Planning a romantic getaway to Florence

If you are loved up this summer, it could be time to think about getting away from it all and spending a week or two alone with your favorite person in the world. These days, what with our high-flying jobs, ever-expanding families, and wonderfully chaotic homes, it is no wonder we find it easy to forget the true value of a romantic break.

Yet, if you work hard all year to maintain all of these things, you deserve a getaway, and if it can be with the one you love, you are a lucky person indeed. The question is, where to go? There are a hundred different cities in a hundred different countries that are perfect for a romantic break, so how do you choose the best one for you?

If la dolce vita sounds like heaven to you, why not consider a trip to Florence, which is commonly referred to as the most romantic city in the world? This Italian haven has long been a port of call for newlyweds due to its abundance of fountains, its remarkable hilltop gardens, and its wealth of marble and bronze statues – here are a few ideas for your Florentine getaway.

Go big with an Escape apartment

If you are planning a romantic getaway, you are going to need a suitably romantic place to stay, preferably somewhere central enough to allow you to get a feel for the atmosphere of the city, but secluded enough to offer you lots of privacy. With a WorldEscape rental apartment, situated at the heart of Florence, you can retreat to not just a hotel but also a home from home.

Take a stroll through Boboli Gardens

Once you have got acquainted with your holiday apartment, it is time to take a leisurely stroll through flawlessly maintained avenues, filled with wonderful fountains and statues, in the luxurious hilltop Boboli Gardens of the Pitti Palace. You can find the gardens south of the River Arno, which is another great place to take a pit stop and snap some photos of the Florence cityscape.

Pamper yourself at a Montecatini spa

If your better half has a penchant for pampering, buy them a ticket to the peaceful town of Montecatini and spend a relaxed afternoon in one of the spas there. The town can be found nestled in between Pisa and Florence, so either take a bus, catch a train, or enjoy a scenic drive there. Once you have bathed in the thermal pool of the Tamerici, you will have a hard time wanting to go back home.

Remember the value of a surprise

While it is certainly a good idea to plan days out, sightseeing excursions, and romantic dinners by the river, you do not have to organize every tiny detail of the trip. In fact, you will probably have an even better experience if you leave some things to chance – in other words, a little spontaneity can only add excitement. If your partner wants to jump on a paddle boat, let them. If a night beneath a tent on the beach suddenly appeals, don’t hold back.