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Travel Destination - Shelia - September 11, 2015

For over 20 years, France has reigned as the world’s hottest traveller destination, receiving eighty two million foreign tourists annual. People from everywhere the planet are drawn to France’s sophisticated culture, dazzling landmarks, exquisite cuisine, fine wines, romantic chateaux and picturesque countryside.

Located within the central region of Ile-de-France is that the capital town, Paris, known for its world renowned landmarks just like the Eiffel Tower, the museum and Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris may be a compact town overflowing with museums, art galleries, boutiques and enticing cafes and bars.

Exploring the outer regions of France may be a must-do to expertise the country’s best treasures. For instance, a visit to Carcassonne offers strolls through a walled medieval town whereas an excursion to the Verdon Gorge offers out of doors adventures like rock climbing, kayaking and rafting. The Chamonix depression presents exciting views of mountain range. The Chamonix Valley offers swimming and sunbathing on lovely, upmarket beaches whereas the coast and island of Corsica alsos upply some wonderful beaches. The beautiful Loire Valley is favored for its many beautiful French chateaux.

Image by *Crazy Diamond* under CC License.


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