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Visa Types Available to U.S. Citizens Who Wish to Visit India

Travel Tips - Shelia - October 18, 2022

A few different types of Visas are available to U.S. citizens who wish to visit India. These include the Tourist visa, the K-1 visa, and the 10-year visa. Each type has specific requirements and limitations. Continue Reading

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Two best Places in India

Travel Destination, Travel Tips - Shelia - November 7, 2015

Check out the two best places in India and plan your trip.


Would you dare to travel to a desert? If yes, then Mihirgarh is destined for you. an incredible sandstone fort within the Thar Desert is ready to give you haunting impressions and emotions, that can`t be compared to the other. This hotel offers only 9 suites, but they undoubtedly have a lot of to show you. Their design reflects everything about the Rajasthan culture, exotic colours, bright and spacious rooms, elegant furnishing, and various antique knick-knacks.

MihirgarhAt a same time this place has all of modern conveniences like personal spa, plunge pool, Ayurvedic massage, and silk-cushioned verandah. Also, there’s an extended list of things to do except this. You may go on a jeep safari to Bishnoi, get to know the culture of local residents, but the most effective issue to do is to take a horse safari across the Thar. Just imagine you gallop on a regal Marwar horse across the unbounded sands in the sunset!

The Baradari Palace

The palace is to be described by just one word – majestic! This includes everything, the history, the architecture, the premises, the interior, etc. The Baradari Palace was designed by Maharaja`s brother, and it’s set in the historic area Patiala in Punjab. Now the palace could be a famed exotic hotel where, by the way, a number of Bollywood films were shot. The Baradari Palace could be a white columned building encircled by twelve arches and a superb garden. This nineteenth century architectural marvel can offer you a really royal feeling with all those antique things around,huge doors and windows, fireplaces, Raja`s portraits on the walls and huge bathrooms. Here you’ll simply feel yourself as a prince of those days.

Baradari PalaceBy visiting these fantastic places you will not only relieve your soul and body, but also get experience and emotions of a lifetime. Do not hesitate much, adventurous India is waiting for you! Where would you prefer to go?

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