Exploring France: 3 Beautiful Regions to Visit for Long and Short Term Stays

6 years ago Travel Tips44


Brittany is one of the great historic provinces of France, proud of its Celtic heritage which sets it apart from all other French regions. It enjoys a mild climate, warmth and sunshine which make it ideal for longer or shorter stays. If you love history, it is a great place to venture into a historical adventure. Its name Brittany is derived from the Britons who sought refuge here back in the dark ages as they were running away from the Anglo Saxons who were pushing them away from the major Britain Isle; it is therefore the reason why it shares a historic culture with the other Celtic regions of northwest Europe.

Despite its limited size, Brittany is quite a diverse region with gorgeous coastlines with rugged and rocky cliffs, beautiful sandy coves and fantastic beaches. It is the coastal regions however that attracts lots of visitors on short stays. However, for others who fall in love with the tranquil countryside, they usually opt to search for Brittany property for sale and own second homes where they can stay longer in the area.


Normandy has many charms that will intrigue the avid explorer; it is a place of tranquility if you are seeking rural countryside experience. For the keen eye you will notice the local impressive architecture and historic fanatics will have their eyes glued to the ancient yet magnificent Mont Saint Michel well perched on a towering cliff, not forgetting the Chateau Guillard. Other interesting attractions are the popular landing beaches of Normandy and the Bayeux tapestry making this region stand differently in its own right.

You will definitely enjoy Normandy holidays as you experience authentic France from the picturesque villages in the countryside to the beautiful sceneries along the coastal region. In Calvados you will get an insight in history and learn about the turning point of the WW2 as you have the pleasure of staying in luxurious beach resorts. Manche is home to the Mont Saint Michel Cathedral which attracts more visitors than any other region outside Paris; here you can explore the most beautiful village in France Barfleur.



The Alps offer an incredible destination for sporting activities such as snowboarding and skiing and also exciting off piste activities such as relaxing in luxurious self catered chalets with a hot cup of chocolate or dining in high end restaurants. You can also explore the neighboring villages in near your ski resort and get acquainted with culture and indulge with locals. Courchevel chalets are some of the most renowned in the industry and a guaranteed pleaser no matter how long you stay for.

You can explore the Alps during the peak season in winter when almost everything is covered in snow or enjoy a cost effective stay during summer and enjoy mountain activities without the snow while still taking in the scenic beauty. There are regions around the alps that offer all-year skiing, a pleasant break for those escaping the torrid summer heat. Ski chalets are available in the resort villages and you can stay for as long as you like. Depending on the resort that you choose the prices differ based on popularity, service, among many other factors. The beauty is that the resorts are well connected with efficient lifts wherever you choose to stay.