Best Japanese Restaurants in Europe

4 years ago Travel Tips214

When you wish to enjoy Japanese cooking in Europe, these venues should top your list of the most effective places to eat. You’ll not solely enjoy the food, however the pleasant atmospheres too!

Yamazato, Amsterdam, Netherlands

KaisekiThis award-winning restaurant serves everything up from dish to ten-course meals. situated within the Okura building, Yamazato is one among the city’s most famous Japanese restaurants. Serving elegant delicacies like shiizikana and favorites like sushi and tempura, this building boasts a full menu that’s certain to delight fans of Japanese cooking.

Kyoto, Athens, Greece

With its view of the Acropolis, it’s no marvel that this Japanese favorite is fashionable guests to Athens similarly as locals. The authentic delicacies are revered for his or her freshness. Although little as compared with alternative European favorites, this restaurant makes admirable use of the space by feeding throngs of loyal fans.

Sasaya, Berlin, Germany

sushiNoted for its amazing Japanese cuisine, this is as close to Tokyo cuisine as you’ll find in Berlin. In a city that is not especially known for its great Asian restaurants,Sasaya actually shines as one of the best places to order sushi on the continent. If you love Japanese food and happen to be in Berlin, this venue is well-worth checking out for a meal or two!

Musashi, Dublin, Ireland

When you get a craving for spicy tuna rolls, this is the place to head to in Dublin. Known for its sushi and noodles, Musashi is nearly always crowded with sushi lovers. With remarkably elegant presentations, the chefs prepare delectable cuisine that continues to garner rave reviews.

Shunka, Barcelona, Spain

sashimiSushi, sashimi, and other Japanese delicacies are prepared fresh and delicious – unfailingly so. Loyal customers boast that the quality of the sushi is as good as one may find anywhere outside of Japan itself. Each created dish looks as beautiful as it tastes delicious. If you are celebrating an important day or just want to experience some Japanese food that won’t disappoint, this venue is a Barcelona mainstay when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

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