Getting Prepared for Your Next Flight

6 years ago Travel Tips37


We’ve all been there – getting home from a holiday and swearing that if we were to do it all over again, we would give ourselves more time and not be so rushed. Our next trip will be different because we’ve learned our lesson and won’t make the same mistakes again. How many of us though actually make those changes when the time comes? Are the unavoidable

The truth is some patterns are easy to break if you just take some time to get prepared, which means doing your research and not leaving things until the 11th hour. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on travelling for a short business trip or for a month long jaunt all over the planet, seeing some of Britain’s famous sights or getting off the island, good planning goes a long way to ensuring you have everything you need. Thankfully there are airports out there that have the needs of the traveller in mind with a variety of options tailored to a wide range of needs.

Flying out of London Heathrow can be a breeze if you take the time to plan out a well thought out route, which may include a hotel stay nearby and a place to park your car. Shuttles and trains are all well and good for people coming from central locations, but for those not on the direct routes, you still can’t beat the park and fly.

Even still, here are a few things to keep in mind when getting ready for your next flight!

Book in Advance

Hotels, like flights, book up quickly and it really is a first come first served situation. Some people can’t help last minute travel if they just found out about it, but if you have weeks or even months to get things sorted, it never hurts to book in advance. Heathrow is a big airport with its many terminals spread out so be sure to keep in mind the Heathrow terminal hotel and parking options that correspond to your itinerary.


Nobody wants this!

Avoid the Rush

As far as preparedness goes, nothing beats being at the terminal well in advance of your flight. You can ensure this is the case by spending the night at one of the nearby hotels instead of waking at home and running into rush hour traffic and the gridlock that accompanies it. This way you get to the terminal well in advance, can check in at your leisure and spend more time getting excited for your departure.

Don’t Forget the Return!

So many people focus on getting away that they forget about their inevitable return – which can be a pain in its own right. Ensuring your car is taken care of in the proper parking lot, nearby and easily accessible, means you can get back home without issue. Getting in too late and don’t feel like driving? Be sure to have a hotel room booked upon your return – it’s like a mini vacation in itself!