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Places to Visit in Northern Italy

Check out the following fantastic places if you want to explore the most astonishing places in the world. Genoa Sometimes overshadowed by the popularity of other Italian cities like Rome and Venice, Genoa nevertheless is one of Italy’s true hidden gems. As the capital city of the Liguria region on the northwest coast of Italy, […]

Best Places to Scuba Dive in the Atlantic Ocean

Regardless of whether you pick an Atlantic enterprise, a Pacific heaven, or anyplace past or in the middle of, there is no deficiency of spots on the planet in which to have stunning scuba jumping encounters, paying little mind to whether you are a beginner or starting scuba jumper, or a specialist in the field. […]

Healthy Snacks for the Beach

Don’t simply constrain your beach nourishments to boxes of saltines and treats or meat-stuffed sandwiches. You know these snacks have a lot of additives, salt and different fixings that are bad for you. Bring some water or frosted green tea, and these yummy sound snacks and you will look awesome and feel incredible as well! […]

Beach Accessories That Will Make You Look Sexy

Do you know what beach embellishments can make you look snazzy, rich and hot? Regardless of whether you’re setting off to the beach with your family and companions or simply getting a charge out of mixed drinks at a poolside party, look at a couple beach adornments that will make you look sexy. Sun hat […]

5 Great Tips On How To Take The Best Travel Photos

Each destination you travel to has its own ambience, character and look. If you want the photographs of your travels to be long lasting and look good, it’s important that your photos not only say as much as possible about the literal look of the place you have visited, but also capture all the aforementioned […]

Most Beautiful Beaches Worth Visiting

The world amazing beaches are here below for you: Kata Beach, Thailand A sweeping stretch of pearl white sand backed by avenues of towering lush palms, Kata Beach is located on the southwestern side of the great Thai resort of Phuket. This is one of the best family-friendly areas of Phuket with shops and restaurants […]

4 Reasons To Bring Your Family To Serpong

It can be tricky. Sometimes it can seem downright impossible. Trying to find a suitable place to take the family on vacation. You know, one that is enjoyable for everyone. It doesn’t have to be so complicated. Just think outside of the box. Instead of booking a trip to Orlando or another theme park heavy […]

Tips for Dealing with Jet Lag

Check out the following tips for dealing with Jet Lag: Try to stay awake until your destination’s bedtime It is truly difficult to follow this advice, particularly in the event that you don’t mull over the plane, however staying conscious will help you figure out how to live as indicated by nearby time and wake […]

European Championships 2016 Summer Bucket List

We’ve written about bucket lists for football fans before on El Take it Easy, and this article will be very similar. One of football’s biggest international tournaments is currently taking place at the minute in France. The European Championship is being contested by 24 national teams including the host nation, England, Germany, Spain, and Portugal […]

Top Tourist Places of Bangalore

A visit to the authentic city of Bengaluru (Bangalore) is most likely on your bucket list as of now, yet it’s generally helpful to have a thought of the best places to visit whilst you’re there. The Silicon Valley of India has stood out as truly newsworthy for a considerable length of time and a […]

Wonderful Spring Break Destinations

Spring break is verging on here or effectively here for some students, so the time has come to consider a short yet unbelievable journey you can take. Dependent upon where you are going, the expenses may pulverize your adequately poor spending arrangement. Be that as it may, in the event that you have been sparing […]