Reasons to go to the Edinburgh Festival

6 years ago Travel Tips42

Every August Edinburgh comes ablaze with its yearly festival of the arts. Though the main component of the festival is a fringe theater event there is much more than that going on in the city. In a shout out to the arts, the fringe is accompanied by a comedy festival, a literary festival, a film festival all at the same time. Despite the perpetual gloomy skies of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh becomes a vibrant place for this month. Here are a few reasons you should go to the Edinburgh festival at least once.


There is a festival for all types of art

Whatever the art form that you love there will be plenty of opportunity to explore it. The festival also is the ideal locale in which to explore different art types that you previously haven’t been strongly acquainted with. Now is the chance to see Irving Welsh give a book reading, or watch famous actors and directors discuss their newest films. Art in all of its pedigrees is here and it on you to explore it as thoroughly as you can.

 The Nightlife Extends

During the festival Edinburgh extends it already thriving night life by 2 hours. This means pubs that would ordinarily stop at 11 pm are now open till 1 am and bars and night clubs go longer also. The result is that you have a whole slew of culture lovers getting drunker for longer together. Many people rave about the full bars during the Festival. The extended bar times and the mayhem that ensues because of this is yet another solid reason to be at the Edinburgh festival come August… even if art is only sort of your thing.

The city expands with art lovers

 The diversity of different arts represented brings a wonderfully eclectic mixture of art lovers into the city which provides a great chance to meet some really interesting artistic people. As comic con in San Diego brings slews of comic and pop culture lovers to San Diego the Edinburgh festival brings many an art lover to Edinburgh. The increased crowds bring a dynamic quality to the streets that can be easily seen on a walk up Edinburgh’s famed Royal Mile, on Princess Street, or while wandering through the meadows. Be sure to say hi to the person in the pub chair next to you and meet an interesting person.