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6 Best Things to do in ISRAEL for best Vacation

Travel Destination - Shelia - March 19, 2020

ISRAEL is famous for its historical and religious sites. It’s the birthplace of the world’s two major religions, Christianity and Judaism. Along with these, there are lots of tourist attractions in the city.

So, it’s definitely the best spot to explore in your Vacation if you are enthusiastic about history. If you’re striving to have a look at the best things to do in ISRAEL then dont worry, in this post we’ll cover them.

This special place is a mineral-rich place with lovely nightlife and world-class food scene. If you are a foodie then obviously, you’ll love the food items over here. Although ISRAEL is a small country, it does have a lot to offer for its visitors.

Now, as you’re striving to check out the best things to do in ISRAEL, let’s look at the six best things to do in ISRAEL for your unforgettable Vacation.

The Dead Sea:

The Dead Sea is one of the famous places to see in Israel. People love to float on the dead sea to chill out. If you are checking for the best things to do in Israel, then you shouldn’t miss this out. The Dead Sea is over 600 square kilometres, and it is shared between Israel and Jordan.

The Dead seashores are the lowest point on the earth, and its water is eight times saltier than normal oceans. Hence, no sea life can survive in this water, so it is called the Dead Sea. The Special Part of this sea is it makes you float because of its saltiness. So, you can enjoy your day floating and snapping pictures all around the dead sea.

Unfortunately, if you have any cuts on your body means, you really can’t enjoy floating as it will show you hell. Apart from that, this dead sea has some sinkholes that are caused by industrial exploitation. So, be aware of them and pay attention to your footsteps while hovering around the Dead Sea.

Visit Jerusalem:

Jerusalem is one of the famous places in ISREAL, mainly due to its history footprints. This is one of the oldest cities in the world, with a history of about 5,000 years. Jerusalem is referred to as the holy city as it holds the world’s major religions such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism.

This unique city is the perfect destination for pilgrims and tourists who are looking for historical traces of their religion. Visit Mount Zion, the city of David to check out original sites of Jerusalem.

If you want to check out Jews community, then head over to western wall, the holiest place for Jews to pray. You can find tunnels over there as it’s separated for men’s and women’s go and offer prayers to find out religious practices.

Apart from these, you can check out Via Dolorosa – the holy church of sepulchre (the place where Jesus final walk of execution took place). Along with these, you can find out Yad Vashem, the emotional site where six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.

Along with these unique holy places, you can find amazing hotels and old city markets to explore. As you are striving to check out the best things to do in Israel? Then do check out this place.

Tel Aviv:

Curious to have fun in Israel? Then explore Tel Aviv and other beaches in Israel to enjoy sunbathing, surfing and more. Tel Aviv is the best city in the Mediterranean, with almost four million people living in the beach city. It’s Israel’s most modern city with lots of international flights. This is simply the main point of your arrival.

Tel Aviv has lots of special spots including its 13 splendid beaches, apart from that the primary attraction to this place is its food. You can taste a wide range of food items in this special place.

If you are thinking about the best things to do in Israel, then check out this special place. Apart from that, you can enjoy the colourful nightlife in Tel Aviv. It has rooftop bars, wine bars, and breweries and more all over the town. You can even explore the Museum of Arts, Yitzhak Rabin centre and Ancient port of Jaffa.

The Negev Desert:

The Negev Desert is one of the tourist attractions in Israel as it covers the southern half of Israel and spans over 13,000 square km. This desert covers 55% of the entire country. Watching this desert from Florence and George can give you great views. This is one of the best things to do in Israel, so don’t miss out.

Visit Timna Park, which is in the far south as it has incredible rock formation. Along with that, you can check out colossal sandstone pillars and lots of colours as well. The best part of this place is every year a hot air balloon festival will be held in autumn, so try not to miss this best one.

In this desert, you can explore all kinds of adventure activities such as sandboarding in dunes, rappelling off cliffs, and so on.

Snorkel experience in the Red Sea:

Eilat is one of the best places to visit in Israel. If you are a fan of fantastic coral reef and snorkelling? Then it would help if you didn’t miss out Eilat. It’s a place with incredible coral reef, crystal clear water and beautiful fish all around. This place has great weather all yearlong, and it’s having a short coastline on the Red Sea. So, you can go for activities like snorkelling or scuba diving in this place.

This is one of the best things you have to do in Israel and should be in your checklist. Along with these activities you can also hop over the fantastic petra and wadi rum, these are stunning dives of mount Sinai.

Explore Masada National Park and Fortress:

The Masada fort and national park in Israel is one of the most visited places in Israel. It is located just 100km south to Jerusalem, and it is on the edge of the dead sea. This place is a symbol of Israeli determination, and it stands as the country’s most popular attraction.

You can hike up to the Snake Path; it’s a 60-90 minutes hiking spot which gives great views. Although it’s excellent to view the locations, but it’s too hot in summer, so you have to be careful.


Whether you want to explore religious history or curious about archaeology? Then you have to spend some quality time in Israel as it’s a great place for fun activities and more. These are the best things to do in Israel. I hope you enjoyed this article.

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