A Few Cities that Suck your Wallet Dry

6 years ago Travel Tips56

Traveling sometimes will bring you to cities where your dollar goes a long, long way. Other times though you may come to a place that you’re daily meal allowance is blown before you get past lunch. The following list is going to look at a few of the most expensive cities when it comes to the cost to be in them. This is a combined rating between the cost of living there and the cost of actually living there. A few of the worlds most expensive cities are.


The former land of communist egalitarianism has given way to the capitalist mantra make Moscow one of the most expensive places on the globe. Moscow is now home to the most billionaires in the world with more then 70 and has a cost of living, shockingly, 40% higher than New York City. If you want an experience that will quickly send you to the poor house head to Tverskaya Street to the play ground of Moscow’s nouveau rich and try to keep pace dollar for dollar with them.



Tokyo, along with New York and London, is one of the world’s financial centres. Basically this means there will be things in the city that allow rich people to spend their money. An example of just that is the Aragawa Steakhouse, which was listed in Forbes magazine as the most expensive restaurant in the world. A plate there can cost $400 dollars. A visit to Tokyo may have you looking to spend more of your time sitting in the city’s free parks.


On the back of a growing energy sector, specifically in offshore oil, Norway has seen a mass influx of wealth. As often is the case a rise in wealth means that prices will increase and that has been just the case in Oslo. The prices of single consumer items is amongst the very highest in the world with a beer in a pub costing around $12 dollars and a 355 ml can of coke in a 7-11 costing around $4.


As one of the world’s financial capitals the cost of living in London has long been steep. A recent Zagat survey highlighted London as the most expensive city in the world to dine in on average. The cost of rents and other amentias certainly keep this one of the priciest cities in the world.