Sampling the Wares: Visiting Vineyards Across the World

2 years ago Travel Tips56

For wine enthusiasts, there is nothing quite like heading out to sample some great bottles across the world. Because the way a wine tastes is impacted by the soil and climate in which the grapes are grown, wines from different regions will taste very differently. For people who want to taste extraordinary wines right from the vine, traveling is necessary. If you are planning on visiting vineyards across the world, we have some suggestion to make your experience an even more positive one.

Turn to Smaller Vineyards

It can be tempting to stick to the larger brands, but you will get a much better sense of what wine-making is like if you visit smaller vineyards. You can get a look at what the process is like and to speak to the people who actually do the work. In huge vineyards, this is much more difficult to do, so if your goal is not only to sample wine but also to learn about the process, you might be better off in one of the smaller locations.

Ask Questions

It can be intimidating to walk into someone’s vineyard and ask questions, but most people are more than happy to answer them. They are wine enthusiasts who want to share their love for the process with you, so the more question you ask, the better. As in a classroom, you will be able to learn much better if you are asking questions.

Hire a Driver

Even the small mouthfuls of a tasting can add up, especially if you are doing a tour in the morning. If you are touring a certain countryside, like Italy or South Africa, where a lot of wines are made, you should hire a driver, since the locations will not be very close together and you will need to drive after each tasting. Many hotels, like the Marriott Protea Stellenbosch, are more than happy to arrange drivers for you so that you can enjoy your experience without worry.

Go Early

This is especially important in areas that are more touristy. One of the best things about visiting vineyards is getting to talk to the people in charge. When there are a lot of people, this can become more difficult to do. On weekends, go visit vineyards early, so that you can get the full experience of a working vineyard.

Do Not Drink Everything

It is important to know that you do not have to drink everything in your glass. You can spit it out into the spit buckets that all tasting rooms have. You do not want the alcohol to affect you, especially if you have a long day of tasting ahead of you. Being even slightly tipsy can affect your taste-buds and can make it more difficult to get the full scope of a glass of wine.

All of these tips can help make your experience traveling and tasting different vineyards much easier. You should always rise early to visit vineyards to avoid lots of people, and you should take the time to hire a driver so that you do not risk driving while even mildly intoxicated. There is nothing quite like visiting different vineyards around the world, so if you are a wine enthusiast, it is definitely something to consider.