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Tips for Dealing with Jet Lag

Travel Tips - Shelia - June 22, 2016

Check out the following tips for dealing with Jet Lag:

Try to stay awake until your destination’s bedtime

It is truly difficult to follow this advice, particularly in the event that you don’t mull over the plane, however staying conscious will help you figure out how to live as indicated by nearby time and wake up brimming with vitality the following morning. In the event that you truly feel languid and drowsy, try taking a nap for 30 minutes or an hour and then go for a walk in the park to keep yourself awake.stay awake

Stay hydrated

Water is fundamental, however it is more essential amid voyaging. Flights are getting dried out and dehydration worsens jet lag in the long run. Regardless of the fact that you drink a few glasses of water directly after your landing, you won’t feel better. Expect to taste plain, cucumber or lemon water amid your flight and drink two or three glasses when you touch base at your destination to fight jet lag, relieve fatigue and keep your energy levels in check.hydrated

Boost endorphins

I am not going to tell you to exercise to increase your energy levels because I realize that a sleepy and sluggish person is not able to work out. But I suggest you move your body to wake it up. Go for a walk, do a few stretches or squats, or dance to your favorite music, if you are alone in your hotel room. It is also important to do a few exercises on the plane to get your blood pumping, avoid back pain, and boost your endorphins, which are ‘happy’ hormones.Boost endorphins

Traveling long distances is fun, but not for those who are prone to get jet lag. Some tourists who travel across multiple time zones say that they have never experienced jet lag. Lucky they are. But if you read this article then you are probably anything like me and you suffer from that looming jet lag, you may need these little pieces of advice. Feel free to share your own ones.

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Things to Do on A Cheap Holiday to Benidorm in July

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - January 28, 2016

Every individual needs a vacation at least once a year to have some breathing space from all the hustle bustle of life. However, like everything in life, vacations also come with a price. You don’t want to go overboard with the holidays that you end up working double shifts, to make ends meet, after it is over. Benidorm, Spain, is one of the destinations people prefer to visit in the month of July, which also offers the in-the-budget fun. Just because you are being economical doesn’t stop you from making the most of your time and creating beautiful memories. Here is the list of things to do on a cheap holiday to Benidorm in July.Things to Do on A Cheap Holiday to Benidorm in July - Eltakeiteasy


What can be the most inexpensive yet pleasurable place to be at none other than a beach? Benidorm offers its tourist splendid beaches Malpas, Levante, and Poniente, where they can have a dip in the water or enjoy the amazing tanning in the sun on rock free sand. Whether you are with your family, a special someone, or travelling solo, visiting the beach is a must.

Tourists can also avail the facilities of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops, and water sports that are offered at Poniente and Levante beach, or they can even walk further to the Malpas beach, if they want to be somewhere calm and quite.


Summer is a great time to enjoy quality time outdoors, and one such place is the Park. Terra Mitica Park is a famous landmark in Benidorm, which is an exciting place for kids as well as adults. The place comprises of themed attractions and rides for all the thrill seeking individuals and has more than 25 rides to offer the visitors. There are also gift shops to buy something memorable for loved ones living in the home country, and cafes, and restaurants to grab a bite at, with reasonable as well as extravagant price tag.

To experience wild life, there is Terra Natura, which is the combination of park and zoo. There you will find a variety in the species of animals, which are mostly wild, that you haven’t encountered before. Mundomar Park is another recreational area to observe sea animals and enjoy their shows.


With amusement and beaches, the land is rich with history as well. The tourist can visit 3 incredible plazas Castell, Santa Ana, and Castelar. These historical building provides the view of the entire place with beautiful beaches from their roof.

While roaming about the old town, you can visit their Wednesday and Sunday morning markets which are economical. The place also holds two islands; Isla Tabarca and Benidorm Island. La Marina indoor shopping mall is also a great location to wander around.

At the standard temperature of 26 – 30 °C, you need to make the most of the bright sunlight and outdoor activities as you can, and have a delightful and cheap holiday to Benidorm in July. You will surely have a wonderful time without your pockets experiencing a full-blown attack.

Featured Courtesy to rabidgizzards Under CC License


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Beautiful Islands in Asia Worth Visiting

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 11, 2015

Just rely on islands in Asia and extraordinary pictures of soppy sandy beaches, gently swaying palm trees and turquoise seas come to mind. I’ve got a listing of nine beautiful islands in Asia worth visiting. A number of these islands are famous throughout the planet, whereas others are less known, but they have something very special and they’re unique in their own ways!

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Perhentian IslandsA group of small islands, the Perhentian islands, are located just off the shore of the Malaysian province of Terengganu. Perhentian Kecil (small island) and Perhentian Besar (big island) are two main islands. Perhentian Kecil is more popular among budget travelers and back packers, since it’s substantially cheaper while Perhentian Besar a little pricey and more popular among luxury seeking tourists.

Cebu Island, Philippines

Cebu Island is among the foremost famous traveller attractions in the Philippines. It’s one of the very stunning islands in Asia. It boasts five star luxuries, golf, shopping, quaint restaurants and cafes. Enclosed by various unspoiled and uninhabited smaller islands, Cebu Island is visited by lots of tourists from everywhere the planet.

Koh Lipe, Thailand

Koh LipeOne of the tiniest islands in Asia, Koh Lipe is another most stunning island worth visiting. With 3 massive beaches in the form of boomerang, you’ll be able to simply walk around the whole island in an hour. Fully undeveloped and well-kept secret with several guests heading off to one of the most popular tourist places, it’s a wonderful Asian island!

Boracay Island, Philippines

One of the most popular Asian islands, Boracay boasts its natural, aesthetic beach beauty to all tourists. And if you plan on lying on the beach and having your cocktail refilled, then Boracay should be in your list of must visit places! Boracay offers diving, a number of amazing water sports opportunities, vibrant nightlife and much more!

Gili Islands, Indonesia

Gili IslandsLombok’s hottest traveller place, the Gili islands are still an awesome favorite on the Banana Pancake Trail. With variety of expat running accommodation, superb restaurants, and bucket many energy and attractiveness, Gili Islands attracts tourists from everywhere the planet.

Image by Achilli Family,miserychick, Under Creative Common License.


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