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How to Backpack Cuba on Budget

Travel Tips - Shelia - July 26, 2020

how to backpack Cuba on budget

Everyone loves to go on a vacation with family and friends. Well, Cuba is famous for the white sand Caribbean beaches, which makes it more beautiful. Moreover, Cuba can give a fascinating and educational experience, but it is not a cheap destination for foreigners. All credits go to the Cuban government because they gain revenue from tourism. As, the crimes are rare, and tourists are safe in Cuba, it has become one of the popular tourist destinations. Besides, foreigners are officially very well looked after.

However, if you are looking for how to backpack Cuba on budget, then you are in the right place. Here we are about to share a few tips for backpackers to enjoy Cuba trip on a budget.

How to Backpack Cuba on Budget

Look for cheap Accommodation

If you are traveling to Cuba, then the best way to stay there is to find cheap accommodation. Well, if you reduce accommodations costs, then your entire trip can come under your budget. Also, you can find your friends who are willing to travel with you to Cuba. This way, you can save money for the trip by sharing the cost.

Moreover, anyone backpacking Cuba solo can make friends and save a great deal of cash. This will give you many benefits, such as getting a partner for yourself and a buddy who can spend time with you on a trip.

Casa particulars

If you are wondering how to backpack Cuba on budget, then ‘casa particulars’ or homestays can save you a lot of money. If you want to enjoy your trip on a budget without spending too much on a trip, you can go for it. It is simply staying with the locals who rent out their additional rooms. Besides, you can get to stay with the Cuban family in their homes.

This can enhance your experiences, and you can get to know about Cuba in a detailed way. Besides, you can also gain much knowledge about Cuban history and culture from them. The room rent is $15 to 30$ or $50 for an expensive and luxurious room.

Moreover, if you want to save on the rent, you can go for sharing. There are big bedrooms with a huge bed where three people can sleep in a single bed. Thus, check with the Casa that how many people can stay in a room before you book.

Bargaining and haggling

Many a time, when we travel, we tend to see that we are overcharged. It is common in a tourist place, as people tend to understand that all the tourists are rich and can afford any amount of money. However, for tourists like backpackers or someone looking for a budget-friendly trip, this can be a bit problematic.

Hence, if you are wondering how to backpack Cuba on budget, you can start bargaining with the taxi drivers, tour guides, and salespeople. Try to come to a win-win situation for both of you. If you visit Cuba, make sure from the beginning of the trip that you don’t show that you are rich; instead, you confirm you are a student or a backpacker. It will help you to save money.

Besides, if you can make some friends on your Cuba trip, then you can go for sharing the money and save money in turn.

Foods in Cuba

Most of the restaurants in Cuba aim tourists and travelers because they can charge the price in CUC. If you go to restaurants, then they will charge you 5-10 CUC that is huge. Besides, for a backpacker looking for cheap foods, the only options are pizza, spaghetti, and bread with cheese. In such a situation, it is advised to go to local restaurants or places that serve home-cooked food. Also, backpackers can try food from local streets.

Besides, if you see the street foods or the local food shop, you will get an amazing flavor of the food and little pocket pinch. You will get the taste of pure, authentic food, which will help you save lots of money. Thus, if you doubt how to backpack Cuba on a budget, this is one of the best things to do in Cuba.

Budget transport

Who doesn’t want to travel in a lavish car or roam around in a 1950s car? If you are looking for how to backpack Cuba on a budget, then hiring a 1950s convertible can be challenging. Thus, backpackers can use bus or public transport services. You can book buses in advance. Also, it covers most of the places and destinations and very comfortable.

Moreover, you can also go to carpool services. They can also collect from Casa and drop you wherever you want to. The price is very similar to the bus. If you are a backpacker, this can be a plus for you to travel the country with some of the people around in the carpool. It will be on budget, and you will get to meet with new travelers and enjoy the trip thoroughly with them.


Couchsurfing in Cuba is open for travelers and is the best way to meet locals and also other travelers. Also, if you are a solo traveler you can get the opportunity to make new friends or partners. However, it is not widely popular due to the limitation of legality and the internet.

Moreover, if the internet is easily accessible for all, then Couchsurfing will become more popular.


Well, Cubans love music, and you can get to see a lot of musicians play on the street. Live music or sudden salsa dance on the streets are some of the things that can be seen very often in Cuba. These things will not cost you a penny and definitely will entertain you.

However, Cuba is not a cheap place to travel. Thus, a proper plan, careful negotiations, and using the above tips can help you save a lot of money.

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