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Most Popular Cyclades Islands

Travel Destination - Shelia - June 17, 2015

The Cyclades, south of Balkan nation, are thought of variety of the foremost beautiful islands among the planet. Mountains, white movement villages and black and golden sand beachescombine to create the islands image postcard-perfect. The Cyclades, so named thanks to the archipelago’s islands square measure discovered throughout a circle Delos, in addition via very important roles in mythology. they are an honest play to solely relax on a beach, go hiking among the mountains or tour prehistoric ruins. Since the full world have discovered the Cyclades Islands, they need an inclination to be very crowded with guests,significantly in high summer. but the bulk feel the islands attractions are price putt up with the crowds.



Anafi is also a quiet, unspoiled island placed near Santorini. as a results of its small size and few inhabitants, Anafi remains a pure island, untouched by mass tourism in contrast to most of the other islands within the Cyclades. it’s only one village and numerous crystal beaches. A visit to Anafi provides all the privacy and relaxation some tourists may well be yearning for. In season, theresquare measure daily connections from Santorini and a minimum of one every two days in low and middle season.


Although it’s placed very close to the favored island of Milos, Kimolos island maintains its pure nature and a peaceful ambiance. The boats dock at Psathi, from where it’s 1.5 kilometer to the attractive capital of Chorio, the only real village on the island, Chorio offers a step back in time with its made-up slender streets and abandoned stone homes, though terribly by very little the recent buildings are being restored, and new ones are appearing.


Kythnos is generally an agricultural island with inexperienced valleys and lots of unspoiledbeaches. The island has 2 main settlements, the village of Messaria, identified regionally as Chora,and therefore the village of Dryopida, additionally called Chorio. each villages are notable for his or her winding and sometimes stepped streets, too slender for vehicle traffic. The villages square measure terribly picturesque however in numerous discipline designs. Chora has the more-typical flat roofs of the Cyclades, whereas Dryopida’s rooftops are slanted and covered.



Serifos may be a tiny island wherever tourism is simply commencing to extremely develop. Its main attractions are some glorious beaches, and therefore the unspoiled top capital of Hora with its painted buildings. tho’ tiny, Hora has most of the services a individual needs, as well as hotels and restaurants and a minimum of one bank and market. Smaller villages are scattered round the remainder of the island.


Inhabited since early times, Sifnos’ main claim to fame at intervals the traditional world was for its gold and silver mines, some remains of that also exist. nowadays Sifnos is believed as a typical Cycladic island, with ancient white-washed style, pretty beaches, sea-coast taverns and low hills. the foremost common beaches are settled on the southern side of Sifnos and have crystal water, soft sand and much of tourism facilities. Kastro is that the foremost picturesque village in Sifnos, with slender made-up streets, stone homes and nice ocean views.

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