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Relaxing Resorts - Shelia - August 3, 2015

The Greek word meteora suggests that “suspended within the air,” and this phrase ably describes the spectacular cliffs that rise over one,200 feet into the air commanding the villages of Kalambaka and Kastraki within the north central ground of Greece. What makes these cliffs even a lot of exalting rethe historic monasteries perked up on the summits. Dating back to the ordinal and sixteenth centuries, these monasteries were engineered by monks who had been living in near caves, seeking non secular isolation and freedom from spiritual persecution. Out of religion and sheer determination, it took years for the monks to move their spiritual materials up the cliffs by means of ropes, baskets and ladders.

While there have been originally twenty four monasteries, solely six of them stay intact nowadays. Accessible by a steps sculpted from the cliffs, the monasteries contain a number of the world’s best samples of spiritual manuscripts and art works, which may be viewed on-site . additionally to the monasteries, Meteora is additionally home to many unusual person and flower species. This makes Meteora a good place to relish out of doors recreation.

At the bottom of the cliffs square measure the most cities of Kalambaka and Kastraki, peaceful and exquisite villages that provide accommodation, shops, restaurants and tavernas furthermore as variety of Byzantine churches, Greek temples and alternative fascinating historic sites.

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