e blend with our family, neighbors, our work partners, and we live rather isolated lives with a constrained social environment, and that is the reason another motivation to go venturing out is to widen your group of friends. You will meet a ton of new individuals, and you could even begin kinships that could last an entire lifetime.

Learn about different cultures

Each nation has its own social elements, assorted qualities and contrasts. When we travel, we might be astounded and stunned by the profoundly situated ways that are rehearsed by other individuals. Captivating convictions and practices may both affront and rouse you, however whichever way it can have some effect on you.


Get the ultimate perspective

It happens to a large portion of us; we experience our bustling lives being a piece of the rodent race and paying those bills, and before we understand it we wind up encountering a major fish in the little lake disorder. Be that as it may, it’s not the sound spot to be in, get some point of view and investigate your general surroundings. Get energized and inspired to go voyaging and take the trek of a lifetime.

Experience a culinary journey

On the off chance that you view yourself as to be the quintessential foodie, why not take your stomach on a world devour, and devour new fish while your toes sink profound into the shoreline sand in South Africa, eat pasta in Italy and experience flavorful baked goods straight from a walkway bread kitchen in Paris? World nourishment experience is one of the main motivations to go voyaging now!


Educate yourself

You know, education never ends and learning about ancient temples, volcanoes, and historic places out of books or from the Internet, is absolutely different to seeing it all up personal and close. Children will remember Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe if they’ve stood there much more than if they just do a school project on it.

Achieve your dreams

Continuously imagined to kayak down the Amazon or swim with Dolphins off the shoreline of Mozambique? At that point why not make your blessing from heaven? Research, set aside and take the outing of a lifetime! In the event that you need it severely enough, nothing will remain in your direction!

Step out of your comfort zone

Escape your customary range of familiarity and accomplish something totally unusual with a specific end goal to make you feel invigorated and kicking. For me, this is an incredible inspiration to go voyaging! At times even the sudden inclination to go with no schedule and no restrictions is the best.


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Places to Visit That You’ve Never Heard of

Travel Destination - Shelia - September 17, 2016

socotra dixam

It is safe to say that you are burnt out on going to the same areas as a huge number of different voyagers? Have you gone to areas like Disney World, the Grand Canyon, and Niagara Falls however now feel yourself longing for something somewhat less ‘ordinary’? It may be a great opportunity to find destinations that are certainly not on a great many people’s radar.

Turkey’s Pamukkale

Turkey’s Pamukkale is one of those exhibitions of nature that will abandon you scratching your noggin in shock. The hot springs of Pamukkale stretch into the separation and are particularly enticing at nightfall. It’s amazingly lovely place that everybody ought to visit in any event unique.

Arizona’s Coyote Buttes

Arizona’s Coyote Buttes is a not-to-be-missed regular point of interest. While the Grand Canyon gets the greater part of the traveler consideration, Coyote Buttes is entirely dazzling. On the off chance that ridges cut by hundreds of years of sand are to your preferring, you’ll unquestionably need to add Coyote Buttes to your travel allurements list.


 Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda

Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda is known not super rich of Europe, yet is still a fortune avoided numerous worldwide guests. Embracing the Mediterranean, Costa Smeralda is home to cruising races, yachts moored at dusk, and whispered mysteries underneath the Sardinian sun.

Lanai’s Keahiakawelo

Lanai’s Keahiakawelo could conceivably abandon you supposing you have been dropped off on the substance of the moon. Destroy and frequenting, the red mud hills are secured with immense rocks and little tuffs of vegetation. Stunning!

Wuppertal in South Africa

Wuppertal in South Africa is an intriguing mix of waterfalls, slope stones, and amazing pools of serenity. On the off chance that you ever go to Cape Town, make sure to add Wuppertal to your agenda. Your spirit will thank you for the liberality.


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