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Discover Chile: Top 10 Tourist Attractions and Travel Tips

Travel Destination - Shelia - May 18, 2023

tourist attractions in Chile

Chile is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a unique travel experience, as it offers a diverse range of tourist attractions in Chile, from its rich history and vibrant culture to its breathtaking natural wonders. This South American gem stretches over 4,000 km along the Pacific coast, providing a stunning backdrop for unforgettable adventures. Continue Reading

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Easter Island

Relaxing Resorts - Shelia - July 24, 2015

Easter Island is one of the most isolated places in the world. Its closest inhabited neighbor is Pitcairn Island, 1,289 miles (2,075 km) to the west while the nearest continental point lies more than 2,000 miles (3,500km) to the east in central Chile.

Easter Island is one among the foremost isolated places within the world. Its nearest populous neighbor is Pitcairn Island, 1,289 miles (2,075 km) to the west whereas the closest continentalpurpose lies over a 2,000 miles (3,500km) to the east in central Chile.

The island is known for its monolithic stone statues, referred to as moai. The statues were inscribed by the Austronesian colonizers of the island, principally between circa 1250 AD and 1500 AD.additionally to representing deceased ancestors, the moai were conjointly considered the embodiment of powerful living or former chiefs. The tallest moai erected, referred to as Paro, was nearly thirty three feet (10 meters) high and weighed seventy five tons.

The name “Easter Island” was given by the island’s initial European traveller, the Dutch explorer Jacob Roggeveen, who encountered it on Easter Sunday 1722. By that point the civilization of Easter Island was already in an exceedingly forceful decline, as a results of population, deforestation and exploitation of a very isolated island with restricted natural resources. The statues were still standing once Roggeveen visited the island however by James Cook’s visit in 1774 several were reportable toppled. Most would be stricken throughout later conflicts between clans. Nowadays regarding fifty moai are re-erected.

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